Epiphanie Bags, Photog-Love

I recently had an Epiphanie. An AWESOME Epiphanie Bag.

Before becoming a Mom, I carried a purse. Then I opted for the diaper bag when the kids were younger. Now I find I have too much ‘precious’ to carry around, to go back to an ordinary purse. I need something sturdier, more protected, because it’s all about carrying my DSLR {aka ‘my precious’} with me. And, that ‘baby’ goes with me everywhere, it’s like my 4th child. Seriously.

Her name is Ginger. She’s beautiful and cares about my 4th child just as much as I do.

Epiphanie Bags

Epiphanie is a brand of modern and stylish DSLR camera bags. Maile Wilson is the founder of Epiphanie bags, has been a skilled photographer  for over 15 years. Knowing her work, the needs of camera-carrying photog’s – she has really focused on what ladies want when it comes to style, function and design.

Ginger came and she took my breath away. First impression count and boy, did she make one on me! I chose the Slate Blue color, yet there are so many gorgeous colors, it was hard to decide on one. I chose Ginger because she could hold all my camera gear plus essentials like keys, wallet, cards etc.

Though there are other Epiphanie bag designs that also hold laptops, etc – I wanted one to just hold the everyday essentials. What came perfectly suited my needs, she certainly didn’t disappoint! I think my fave detail is the camera charm. What can I say, I’m all over little extras that make the bag stand out!

Epiphanie Bags

There are a lot of zippered pockets for storage, but also several dividers inside with velcro on the edges, to rearrange and sort your items as needed {dimensions of Ginger are 14 x 8 x 10}. It also has a detachable messenger-model strap with padding, very comfortable to tote around!

I am taking my Epiphanie Ginger bag {arv $164.99} with me to Walt Disney World this week, it’s the one item I knew that HAD to be packed. Kids and Disney? Family vacation? So many photo opps? I’m looking forward to having my gear arrive in style and convenience!

Who would like their very oen Epiphanie bag?! They have some great new Spring styles to choose from as well!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting! I love their bags. Would have to pick the Teal Clover though. It’s just so pretty!

  2. All of their bags are beautiful! BUT .. I’d probably choose the clover or lola!! 🙂

  3. hard to chose! i change my mind every time i visit the website. Today I would pick red clover =)

  4. I NEEEEED the Lyric in mustard. Such an awesome giveaway! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Epiphanie bags! Have fun @ Disney World with your fam!

  5. Thank you for this giveaway! I’ve been in love with the Epiphanie bags for so long. Ginger and Paris are my two favorite styles. That little camera charm is so cute! I can’t believe I never saw it on their bags before.

  6. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous giveaway. I love the Lola in Red or Ginger in Caramel

  7. I want the Stella in purple I think. Imagine me hollering “STEEEEEELLLLLLLLAAAAAA” although the Ginger in brown is lovely too.

  8. I am torn between a Pink Lola (have wanted a Lola forever!) and a Plum Lyric 🙂 I love them both – BUT because I’ve been eyeing the Lola for so long I would probably go for that one 🙂 I LOVE EPIPHANIE BAGS! <3

    Thank you so much for the giveaway

    Karla-Rae Krekoski

  9. I would choose the blue Ginger. It looks the most like “me” and I love that the shoulder straps are flat. I’m not a fan of rounded ones because they slide more. I know…I’m really picky about my bags. 🙂

  10. I really struggle over which bag I’d buy first but I always come back to Belle in Fuchsia as my top favorite.

  11. LOVE them all but I think I’d go with Lyric in brown OR Clover in red….would die if I won ANY of these…they are beautiful!!!

  12. Thank you for this giveaway! Would love to win any of them although I think my favorite style is the Lyric!

  13. I love the Ginger in slate or Lola in teal. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love what you have to say about these bags and I can’t wait to own one someday!

  14. I have been struggling with which one to order. Ginger has captured my eye but so has Clover and Lola. This is an awesome give away! Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. I would love to win the Ginger bag in brown! I am going to be doing a lot of traveling soon and would love a safe and convenient way to carry my camera with me!

