Prince Edward Island – #1 Place to Travel in Canada for 2014

Ever since I was a young child and completely enthralled with Anne of Green Gables, I’ve always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island (PEI). Having been born and raised in Alberta, I’ve had a fascination with Canada’s smallest province and island. Perhaps it’s because when compared to the plains and mountains of Alberta, it looks like a whole different country.

A rocky beach next to a body of water

While my part of Canada has much to offer, we don’t have anything compared to PEI’s red sandstone cliffs, quaint villages and gorgeous beaches. It’s amazing how vast our country is from people to land, yet how PEI has retained such a strong and distinct Scottish, English and Irish heritage. PEI is a fine example of how great things come in small packages. 

With a true passion for travelling, I’ve explored many regions of this world yet have not made my way east to Prince Edward Island. If you have ‘visit PEI’ on your bucket list as well, 2014 is a great year to do so – there is a big celebration happening on the island! It’s the 150th Anniversary of Charlottetown Convention, which is where the idea of Canada, as a nation, was proposed. 

©TPEI013_SH_Chtown Parade_30_LR

During the 150th Anniversary of Charlottetown Convention, Prince Edward Island will host a spectacular year-long tribute to the beginning of this great country, and are welcoming visitors to join the festivities.

During this gigantic party there’ll be daily concerts, food tastings, children’s activities, and historical presentations. In fact, each Canadian province and territory will have the opportunity to showcase local food, culture and history, making this a truly Canadian celebration.

Isn’t this the perfect learning opportunity for the whole family?! Come for all that Prince Edward Island has to offer and stay for the party!


Here are my top reasons why PEI is a top summer of 2014 destination, aside from that fantastic party: 

The Land – The landscape and surroundings that only PEI can offer, are truly remarkable. Stunning, in fact. With 1,100 km of shoreline, there’s plenty of beach to rest, play and explore. I hear that many rave about the red sandstone cliffs – a sight of wonderment!


The Cuisine – With PEI’s Celtic blend of heritage, it’s no wonder that some consider The Island tops when it comes to food and dining. The location makes PEI a seafood lover’s dream from fresh lobster and mussels to famous chowders that even Albertans hear about constantly.

I have to admit that on occasion we have had fresh lobster flown in straight from PEI before (yeah, we’re die hard seafood fans). The lobster has been so delicious and I can only imagine what the ‘real deal’ would taste like – I’d love to find out!

©TPEI12_YD_Annies Tabl_096_LR

Activity – How could the backdrop of the land not make PEI the ideal place to take in a round of golf, which is why Prince Edward Island has 33 courses waiting to be enjoyed. For those that like an array of activities when travelling, PEI has got it covered from all sides.

©TPEI011_YD_Glaggow Hills_LR

The province prides itself on providing so much to do outdoors like biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and parasailing. As for myself, I’d love to experience my first ever clam dig! 

©TPEI12_SH_Giant Clam Dig_59_LR


Charlottetown, PEI has the #1 spot on the “20 best places to travel in Canada” for 2014. As well, Travel + Leisure has ranked Prince Edward Island as Top Island in Continental US & Canada.

Anyone else ready to plan their family getaway to the beautiful Prince Edward Island? Me too! 2014 is the year to discover The Island! 

Check out Tourism Prince Edward Island for more information and tips and don’t forget to enter to win a trip for 4 to beautiful Prince Edward Island! 

 From rolling hills and pristine sandy beaches, to world-famous seafood and award-winning golf courses, it’s a destination that’s always been filled with sun and sand. This year there are more reasons than ever to visit. 2014 marks the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference, the meeting that led to the formation of Canada. We have over 150 events planned to celebrate the 150th and we’re inviting the world. Come for the fun. Come for the sand. Come to unwind. But this year, make a point to stay for the party.


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Tourism Prince Edward Island via Glam Media Canada.
The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Tourism Prince Edward Island.



  1. That is one place I would love to go, the scenery alone is beautiful and the food oh my I would have my fill of lobster and any other shell fish, now I really want to go!! (hubby road trip!!) lol

  2. I so wanna go to PEI , I would love to see the red sand and the Anne of green gables Museum 🙂

  3. I’m from PEI….it’s a wonderful place to live and an even greater place to visit. Come on over to our little island…you will love it!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I was totally obsessed with Anne of Green Gables! I always imagined what the scenery looked like, this sounds like such an amazing place to visit!

