Premier Protein Vanilla Shakes at Costco Canada

As I’ve discussed a few times before on My Organized Chaos, in recent months I’ve taken steps toward a better me. It started with the realization that I hadn’t drank one glass of water in a few consecutive days, something that started my mission to make positive changes. Always busy with life and the kids, it was due time to focus more on myself. 

Drinking more water is one example of the many small changes I made months ago; along with making sure I didn’t skip meals, exercising daily, and avoiding carb-heavy meals. Instead I focused more on eating fruits, vegetables, and protein. Changing habits isn’t easy to say the least, but with each day it does get better. 

One of the ways I get more lean protein in my diet, is from ready-made protein shakes. Yet, most come with an unattractive price tag, one brand is almost $10 for 4 shakes! Frugal me just couldn’t justify the price, so having them was a rarity. 

I was recently introduced to Premier Protein Shakes, which are available in Costco stores. Right away I loved that the 18 count packs are only $32.99. That’s an incredible deal!

premier protein shakes at costco canada

Each Premier Protein shake is low fat, packed with 30g of protein, and contains only 160 calories with only 1g of sugar! They also have 24 Vitamins and Minerals, are gluten free, and have no artificial colours.

Premier Protein shakes are ideal for breakfast on the go, a snack, or a post-workout boost. Plus they are rich and creamy – and the new vanilla ones taste great. It’s the delicious vanilla ones that are brand new to Costco stores in Canada. Right now they are nay available until April 3rd yet I hope they are popular enough to stay {the other two flavours, Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream, have been in Costco Canada stores for years}. 

premier protein shakes review

The Premier Protein vanilla shakes are available in 18 count packs. The Costco in our city has them conveniently placed on an end-cap, in the section with vitamins and health/beauty supplies. You can’t miss them! 

premier protein shakes costco canada

Have you tried Premier Protein vanilla shakes yet?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. Good for you, Tammi. It can be hard to shift your mindset and change your habits (to better habits). I’ve been doing the same thing for the past 6 or so months. Mine changes started when I got really sick in the summer (gall stones and gall bladder infection) and my choice was either cut out a lot of things from my diet or be sick and a frequent flyer at the hospital. I started a program where I combine some workout videos and shakes, and it’s been good. Can’t stop now! (plus I am still on a wait list for the gall bladder surgery which is stupid because it’s been like 6 months!)
    Keep up the great work Tammi, and remember who is watching (your girls) – my boys are definitely watching me!

  2. i will have to try this im always tring to fiqure out what to have before i head to the gym ..This would be great

  3. I’ve seen them but do they actually taste good, I’ve tried so many and icky.

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