Princess Snow-Tinker-White


She actually named herself, ‘Pincess Sophia Snow-Tinker’, but I thought that’d make an odd title to the post.

Ahh, three year olds, I love their imaginations and their little jabber!

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  1. lol that is so cute- and so something my Olivia would do… actually HAS done except my Olivia’s wings are pink and sparkly πŸ™‚

  2. too sweet. Baby G Loves to dress is Princess dresses all the time too πŸ™‚ The funniest are the pint sized high heeled shoes

    1. Oh my – the twins wear those daily, I swear they can walk better in heels than I could!! Ha!

  3. What a cutie. Mine isn’t as nice, I cannot wait until I get a new camera. Sometimes the iPhone just doesn’t cut it.

    1. I hear ya Randa, I drag my DSLR everywhere, camera phones, even the better of the bunch, don’t cut it for me!

  4. She has such a sweet little expression. So cute. Did she say she was Princess Snow Tinker White, or was that your creation?

    1. Actually, she called herself, ‘Pincess Sophia Snow Tinker’, ha!!
      I love three year old jabber!

  5. Sorry about the double link up. I didn’t see my link at first. Sometimes these things let a double go through, other times they don’t .

    1. Awe – shame, shame, I know his girlfriends name!!’
      lol, good thing there’s a whole ‘Canada’ between our kids!!
      …well, I wish there wasn’t, I would love to have you closer Diana!!!!

    1. I believe it, the twins are doing great so far in their third year, and my oldest wore this dress too!

    1. Actually, we were talking names the other day and she got mad that I didn’t name her, ‘Princess Sophia’ instead. These girls!! πŸ™‚

    1. happy to, Claire – I get to ‘meet’ a lot of wonderful people each Tuesday!

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  7. β˜†*Β¨*☼.ΒΈ.β˜….β˜†*Β¨*☼.¸ღ.β˜…
    She’s really my kind of sweet gal! Believe it!! I β™₯ her ” name ” ☺

    1. Awe – love the magic in the comment!
      I just showed my own fairy that the tooth fairy commented, she’s all smiles!!

  8. Love the imagination your little girl shows! Thanks for the linky! @inRdream

  9. How adorable. My girls love to play dress-up all the time…especially my 3 year-old… she likes to mix and match, too!!! πŸ™‚ Happy WW! New follower.

  10. Totally adorable! Love her sweet smile too! πŸ™‚ I love 3 year old imaginations. Except in my house it’s all about transformers and star wars.

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