30-Day New Proactiv Challenge

The first time I tried Proactiv, by Guthy-Renker, was after I had my oldest daughter. The hormones of pregnancy caused a whole mess of chaos on my face. After only a week of use, my blemishes were gone and my face looked great. After a few months, I stopped using Proactiv yet can still say to this day that it helped my complexion a ton, when it needed it most. Yet, every once in a while, I think I should start using it again, for the occasional breakout I still experience. I am participating in a 30-day New Proactiv Challenge, as a blog tour from Mom Central. And, it couldn’t have come at a better time, since the weather, the stress of the holidays and daily sweating from going to the gym is taking an effect on my skin. My goal is to regain balance of my skin.

The products I will be using consists of a 3 Step System, which is designed for daily use in the prevention and treatment of blemishes, gently cleanses and exfoliates while targeting blemish-causing bacteria in the pores. Included in the New Proactiv 3 Step System are:

Step 1:

  • New, exclusive micro-crystal pharmaceutical-grade benzoyl peroxide
  • Smaller, finer particles quickly penetrate pores, attack and heal blemishes fast
  • Tiny, round exfoliating beads gently remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells

Step 2:

  • Refreshing alcohol-free toner refines and purifies pores
  • Glycolic acid exfoliates dead skin cells to help keep pores unplugged
  • Botanical-rich formula soothes and hydrates acne-prone skin

Step 3:

  • Feather-light, invisible medicated lotion kills acne-causing bacteria
  • Features pharmaceutical-grade benzoyl peroxide as an antimicrobial
  • Ultra-fine micro-crystal pharmaceutical-grade benzoyl peroxide penetrates pores fast while being gentle on the skin

There are also trained Skin Care Advisors available, which provide round-the-clock guidance and education to ensure that you get the best possible treatment!

I am really excited to participate in the 30 day challenge with Mom Central, and will update in a month on my thoughts and how it worked for me.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. I’ve always been intrigued by Proactiv but have never tried it. I would like to try it because my skin is definitely not perfect and I would like to see what it could do for my combination skin.

  2. I haven’t tried the new Proactive system but I had tried the old system. I am interested in how the new system is different and maybe a little more gentle on my skin.

  3. I have never tried it, but every time I see the commercials or pass the kiosk in the mall I think to myself that I should.

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  5. I have tried it (currently using it), and it has definately helped my skin. I haven’t been using it long enough to decide if I would recommend to others, but it’s for sure better than the stuff I was using prior to this!

  6. I’ve never tried it but would like to because it seems like quite an effective system, with products with that work well together.

  7. I haven’t tried it yet but would love to for those weeks that breakouts are bad.
    henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

  8. i havent tried it yet but would like to , i still get break out and i would especially like to try it for my teenage son who is struggling with it
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  12. I have not tried it yet, but I’ve thought about it. My skin gets worse the older I get. It’s supposed to be the other way around! I would love to give it a try.

  13. I bought the whole series of proactive for my son about a year ago and i was amazing, his face cleared right up. We have run out and i have yet to get some more and his face is looking bad again. I highly recomment Proactive
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  14. Would like to try as pregnancy has taken a toll on my skin.

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  16. Well i have never tried this product before as you had to order it and I never got around to ordering it. My friend in the states uses it and it really works. So that is the reason I would love to win this so I could try it out first before I spend the money on it and it doesnt work.

  17. I have tried it. Proactiv dries my face out severely. Makes it peel in fact. So I started doing once a day. It didn’t help. I had the Mirena IUD in and it caused me to get eczema, acne and other skin issues. Now that that’s out, I’m using it again to try and get rid of this acne for good. It’s been 3 days now and so far so good.
    I have never tried the Green Tea Moisturizer and I would love to!

  18. Have never tried it but would like to to see if it would improve my skin.

  19. i have not tried the new proactive and want to because i have never had skin problems until after i had my kids, now in my 30’s my skin is horrible

  20. I have not tried this product but would LOVE to! I’d like to see how it works on my face.

    Lost_Star_99 (at) yahoo (dot) ca

  21. i have not tried this yet but i have been interested in it for awhile. i really have started struggling with acne again every since i turned 30.
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  22. I havn’t tried proactive before, but I have a 13 year old daughter who has just started developing acne, and I would love to win this for her! karasceviour at hotmail dot com

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  24. I tried old formula pro-activ a long time ago- it worked for a little while then stopped… so I’d love to give the new formula a try but just haven’t had the money to…!

  25. I have not tried ProActiv yet but I would like to. I wanna see if it will help me with the breakouts!!

  26. i have not tried it yet but i would love to try it , because i need something when i break out

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  30. I have adult acne. It really doesn’t make me feel good. I would love to give this a try and see me face be clear again.

  31. I have not try it yet but would like to win it for my teenage daughter to try as she has occasional break out.

  32. i’d love to try Proactiv b/c I’ve heard from a couple of people that it actually works

  33. I haven’t tried the new proactive, but I am interested. I did try the old version, but it was too strong for my sensitive skin. They seem to have taken customer feedback seriously. It’s not fair to have acne at my age (40+).

  34. I have not tried this – but my face periodically breaks out and I would love to see if this helps.

  35. I love Proactive. I used to have breakouts all the time into my late 20’s. Nothing helped. I tried proactive and in 2-3 days it was a huge difference. The skin was almost blemish free, it was smoother, the pores smaller. It was just wonderful. I highly recommend Proactive. The spot treatment mask is a miracle.

  36. I have not tried proactive, but wouldn’t be against it…

  37. I’ve tried Proactiv and LOVE it! My skin has never been healthier! It’s just not in my budget right now…

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  41. I haven’t tried any proactive yet but am really excited to try it 🙂

  42. I haven’t tried it but my sister did and it really helped her skin. I’ve always had trouble with my face so I would love to try it!

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