Preventing Cold and Flu in Your Home

Preventing cold and flu, and what you need to know! Parents will agree that preventing someone in the family from getting a cold or flu, is pretty much impossible. Though occurrence can be at any time of year, the fall seems to be the worst for catching a bug and getting sick. As a Mom, I know that school, play dates and just interacting with surfaces and people are the cause. And yes, as soon as school started, my daughter got a cold! So while it’s impossible to completely prevent the spread of cold and flu, there is steps that I take to reduce the chances and prevent the entire family from getting sick. After all, I can deal with one child being ill, but all 3?! No, thank you! I always take measures to ensure that the entire family isn’t infected, and we have never all been sick at the same time.

Here are my tips:

  • Wash you hands! It is without a doubt, the single best measure to prevent transmission. Not only after meals or when dirty, but especially after shopping, out in public places, and interaction with other kids. Not only do I have a no-touch soap dispenser at every sink in my house, but I keep a sanitizer and wipes on hand, at all times. Yep, even spray-to-go sanitizers in the car and in my purse and diaper bag. Getting your kids into the hand washing habit will prove effective when you aren’t around to preach too!
  • I always tell my kids to never put their hands in their mouth or on their faces. This is a sure way to ingest those germs we may have come in contact with.
  • If someone in the family is sick, make sure they aren’t sharing cups, cutlery or even soothers if you have babies. It was tough when the twins were smaller, but it can be done. Attach their soothers to their clothing,use labels or different colored items. Simple steps to separate belongings may save you – big time!
  • Keep household surfaces clean. Make sure to pay special attention to surfaces that are touched often like door knobs, drawer pulls, sink faucets, keyboards, light switches, handrails, toys, telephones, remote controls, counter tops, and sinks. When illness infects my house, use a disinfecting spray and cloth or disinfecting wipes and wash often. They kill 99.9% of germs, so beat them at their own game!
  • Since germs can live for several hours on a surface, make sure to wash those towels, bedding and blankets.
  • Take it easy! According to studies, people experiencing heightened stress have weakened immune systems. This makes them more likely to catch a cold than their calmer counterparts. So, relax and watch a movie with the family {don’t let the siblings cuddle on the couch though!}. This will also give you a break from disinfecting surfaces, since no one is moving! Yet don’t forget to get some fresh air. Everyone will feel better!
  • Get plenty of fruits and water. I’m a water-pusher at heart, especially when a family member is sick

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  1. yep yep yep to all of your wonderful points! We are forever handwashing, sanitizing, coughing into our sleeves!


  2. I read this with my daughter, who is 3, to get her back to sleep after a bad dream. She already washes her hands plenty and sanitizes with antibacterial, it doesnt hurt to remind her though. This reminded her a few things she seems to forget ( like keeping her hands out of her mouth and not touch her face). Thanks!

    1. That is fabulous Eunice! I haven’t heard of my blog being someone’s bedtime story before – I have to say, I love it!!!
      Thank you!
      {I hope the reminder did her good!}

  3. All good tips! We’re already finishing our 1st cold of the flu season! YAY! lol I have to constantly remind her to wash her hands. She used to be better at this when she was two but it seems that at 4, she decided she forgot about that! lol KIDS!

    1. I agree, Melanie! I think I kind of slacked off on my daughter after she did so well by herself – then I noticed that she was starting to slack too. And possibly she was the same age {4}. Goes to show that we all need reminders from time to time!

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