Photos of Happiness

Winter made an appearance this week in Alberta. Snow. Cold – lots of both. Dinners are more comforting, blinds are closed and the furnace is chugging along. Boo!

Something I also find helpful in warming up, and bringing a huge smile to the face?

These photos.

They are from our recent stay at Walt Disney World for the #DisneyHaunt event. Sometimes you need an extra dose of happiness on a dreary day.

disney parade

One of my favourites from the trip, I love capturing the girls reactions. This one of them watching the parade is just one of the photos I got when I focused on them and not just what was around them. 


 This isn’t my family, yet I love the combination of the ears and the castle in the background at The Magic Kingdom. So adorable!


My oldest daughter became instant friends with the daughter of fellow Canadian blogger and #DisneyHaunt attendee, Julie. These two connected instantly and were usually found together, and most likely holding hands like they did here at Animal Kingdom. Bonded by Disney!

disney phone booth

 Exactly how many children can you stuff into a phone booth in the UK at Epcot?

hollywood studios disney

And then there’s the California feel of Hollywood Studios – palm trees, sun, blue skies. Ahhh!

Do you have photos that change your mood instantly?




  1. Hi Tammi. These are just lovely. I have moments more than pictures that make me smile.

  2. I like to see posts of Disneyland/World because they bring back such fun memories! ILOVEWALTDISNEYANDHISCREATIVEMIND!

    1. It was so sweet. She never ‘takes’ to people that quickly, like instantly. She knows good people when she sees them!

  3. Looks like it was such a wonderful time for you and your family! Love the photo of your daughter and her new friend holding hands. Our daughter and her best friend always held hands when they were little!

  4. Gorgeous photos and they do make me feel warmth! (or maybe that’s the slippers on my feet and the blanket on my lap lol Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh no, you kidding? It is a decal that came in a Spookette set. I’m talking more about it tomorrow on my next post. ♥

    1. Oh really?! I’ll have to read – send me the link once it’s up. I totally thought you did that. SUCCESS!!! 😉

  6. I’m loving that last photo with the huge Mickey Wizard hat in the background! I miss Disney World, haven’t been since I was nine!

    1. I know I just went but me too!! You get addicted to the place, like flies to a lightbulb! lol

  7. With our cold temps, I could seriously handle being at Disney right now. And I love the pic of the family with the ears on!

  8. That looks like a great time. I’m sure it was fun to escape the cold weather. It’s rainy, dark and cold here today. A little sunshine was great to see.

    I can’t see your linky for some reason.

    1. Yeah, I love that one! Too often I get the back of their heads at Disney, I tried to change my position this time!

    1. Thank you!!! It’s hard to keep this in mind, always used to whats going on around them – I need to focus on them more, not just for portraits

  9. That really is the happiest place on earth! I so wanna go back soon! Your photos are so lovely! And what an “awww” moment with the girls holding hands!

  10. Great pictures! So colourful! I wish I was there now instead of being wrapped in a Snuggie on this cold day, lol.

  11. Nothing better to chase the winter blues than a day at Disney. Glad you have those happy memories to fall back on.

  12. What great photos! I always look at a picture of my mans and I at his deployment homecoming. It makes me smile every time!

  13. Aw thanks for sharing! None of my own photos come to mind, but seeing yours certainly changed my mood! What sweet pictures!

  14. oh the friendship so sweet, no snow here yet but lots of damp rainy weather.

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