  16. I LOVE these bags and have always wanted one of my own. Ginger is actually my pick as well! In the caramel color. Being a city girl and out and about all the time I’m pretty conscious of carrying my very obvious camera bag around…doesn’t look so great! Thanks so much for the giveaway! Best of luck to everyone.

  17. It’s so hard to pick but I think I would go with the Ginger in the slate. I really would love a bag that fits the lens attached to the camera but isn’t huge! I think in reality any of these bags would make me crazy happy!

  18. Belle in Teal. I already own Clover in Teal and I love it!! Fit’s my macbook pro and all my gear. 🙂 But, I want to have one a little smaller without the laptop holder. BELLE! BELLE!

  19. I’d adore a lyric, in any which color! But Ginger is definately high up my list too.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these gorgeous bags!

  20. I love these bags!!!! My faves are the Ginger in caramel and the Lyric in plum.
    I need one!

  21. Oh my oh my! I don’t think I can choose just one! I love purple and the Stella might just squeek by as my fave! =]

  22. I just discovered these bags a couple days ago, and I am in love with the red Lola.

  23. Ginger in dark brown but they are all awesome! I’m a mom, journalist and children’s charity founder so I’m always taking photos to post on my various sites. Epiphanie Bags is revolutionizing the photo bag by merging style with function – what an epiphanie!

  24. Would love to win the Epiphanie giveaway!! Just purchased a 7D and it doesn’t fit in my current bag with my lenses!!!

  25. Ooh, it’s a toss up between LOLA in teal and GINGER in slate blue… they’re all so beautiful!! Thank you so much for the chance. Yay! 😀

  26. What fun! I would LOVE to win an Epiphanies bag. In fact I’ve had my eye on the exact one you have, though I like so many, the slate blue Ginger.

  27. I think they are all simply amazing but if I had to choose, it would probably be Ginger in purple! =]

  28. I think I’d get the Ginger in slate blue I usually pick black for purse type things but the blue looks great and why not have a bit of variety right?

  29. I love them all! Lyric in grey, ginger in slate blue – could use one for each day of the week.

  30. I am in love with the hot pink Stella! The grey Stella comes in at a close second though…it would be difficult to choose!

  31. I love the Epiphanie Bags! I would get either the Lola in black or the Lyric in slate blue.

  32. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! A Clover in Bisque or Teal would be grand, but all the bags look great!

  33. Oh, they’re ALL great…but after reading your post and looking at your pics, I’m in love with the slate blue Ginger too!

  34. Thanks for the chance! I would love to win a clover in Bisque or Teal–but all the bags are great so any one would be lovely!

  35. Love the ginger…slate or black…………honestly like any…but like the lyric too

  36. Thank you for the chance to win……..I’m sitting in a hospital bed heart broken that I can’t shoot my god daughters 1st communion…maybe ill have a little good luck to go along with the bad…………
    My niece deserves the best so hoping for the best bag to come along when I get better!
    Thank you Epiphanie and MOC

  37. I have been lemming after the Clover bag for such a long time! Some day, it will be mine! 😉

  38. I want Ginger in bisque! There are so many amazing options though, I will probably change my mind a few times!

  39. I love the Lyric in yellow or blue and I also love the Ginger in camel or slate blue as well. They are all so beautiful! It is impossible to choose just one favorite!

  40. ooooh… I can’t decided between Ginger and Clover! Either way though, it’d have to be blue ♥

  41. I’ve always hoped to win one of their gorgeous bags! My camera baby needs a new one as I have had my current one since I was 17. I love love love the Ginger in Slate Blue! So pretty and would match everything! 🙂

  42. Gosh! So tough to choose! I’d get either a lola, ginger, or belle. And the colors! Oh my! Turquoise, cream, or peach.

  43. I am always so torn with all the wonderful camera bag purses out there, but Epiphanie sure does have a lot of great ones to choose from!

  44. I love the Ginger in the purple color. I really dig the messenger style strap that can be added or removed. So fun!

  45. How exciting! I would love to win one of the new spring Epiphanie bags! Hard to choose which one though! Stella, maybe?

  46. I would pick the plum lyric, i have adored the lyric epiphanie bag for ages!!! Lyric is my nieces name so i just have a connection with the bag if that makes sense!! its definitely my favorite, but i really do also love the lola!!

