Picaflor Kids Clothing

When you online shop, you have the whole world to choose from. Picaflor kids is fashionable and quality clothing made in Peru. The founder of the company is none other than Nancy Coronado, the woman behind Eleven. And I know that my readers have gotten to know the Eleven shoes very well, as they are one of my favorites. I am truly pleased to introduce you to Picaflor Kids, clothing made with the same fashion-forward style and top-notch quality. And I can honestly say, this is the first time I want absolutely everything in a store. Yes, I’d love my girls to be actual Picaflor Kids.

The articles of clothing that you will find at Picaflor kids are absolutely anything for boys and girls. From dresses to hate and pants to coats. they offer a complete line for infants – preemie to 18 months; and for children – sizes 3 – 10 years. And What makes their clothing unique is that they are actually knitwear, in the best color combinations imaginable. From moss greens, to sweet grapes, warm browns to sky blue. There is nothing ordinary about the styles and colors of Picaflor Kids. Once you see the products, you will fall in love with the clean, classic and remarkable designs

All 3 of my girls were sent an article of clothing from Picaflor kids, from the previous fall collection. Isabelle got the ‘London Sweater Coat’ in the color Espresso. Its a warm brown color, at a length that falls just below the knees. the buttons are a light pink, offering a little contrast and keeping it feminine. This coat is ideal for springtime, yet I know it’ll be worn all year long. Its both comfortable and soft when paired with jeans, yet has a dress-up charm that would be great over a dress. The London Sweater Coat is a wardrobe essential, an item that I could not possibly imagine her doing without now.

The twins each received the two-toned ‘Dani Dress’ in different colors. One is chocolate and antique aqua in color, the other cranberry and fuchsia. Though they are the same design the choices in colors allows you to suit taste, look and season. The Dani Dresses come from the Fall & Winter 2008 collection, yet they speak spring to me. Darling colorful spring dresses that could easily worn in the fall as well. I admire the attention to detail in the manufacturing of these items. The Dani Dresses feature a slight bell sleeve, with delicate details at the cuff. This fine detail all over this dresses make them so gorgeous.

Picaflor Kids clothing is so soft against even the most sensitive skin. When I imagine ‘knitwear’, I think of course and itchy yarn. Picaflor kids clothing are made with 100% rayon, manufactured in Peru under fair trade practices. They also have a ‘sheen’ to them, which makes them lively. The company offers a percentage of their profits, to support children’s charities in Peru. But, this exquisite clothing does not have any special instructions for care like you may think. They are completely machine washable and dryer friendly.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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