It’s my turn to be reviewed by the press!
Here’s are some testimonials, from some of my
fabulous past sponsors…

A close up of a sign….mommy blogs and product reviews play an important role in our overall marketing mix. They are a great way to connect to the consumer in a non-threatening and honest manner. Tammi did a fabulous job and was thorough in her review. She was honest and let her readers know exactly how she felt about the product. When I read her reviews…all I can think about is sitting at Starbucks and her telling me about the brands and products she’s working with. She is definitely on my “follow up” list when we launch our new line.

Randy McKinley
VP | Sales & Marketing

TextFace facts…results matter and Tammi delivers…PROFESSIONALLY! Not only was her post well written but obviously equally well received as noted by all of the hits we got on our site. She was great to work with and always responded quickly. I can’t thank her enough for such a great review. I know she will be getting
a copy of every game we produce in the future
for an honest review.

Donald McNeill
Chairman and CEO
McNeill Designs For Brighter Minds

Text and LogoWe sincerely thank you for the glowing review of the Cheeky Umbrella products on your website. Tammi was the most organized and professional blogger we have worked with so far, and she provided one of the most thorough and well written reviews on our umbrellas that we have seen yet! From the many comments that readers have posted on the site, it appears that her audience trusts and respects her opinions, and it is not hard to see why. She does an excellent job expressing her personality through her writing by including witty comments and descriptions of personal experiences…it makes the reader feel like she is having a casual conversation with an old friend. Thanks again Tammi…we hope your Cheeky umbrella continues to brighten your rainy days!

Jen Zurowski
Owner, Cheeky Umbrella


It was a pleasure working with Tammi. She did a well written and very thorough review of our CozyCare products. We just loved how she said our CozyCare Cape was a “Must Have For 2009,” and “Why didn’t I do this all along?” Tammi does a great job of pulling in her readers, and she’s a wonderful endorsement to companies for products of twins/multiples.

Leslie Barile
Spa Time Baby, LLC


Text and Art It was such a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate all your prompt correspondence, and found your review to be extremely detailed, informative, and personal. I love that you tested our products on your daughter (and included your own pictures), because people want to hear from someone who has experienced new products firsthand. You also gave me the idea to add a picture of our foam plate “test” to our website, which adds a great visual. Being on “My Organized Chaos” was a great experience and allowed us to reach more fabulous Canadian Moms. Thanks!

Melanie Hurley
Owner, Piggy Paint


A close up of a birdTammi reviews products like a true mom. She was easy to work with and provided a very real review of the products. She definitely puts all products to the test and we love her blog…so much so that we are addicted! We keep coming back to read about her new finds.

Shaheen Hirji
Organically Hatched


Text and LogoAll of us at Oliver’s Labels wanted to sincerely thank you for taking the time to review our products. Your review was thorough and well-written – it is obvious you take great care in providing your readers the most complete and relevant reviews on the net. The best part is that your delivery is funny and casual, like a friend telling you about something new they found online. We laughed out loud when you wrote, “BUT WAIT….THESE ARE NO ORDINARY LABELS!!!” when talking about our Found-it™ tracking system. We were truly honored to be a part of your “must-haves for 2009” and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

Oliver’s Labels


Text and Design
People we’ve sent to your site to look at our review, including my own Mom, clicked off our review and started reading your blog. Every person we sent to look at it commented on how impressed they were with your abilities as writer, as am I.
The fact that you are able to run and write what amounts to your own newspaper with three kids, and a husband (I admit husbands can sometimes be like an extra bigger kid, not saying yours is) is all the more amazing.
It will be hard to sound unbiased after the things you said about Rollo but Seth and I will have something for you soon. It’s nothing your readers don’t already know. You really are very good.
” (And there’s more on the NightSprytes website!)

Dave Bier
The NightSprytes


Logo, company name, with Text and ArtThanks to Tammi for the great review on our Balanced Day products. Viewings of our website shot right up the day the review was released! It’s helpful as a business to get some opinions from someone who our products are meant for: a mom!
Thank you Tammi for the great opportunity!

Kathi Blackwell
Balanced Day Lunch Kits


A drawing of a faceWorking with Tammi has been a pleasure. She is very thoughtful in her review and truly put our product, O Yikes! Slingback, to the test! We have enjoyed our partnership with her and would surely appreciate her feedback on our future products.

Lisa Yap
O Yikes!


TextThe Baby’s Bundle would like to thank Tammi at My Organized Chaos for a great blog review experience. Tammi is thoughtful, professional and easy to work with. Tammi’s blog is a great place to read about excellent products and enter in fabulous giveaways. Her descriptions are detailed and give the reader a real sense for the product. She really captured the softness and feel of our very popular minky blankets! Thanks again Tammi it was a pleasure working with you.

Kandi Madden
Owner, The Baby’s Bundle


Organ and TextWe just completed a giveaway and review with Tammi. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation of her professional demeanor in all aspects of our interactions – from the initial request for a donation all the way through to the final statistics from the blog donation.
It has truly been a pleasure working with Tammi, and we appreciate her enthusiastic review of our ERGObaby products!

Hannah, Marketing


Text and Logo
It was a pleasure to work with Tammi. She’s was readily available to answer all of our questions, and if it’s not already obvious, such a warm person too! We loved the wonderful review and giveaway she did for Mermapillar. She seemed to appreciate our quirky sense of humor, “the designs are more artsy with an edge to it. On the site, these animals are called Merma-Critters and they go beyond the expected puppies and kitties found on most apparel. Squirrels, jack rabbits or jack-a-lopes to name a few”
It’s working with people like her, and getting positive feedback in reviews like this that make our jobs really fun

Your Merma-pals,
Alice Berman, Mariko Savitt