  47. I love the red Lola, slate blue ginger, and the black Belle. I would love to win either one of these!

  48. I change my mind everytime i look at these bags. today i LOVE the Clover in grey. 🙂

  49. I’m pretty much sold on your review. I think I’d really like the Ginger and out of the three colors it comes in right now, I’d probably choose the slate blue. The caramel would probably go with a lot though also. Great looking bags!

  50. I’m torn between the slate blue Ginger & the teal or red Lola. I would love to have one of these!

  51. I have coveted their bags for awhile now. The one that’s catching my eye is the Stella in Fuchsia.

  52. I love the blue one!! Just beautiful. Its my birthday soon, would love a birthday surprise!!

  53. Found your blog thru an epiphany post on facebook… What a great giveaway! Love your blog! And love the blue ginger bag soooo much! Epiphany bags look so awesome!

  54. I love your blog and absolutely love Epiphanie bags. I have been wanting one for a long time and would love to get the Stella in gray. Thanks for having this give away.

  55. I am thinking Belle or Lola – too many zippers and I can’t find anything! 🙂

  56. I just looooove the epiphanie bags! I want one of everything! I’ve had my eye on a clover and I think teal would suit me wonderfully! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and bringing some order to someome’s chaos!

  57. Would love the Ginger! Great bags and perfect for being on the go! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  58. I have been looking at these bags for some time now, and I honestly don’t know which is my favorite! I love the Ginger, but the pink Belle is also beautiful!

  59. I love Belle in the blue/teal color!
    Thanks…amazing giveaway!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  60. I NEED a Lyric in slate blue or plum to use as an every day bag! I have a grey Clover, which is great to carry a laptop along with my cameras. But I must have the Lyric for a smaller every day bag~ 😉

  61. I was in love with the Ginger bag in Carmel, but right now I’m thinking the Lyric in Slate is my new favorite.

  62. I am in love with the Slate Blue Ginger and Black Lola! I’ve been wanting one for so long!! Winning would be amazing. =]

  63. Agreed, I can’t decide either, I’m torn between Lola and Belle, but I think I would pick the Belle in fuchsia!

  64. I know we all have birthdays, but mine is in a couple of days and this bag would make the most supa-dupa birthday present ever!!! That’ll be my wish when I blow out the candles 😉

    1. oops…Ginger in slate blue. 🙂 I thought I filled this out last night, but maybe it didn’t take?

  65. I already own one Epiphanie Bag, the Stella in pink. I love it and had wanting more. It was a toss up between Lola in red (because it looks sassy) and Clover in teal (because i could carry my camera, laptop, and more). But I was just browsing through and saw Belle in tangerine. The color blew me away, breathtaking beautiful color. So, Belle in tangerine is on the top of my list now.

  66. Looked at all of them, Loved them all…. but none so much as the Stella in pink!!! <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!!

  67. Love the Epiphanie Bags, especially the Lyric in Slate Blue. Also subscribed to Organized Chaos. (kinda sounds like my life) 🙂

  68. The Epiphanie bags are so awesome. Stylish and durable. And there is literally a bag for everyone! I would love to win one! And hearing all your experience and how much you love it give me absolute faith that this is the perfect option for me! I hate going out to shoot (couple, children, families, etc) and having my purse and my ugly black camera bag. It’s too much to carry and I feel so blah over the ugly camera bag. Haha. Thank you for presenting us with this awesome opportunity!!!

  69. This bag would be the new ‘me’! I am so tired of carrying around my bulky, unstylish, camera burden bag! I would love to win this, but if I can’t, it’s going on my Christmas list and if I don’t get one then, then my birthday list for next April! ;o)

  70. They are all so beautiful! I think I’d go with Belle teal. Awesome giveaway – thanks!

  71. love the lyric in mustard! would be absolutely perfect for our trip to ethiopia next month and keeping camera and lenses in tow!

  72. I’ve always “coveted” the Stella bag in plum! Love the design and with that color it’s impossible to go unnoticed.

  73. Oh my, Epiphanie has nailed it perfectly! I may have ‘LIKED’ them on F/B, but I LOVE their bags! I would be happy with any of them, but I really love the versatility and compartment size of the Lyric bag in mustard or brown. Tres Chic!

