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It was last January when I first introduced you to Piggy Paint, the non-toxic and kids’ nailpolish. In fact, I had done the ‘paper plate test‘, which showed the toxicity of other polishes, and just how safe Piggy Paint actually is. I was shocked to see normal polishes bubble and eat away at the plate, while Piggy polish sat calmly on the surface. Considering that many little girls {mine included} bites and chews their nails, seeing this firsthand answered my question as to which polish I should be putting on my girls’ nails

{as well as mine for that matter}.
Piggy Paint was developed by a Mom, stemming from of care and concern for her own daughters. Her polishes are water-based and free of any toxic chemicals and are hypoallergenic. The Piggy Paint acetone-free polish removers are toxin free as well.

For review, my daughter was sent the Forever Fancy color, which is a bright and shimmery pink color. Piggy Paint is odorless {which is fabulous in itself} and goes on very smoothly. It dries pretty fast, as she doesn’t like to sit that long! The polish remover works very well, and is also odorless and natural {it also works on other brands of polish too}. This is now a favorite choice for Isabelle’s nails, just ‘her’ shade of pink!

Piggy Paint makes a wonderful gift for any girl who loves to wear polish. It comes in 14 vibrant colors {which all have fun names to them}. Keep in mind that there is also 23 pre-packaged gift sets {and ones especially for Christmas!}.
And for you holiday shopping, I have a discount for you to use!
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{Exp: Dec. 15, 2009}

One reader is going to get a $15 Gift Certificate
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** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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