  5. I would love to return to PEI,I was there as a young child and thought it was the most beautiful place ever

  6. I have vacationed in PEI on a three occasions. The beaches are fabulous and if you ever go you have to have a Lobster Supper.

  7. How beautiful… This sure would be a great place to vacation. I have to add this to our bucket list for when the kids are older… thanks for sharing, pinning so I can remember it.

  8. Canada is on my list of places to visit. Our whole family loves to travel. I’ll have to add Prince Edward Island to that list. I love the photos above.

  9. This looks like a very relaxing vacation getaway that my husband and I could enjoy kid-free.

  10. What amazing scenery. I have never been to Canada, I don’t even have a passport. We are recent empty nesters so travel has moved to the top of the list for things we need to do!

  11. I have never been there but have heard great things. I went to Canada years and years ago and hope to go again one day.

  12. PEI us a place I’ve always wanted to go and hopefully I will one day get there. I wouldn’t mind trying their lobster and mussels either 🙂

  13. a truly beautiful place that will amaze you — so much to see on this island — you will be glad you visited the sands of Cavendish and a whole lot more 1

  14. I had never thought about visiting Canada before, but this looks like a beautiful place to visit. Adding it to my travel wishlist!

  15. OK, you may laugh, but I have dreamed of visiting Prince Edward Island ever since I was a kid and was obsessed with Anne of Green Gables! lol. But seriously I still LONG to visit. And now for more than just because it’s where Anne of Green Gables was staged. lol.

  16. Being that I was born in PEI I never really felt it was a beautiful place to live…in fact I found it very dull. Now that I’ve lived elsewhere, I can understand why others find it a lovely place to visit.

  17. PEI really is spectacular in summer and autumn and I can’t imagine anyone ever vacationing here to say otherwise. I feel very blessed to live in Charlottetown and love that my beautiful city is so welcoming to tourists. I moved here a number of years ago from BC and while I miss some aspects of BC I find PEI to be a much more magical place to live. In summer I sit on the front steps of my 100+ year old home in downtown Charlottetown, surrounded by historical homes, watching horse drawn carriages meander by and enjoying the occasional visit of a not-so-wild red fox to my front garden and I just feel *SO* happy that this is where I get to spend my life. If you do get the chance to visit, you will not be disappointed!

  18. As a person born on Prince Edward Island and living here all my life, I am so happy that you found our ‘Gentle Island.’–Have you ever read the ‘Anne’ Books by Lucy Maud Montgomery? We have visitors from Japan where our’ Anne Shirley’ is almost defied. I was walking through the house where Lucy Maud was married and in the company of a busload of Japanese tourists. They listened in awe and reverence to the guide who explained all the special features of the rooms and the house. I had never seen such intense interest before. It reminded me of being in a church. My daughter was with me and we were very impressed. When the guide would explain about a feature, the whole company would bow and softly agree in a very low voice. This was an experience in itself.

  19. Hi, when you mentions the scotish english and irish culture you forgot to mention the biggest one.. Acadian.

  20. Anyone who goes to visit PEI has to check out Highland Storm – a fantastic production put on by the College of Piping in Summerside. Its one of those gems that PEI has to offer!

  21. totally loved Anne of Green Gables, too – and this is one place I would LOVE to visit. For a long while!

  22. I have been to Newfoundland & New Brunswick but have never made it to PEI yet but would love to one of these days!

  23. PEI is a great place to visit. I’ve been a couple times but want to go back again!

  24. I live on PEI 😀 .. we are indeed fortunate to still have lots of open space, fresh air .. and scenary everywhere you look 🙂

    Take your time, relax.. roadtrip, visit beaches during the day and in the evening find a kitchen party or some of our Awesome Local Talents >> Lots of open air / Free concerts !! OMGosh and you Have to check out at least 1 dinner theatre!!! 😀 Great food Plus top notch entertainment! > I could write pages and pages and still not tell you all you should see while here.. > If you aren’t sure .. stop a local .. most people here are pretty friendly (not “everyone” 😀 ) .. Most ..

    I have been here since 1983 and I Never tire of a roadtrip / visit to the shore .. swim in the ocean .. lobster dinner.. mmmm.. omg .. come on summer! 😀
    Seriously though Come on cross that bridge ** > I’d be happy to help you plan your visit

  25. I’ve been there a few years ago; agree it is beautiful and nice to see the east coast.

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  27. What an interesting and beautiful looking place to visit. I would love walking the shoreline and trying out all the seafood would be amazing. That is great that Travel + Leisure has it as Top Island in North America.