  74. I would also be over-the-top ecstatic if I were to win this! I might just have to choose the Stella in grey though. Oh, so hard to choose!

  75. I love the lola and paris design in black. Thanks for the giveaway! Love them all!

  76. Camera bags for moms have come a long way I would LOVE to win an EPIPHANES BAG LOLA in pink. I recently signed up for the Susan G. Komen 3day 60mile walk and so now everything I buy is in PINK lol Plus I live in a house of boys I want to stand out

  77. Epiphanie bags are super handy for ALL photo ops! And having one would definitely make my photo trips a lot easier 🙂

  78. I’ve been dying for the Lola in teal or black! It’s such a cute bag for when you go out and want to bring your camera with you!

  79. If I was fortunate enough to be picked for the honor of winning
    this fantastic giveaway, I would choose the Lyric bag in Mustard;
    it has got to the best bag ever! 🙂

  80. I’d LOVE to win the Lyric!!! I love Epiphanie bags 🙂 I have the Paris and its amazing, but wouldn’t mind something a little smaller for everyday use, too.

  81. I love the pink Stella but I would be happy with any that I was lucky enough to win.

  82. Have to go along with the majority on this one, the Belle ( pink) is my favorite!

  83. Love the Paris bag. I really like the purple but would probably pick black. Purple is a little too flashy for me. 🙂 (Would love if they had it in red though!)

  84. the brown Ginger has always been my favourite… until I saw the turquoise Belle. Now I can’t choose which one I like best!

  85. I would love a Slate Blue Ginger. I have wanted her for a long time, before she was dark brown. But the blue is more me.

  86. Such a tough decision!!! I love the Stella in gray…but also love Lyric in yellow!

    1. I feel so silly! I totally confused two different companies: Epiphanie and Shutterbags. So sorry! LOL I like the Epiphanie Lyric bag in either yellow or blue 🙂

  87. I would just love a ginger or a belle, I am tired of lugging around my camera bag and my handbag, have lusted after these bags for way too long!!

  88. What a truly wonderful and stylish way to safely carry a camera along with one’s other necessities. These great bags really do look as though they can organize chaos. I think that my personal favourite is the “ginger” in caramel but they all look fabulous. Thanks so much for providing us with this opportunity…you are beyond generous.

  89. I found epiphanie a wile ago, and i love the concept very much. Everyone can find a fit, and they are so stylish.

  90. I LOVE Lyric in yellow, or Ginger in any colour. I’ve told all my friends about Epiphanie bags & it’s been on my Christmas & Birthday list for ages!!! With our first baby due this August I’m so hoping I have one in time!!! xxxx

  91. Thank you so much for a chance to win. I would LOVE a “Ginger” bag as well in lavender or light blue. Have a great time in Florida!!

  92. i love the Ginger in any color, but mostly Bisque! it would be so helpful for my upcoming trip to Asia next month with my two little babies 🙂

  93. I LOVE the Stella in Slate Blue, but I definitely wouldn’t turn down a black Paris bag. And now that I’ve seen your gorgeous Ginger…eep! The choice of what bag I want is getting harder!!!

    Thanks for this opportunity to win such a fantastic and fabulous camera bag!!

  94. I can see why you love yours. I’d love Ginger in Caramel. It looks like a gorgeous bag.

  95. LOVE Epiphanie bags. I like the Clover the best since I frequently travel with both my laptop and camera.

  96. Thank you sooo much for this giveaway! I am aspiring photographer and this looks amazing. Their bags are gorgeous.

  97. I love the Stella in purple, followed very closely by the GinGer in brown!!! Thanks for offering this awesome give-a-way. Some lucky lady is going to be very excited!!!

