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myorganizedchaos.net,Kodak Gallery is a site that I have become very accustomed to. Photos are easily uploaded, stored, printed and can be used to make a variety of keepsakes. With Kodak Gallery you can also make photo books – which is what I recently did.

As parents, we all want to preserve and cherish our kids’ photos. The endless photos I take are distinct memories that I always want to be remembered. Yet gone are the days of photo albums, they take up too much space and get ruined very quickly {with or without twin toddlers running about}. For the last few years I have been really into making ph
oto books
, for myself and as personalized gifts to others {speaking from experience, they make amazing Christmas gifts!}. As compared to albums, photo books take up less space, are more aesthetically appealing, and do a better job at conveying the feeling and story behind photos.

myorganizedchaos.net,When making Kodak photo books, there are many choices in book type, size and style. So unlike ordinary albums which all look the same, you are able to design your photo books to take on the look which compliments the theme to the photos. Kodak Gallery has an easy Auto-Fill Feature, which places the photos automatically into a photo book template. Or, you can manually choose where each photo goes and in what order. Since I like my photos to be grouped according to date and activity – I always choose to do the entire design myself. Yet, this route doesn’t take a lot of time {cause a lot of time I don’t have!}, so it’s busy-parent friendly!

myorganizedchaos.net,I made two photo albums, one of the kids in the Spring of 2010 and the other a themed photo book to preserve the memories of our family vacation to Mexico. With a Kodak Gallery purchase, shipping is free in Canada, if you can pick up your order at your local Future Shop or Best Buy {or you can have it delivered to your home}. The pick-up option is so great for myself, since there is both stores in my city. In the past, I have experienced costly shipping charges for photo books, from other companies. So, this pick up and save money option is definitely a bonus!

My photo books look great and are of wonderful quality. I chose the hardcover books for that extra durability and was happy to see such thick paper used as well. I am very pleased with the final look! My goal is to make one photo book every month, so that I am always up-to-date on my photo keepsakes. And, I urge you to do the same as well. I do think that procrastination and then having months or years to back-track on, really prevents people from doing things like this. And preserving memories is a good habit to form! One day you will be thankful, and so will later generations!

myorganizedchaos.net,KODAK Gallery is a great resource for making baby photo keepsakes such as birth announcements, personalized cards and custom invitations. Form baby shower cards to thank you cards, a photo keepsake will be cherished a lot more than a generic and plain card. And with Christmas coming, it’s a good excuse to make some holiday photo cards. With so many styles and designs, the choices are endless!

Check out KodakGallery.ca and start reserving your memories. There’s always many discount codes and promos available, including free prints upon sign up!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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