  28. Thank you for the info! We are definitely looking at the east coast for a summer vacation!

  29. I visited years ago with my family, but it wasn’t really a visit, we took the fairy across from Nova Scotia, drove through the province and then took the fairy back to New Brunswick, all in one day. At least my dad stopped at Anne of Green Gables and let us go through the house, (my mother must have threatened him, my dad’s idea of a visit would have been to drive by the house and look at it). That was at least 40 years ago, so it’s definitely time to go back.

  30. I went to Canada on a fishing trip when I was younger and I’ve always wanted to go back and experience more of the culture

  31. thank you. it is so interesting to read other people’s thought on travel. each area of Canada is so different we tend to forget that while planning vacations.

  32. I have always wanted to visit there, especially Anne of Green Gables House! What lovely pictures!

  33. I have yet to travel there but definitely would love to go! i know my husband would love to golf there 🙂

  34. I love PEI. For a small island, there is so much to do and see. It’s a great vacation spot!

  35. There is so much to do in PEI and it is very quaint. Love it there. Makes me wish I was travelling there this summer.

  36. Gorgeous photos 🙂 PEI is very much on my bucket list of places I want to travel – like you said, it’s like being in another country compared to my home in the prairies! So much beauty

  37. I am so happy to see such a wonderful review of PEI! 😀

    I’m from PEI. Born and raised in Summerside (The second largest city on PEI) and now living in Charlottetown. I know many move off Island for work but I seriously will not move from here if I can help it. I absolutely love it here! The scenery is AMAZING! When you live in such a place it’s easy to forget how lucky you are to live in such a wonderfully beautiful and natural place! I make sure to think of this everyday- even when I was only walking to school or going from uptown to downtown.

    And don’t forget to go to the Farmers’ Markets! There is one in Summerside (downtown) and a few in Charlottetown- the main one is right beside the University of Prince Edward Island.

    And I will say that downtown Summerside and downtown Charlottetown are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 <3

    And the beaches….. don't get me started! lol. Favorite = Brackley Beach.

    I hope you get to come to PEI Tammi (and anyone else who reads this). Take time to have fun and relax 🙂

  38. I’m hoping to make it out there next summer as part of a roadtrip around the Maritimes. I hope you get to go with your family soon!

  39. The most amazing place on earth. My first visit was when I was 8, and its red sand dunes and rolling green pastures completely captivated me. I now take my own family every year for our summer vacation. Highly recommend it to every family.

  40. This look beautiful! I haven’t been to Eastern Canada yet, but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit!

  41. Hello, all is going sound here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s truly fine,
    keep up writing.

  42. PEI is amazing!
    The first photo is of the twin shores area beach. That particular rock as well as this beach has a lot of meaning to me and my family growing up, so many stories and memories.
    My initials are still carved in the rocks in this area 20 years later!!

  43. Well holy friggin smokes boys , I’m from pei and they summed er up pretty good , has wont be disappointed if yas come play on my island !! Full of friendly people , lots of booze , and great food !!

  44. Are you kidding me? This must have been written by an Islander, because nobody else would be senseless enough to say something like this. After living in this place for 21 years, and travelling through the Maritimes, out West, or anywhere else in Canada for that matter, I can say with certainty that no other place in Canada is as racist, homophobic, unforgiving and unfriendly as Prince Edward Island.
    Don’t go here if you’re not a fan of being called/hearing the F word (and not the one ending in “uck”) or the n word, because that’s plentiful here. Also, if you’re a fan of human rights (or a fan of being treated like a person) do what you can to steer clear. Had a friend that was beaten up by 5 guys bc of the way he dressed.
    Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere, because PEI is an awful, hateful place that will ruin you.
    Almost forgot, while it is free to visit, you’ll be paying about $50 to leave to pay for the constant maintenance on their failing bridge. The beaches are filthy, a good handful of the people look trustworthy but will steal your wallet and you’ll probably get beaten up by a group of kids for fun, because that seems to be a popular passtime for them here. Take it from somebody who’s lived here long enough to see past all the friendly, inviting ads and other such bs. Go somewhere like Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, but not PEI.

  45. Seems like such a beautiful place to to have some great times. I would love to come for a visit some day soon.

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