  98. I’ve had my eye on the yellow lyric for awhile. I would love to have one for my study abroad travels!

  99. My favorite is the Ginger in caramel, but it was a hard choice! I LOVE these bags!!!

  100. i know my girlfriend would love a mustard lyric bag! sounds like a great opportunity to win her a gift! 😉

  101. I’d have to go with the Clover in cream, I think. (That or the Ginger, but space for a laptop would be nice.)

  102. I have fallen in love with these Epiphanie Camera Bags!! I have been carrying my camera around in my purse along with everything for my toddler- which does a number on my camera!! It would be wonderful to win an Epiphanie Bag- my favorites are Clover in Camel and any color in Lola. Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  103. hmmmm…so difficult to choose. maybe clover in blue/green? maybe lola in red? and then there is belle…

  104. Wow, I, too, love the Ginger and such a beautiful color. I’d love to win one, thanks for the chance.

  105. I have been coveting the Clover for a long time. I would probably get it in grey, but I wouldn’t be opposed to any of the colors.

  106. I would love the Ginger and my poor friends and boyfriends would not have to hear me complain all of the time about what a disorganized mess my camera bag is!

  107. I would LOVE a new camera bag!!!! I would have to REALLY think hard about which one I wanted because they’re all SO adorable!

  108. Saw the Plum Lyric at #YYC airport and am still drooling for it!! It was an absolutely beautiful color!

  109. I would love…
    The Belle in teal, Clover in gray, or Ginger in bisque! Of course, I would be happy with any of these beautiful bags! Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  110. ohhhhh….. I love the epiphanie bags ALL OF THEM! I would love to show it off during my trip to South America…

  111. I loved the rachel but to be honest i could not figure out where to find what colors they came in? my daughter loved the lola , would be hard to choose, i think it would depend on the color options

  112. What a great giveaway! It’s so hard to decide, but I think my fave is the Clover design. I still can’t decide which colour though! Teal perhaps?

    1. Oops – forgot to add – I still have 2 in diapers, so I need something big! I’m loving the Lola!

  113. I would Love, love to choose the stella in Slate Blue. What an amazing bag it’s beautiful!:)Thanks

  114. I was drooling over these at BlissDom! Stella is a beauty. I don’t have a red purse… I could use a red one…

  115. They are all gorgeous! But I think I like the Lola in Red, the Ginger in Slate Blue are the best!

  116. I would love to win one of these bags. A grey lyric or a red lola would be my favourites 🙂

  117. What a beautiful bag. I would love to win the Lola in Red. I’ve got a birthday at the end of this month and it’s on my wish list!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. I would love each and every bag they offer they are all so beautiful! I need one for my camera and equipment because I am so unorganized. My favorite one is the “Lola” bag in Teal. I would use it proudly and get many years of use out of it!

  119. It’s so difficult to actually pick which I’d want! But, if forced, one of my top choices would be the grey Stella bag 🙂

  120. My favorite one is Stella in the burgundy color (since I already have Paris in purple ;))

  121. I would sooo love one of these amazing bags to hold my beloved nikon!! The hardest part is picking out the right one as they are all so awesome.

  122. The bags are gorgeous. I’d love to have one when travelling, They look comfortable to carry around, with all the compartments

  123. i so need one of these! i have a canon dslr camera and my mom keeps telling me i need a bag – which i do but im frugal!! i want GINGER – Slate Blue

  124. I love the Paris in Black and the Clover in Camel. Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Thanks for the sweepstakes! Most definitely hard to pick just one! But I really love Stella in the pink! Such a cute bag! Just what I need 🙂

  126. I would love to win this bag. My mother inlaw is a photo freak, she always has her camera with her she would love this.

  127. ahhhh!difficult choice.i like all of them but if i have to chose just one may be i would take on GINGER – Bisque.i love it

  128. What a choice to make… I think, lyric in red. Or maybe, clover in green. No, the red lyric.

  129. I love them all, my most beloved is Ginger in grey
    Thank you for this amazing gift!!

  130. Oh I have been in love with the Lyric bag forever! thanks for the awesome chance!

  131. i would definitely pick the lola design… just tough deciding if i like the red more than the black :D…. LOVE these camera bags!

  132. Love them *___*
    It’s a difficult choice.. But my favourite one is GINGER – Slate Blue!
    Want iiit 😉

  133. Oh geez this is a hard choice. All right I think I have pinned it down. I like the Clover in Fuchsia.

  134. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. I love Epiphanie bags and have my fingers crossed for a Slate Blue Ginger.

  135. I love the Clover, in RED. My dream. We have annual passes to Disneyland, and this bag would make my life so much easier.