Plasma Car; Fun for all Ages

There is a really great product that I would like to show you. It’s called the PlasmaCar, and it’s a toy intended for kids. (intended is a technical term, and you will hear more about this in a bit).
This toy car impresses me for a few reasons.
First, it is so very easy to assemble, and requires no batteries. (Finally, something you won’t spend a fortune just to operate!) It’s pretty simple in design, which is nice compared to the ones that look and sound like mini-versions of the real variety. The PlasmaCar has six wheels, a seat, footrests, and a steering wheel. In this case, simple is definitely better.
Also, the PlasmaCar has no pedals or gears. It runs on kid-power, using inertia, friction and gravity to propel the car. How? Just by turning the wheel side to side, and it goes. Once you have get used to it, going faster and in circles is simple.

When Isabelle first jumped onto her new green PlasmaCar, she tried to move Flinstone-style by walking the car. I had to show her how to maneuver the steering wheel to get the car moving. One lesson and she was easily capable of doing it herself. She likes to use her PlasmaCar in wide open spaces,moving kind-of bumper-car style in all directions. She needs a bit more practice to get it going in a straight line for a long period of time. But, she has so much fun on the PlasmaCar, lots of lovable kid-giggles that come from her.

Best of all, the PlasmaCar can handle weights up to 100 kg (220 lbs) on a smooth, flat surface (and 55 kg/120 lbs on a rough, flat surface). So that means adults can enjoy the PlasmaCar just as much as kids can! It’s made of really durable and high-quality plastics, so rest-assured (if you are under these weights), it’ll stand up. I seen this and just had to try out the PlasmaCar myself, even before Isabelle did. And now, I think I’ve used it more than her, actually). For myself, it was really easy to use and so much fun. I even got to some pretty high speeds and got a great workout for the arms. The PlasmaCar is a fun attraction for our guests, that’s for sure. Now I know how it feels to be a kid again!

The PlasmaCar comes in 5 great colors and retails for approx. $79.95 CDN. This is a great price for such great entertainment, and for all ages at that. (Plus, no extra spending on batteries, remember!)

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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