Playing UNO with Cody Simpson

playing uno

A few days ago my daughter and I were invited to attend a very special event. Not only were we going to watch the Big Ticket Summer concert in Edmonton, yet we played a game of UNO with the headliner of the show, Cody Simpson!

Cody Simpson holding a guitar

“The partnership with Cody is a fantastic platform to bring people together through Uno and capture the essence of the game – it’s about fun and making memories. Cody also has a strong global presence and appeals to fans of all ages around the world, just like Uno.”

Simply put: It was awesome!

Cody Simpson playing Uno

My daughter, her friend and the winners of the VIP experience giveaway I hosted, had one fabulous time. So many great memories were made!

Cody Simpson

Backstage before the show, we sat with Cody Simpson and played the most intense game of UNO ever. I opted to take photos and videos during the game and not play myself, so I was able to also sneak peeks at the cards watch the play during the game.

Cody Simpson playing cards

Yes, there were many blushed faces in the room, my daughter and her friend were pretty much speechless. Actually, I think there may be some slobber on the cards themselves …

Cody Simpson holding a guitar

Anyway, there was a point in the game when I thought we’d win. My daughters friend had UNO and was waiting on baited breath and shaky hand to lay down that last card and declare victory.

Cody Simpson sitting at a table

Alas, the colour changed and the game took a surprising direction. In Cody’s favour. Yes, Cody won the game and jumped off the couch to cheer!

Cody Simpson

Guys, this man is talented.

Not only did he play UNO and win the game – but all the while he strummed cords on his guitar and hummed songs now and then. After all, the show was minutes away and this was his time to warm up.

Cody Simpson holding a guitar

Guitar, sing, Play UNO and win!?

Cody Simpson sitting on a couch

Talk about a perfect pairing for the brand – he truly proved he could play #UNOanytime! Anytime, anywhere and while doing anything. Truly talented. 

Cody Simpson and Isabelle Roy

More about the concert and meeting some Family Channel celebs to come soon … until then, we cry into our UNO deck. Which, by the way, now has a card signed by Cody Simpson. Perhaps this is our new ‘Cody Wild Card’ – when played all other players have to get up, sing, and dance. No, we’ll up you one cody – all that plus drink from a cup! That’s it – I declare a re-match!

When is the last time you played the ever-popular and classic game, UNO?




  1. Eeek, I have no clue who Cody Simpson is, but my family plays Uno ALL the time. It’s one of our favorite games.

  2. Wow, what an awesome experience, and one talented man! We play UNO every now and than on our weekly family game nights, but it tends to get super competitive!

  3. used to play Uno a lot more than we do now but loved the game. What wonderful memories for you.

  4. Uno is actually one of my boys favorite games to play, so we play it often. How fun to play with Cody!

  5. OH my goodness, what an amazing experience for those girls! I remember seeing him on Dancing with the Stars and thought he was going to be such a heartthrob for little girls. lol.

    I love UNO. it’s been far too long since we played it last.

  6. Well isn’t that just so neat?!? I bet your daughter and the other girls had such a good time. Uno is such a fun game but playing with Cody Simpson has to be quite the experience.

  7. That looks like such a fun experience! Your daughter is going to remember that forever. I used to play Uno with my kids all the time.

  8. I do not know who Cody Simpson is, but my daughter probably does. We love to play Uno. One of our fav card games.

  9. Wow, what an awesome memory for your girls! I remember watching him on Dancing with the Stars.

  10. Oh my gosh I can’t even imagine how excited the girls were! We love playing UNO on family game night here too!

  11. I played Uno just about a week ago. Sometimes me and the husband will just play a one on one.

  12. I love Uno. My husband and I play it regularly. A one on one Uno game can get PRETTY intense.

  13. That was really cool he hung out with the kids playing Uno. Seems like everyone had a great time. I haven’t played the game in a while, I need to pick up a deck.

  14. Oh my goodness, ages ago! Now that must have been one amazing experience for your girls!!

  15. We used to play UNO all the time when the kids were younger. I think we will dig out our set of UNO cards and play this weekend.

  16. Wow! That must have been an amazing experience for the girls! Uno is such a fun game and playing it with Cody Simpson at that!

  17. Every artist should do this before a show. I’ll play cards with Brian Adams any day 🙂 Looks like you had a blast, and thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi, Im glad your daughters had fun!
    Cody is an amazing guy, lets not forget about how talented he also is!!
    My friends and I are driving all the way to London (Ontario) from Montreal to see him in 2 weeks and I was wondering if you knew how we could enter a contest like this?! We would LOVE to play Uno with him 🙂
    Thanks in advance,

  19. WOW that must have been so exciting for the girls, he seems to be having fun as well so what a great night!

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