Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

If there’s something all us parents can relate to, it’s cleaning. A never ending job of wiping, scrubbing, polishing and disinfecting. In my linen closet is a box full of cleaning products designed to work for various jobs.
Some of them are very old, it seems like the ones that can be used for a number of purposes are used more often. Convenience? Absolutely!When I was approached to review the new Pledge Multi Surface Spray, I was eager. Not for the cleaning, who really likes that? You see, this is made for cleaning all surfaces from Wood to Windows, Electronics to Stainless Steel and everything in between. I have a variety of surfaces in my home (which is reason behind the box full of cleaners), so I was interested in seeing if one product could really do the job.
I tried the Pledge Multi Surface Spray everywhere in my house. Now would be a good time to remark on the scent. Its called RainShower (there is also Lavender Fresh) and resembles my favorite laundry detergent. I liked that this cleaner got rid of the dust without spreading it around. Plus, it comes in a wax-free formula, so it leaves no residue build-up behind as it quickly dries. I liked the way it cleaned the wood cabinets, I had previously used the regular Pledge on those. It left windows and mirrors streak free. Unlike others that really drip all over the place when cleaning vertical objects, this doesn’t that much. (And that means less to clean up from cleaning, make sense?) Overall, I think it’s a wonderful product. I like the way it cleans most things in the house. I can do away with most of my box of cleansers, leaving only specific ones for the floor and bathrooms.
**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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