Photo Organization ~ I Despise Photo Albums!


We’re talking photo organization. I love taking photos. It started long ago when my Mom gave me a huge film camera at age 7.
I, like most people, have many photo albums to show evidence that I am indeed a shutterbug. Many MANY albums filled with thousands of photos spanning a good 25 years. Most of these albums are in boxes and stored away, yet I have about 12 on display in the family room. Collecting dust.

My photo albums are treasured, but not too often looked at {hence the dust}. After all, in this ‘digitally-connected day’ breaking out the albums is much like subjecting people to old film reels. I’d much rather upload and share photos online, and put them onto disc, as I have been doing for the last 3 years {So the albums that I do have on display are pre-twinlins}.

Alas, all these memories sit alone untouched.
Well, that is until the twinadoes got ahold of them!!


Drive me insane!

4-5 entire photo albums, torn apart. Years of memories, shuffled out of order. Out of order!!
I’m done. DONE with photo albums. Look how easily they can turn into disorganized chaos!

So, I have taken on a new project – taking all my albums and scanning each and every photo. I’m starting the tedious task of scanning, uploading and eventually making photo books out of all.these.albums.

Oh my, I’m feeling faint.

I just need to think of the end goal, right? After all, if one ‘little chaos’ comes along and rips a photo book – click ‘order’. It’s a better alternative when looking at this mess!

I have started to slowly sort {and reminisce along the way}. I agree, my twin toddlers need to learn better ‘gentle hands’ with books {a pet peeve of mine}. Yet, I can picture it happening, they were probably fighting over the books rather than being intentionally destructive …. Regardless, I regret putting so much trust that these albums would always stay intact.

And, after I have finished, I’ll have backups of all these photos too, which is another great thing to have.

Still, what a daunting task … *sigh*

{Any tips would be most welcome!}



  1. I still like these kinds of albums but I’ve also started to use shutterfly to create albums. It can be done with my digital images and any I scan in.
    Makes for a nice book where the pictures cant fall out or get rearranged. We have 3 so far (1- 6 months, 7-12 and 13-18) I need to do the one from 19-24 months then likely one a year. The nice thing about it is I can order a second of each so they can have them when they are older (for now they are mine!). I also get them when I have discount or free codes.

  2. if you are looking for a place to make the books, is excellent. I just did a book for my mom’s 60th and it turned out beautifully!!! Easy, quick…and all my scanned in photos (even the OLD ones from 60+ years ago) look amazing! It’s an awesome way to keep those memories in tact. It’s what I plan on doing as well to ours….

    on that note…I am so sorry the twincesses attacked the albums, whether intentional or not. So hard sometimes to breathe our way through it….your task may seem daunting, but it will be worth it 🙂

  3. I love the shutterfly photo book too but they are too expensive to do all my photo’s like that. I take over 100 daily and I usually just put them on my computer and back them up on an external hard drive.

    1. I think Shutterfly is about the only service I haven’t used…
      I need to look into that!!

  4. I have made many photobooks in the last couple years. The best quality I have received is Shutterfly. I made some photobooks from our wedding for my Gramma, Mom and Mother In Law and I got them all for 50% off. If you sign up for emails from Shutterfly they will let you know when they have those deals. I saved almost 500 dollars!

    1. Signing up for the emails right now, Randa – you had me at 50% off – with this many to make, I need some savings!


  5. I love the photo display frame. They are not expensive anymore and you put tons of pictures in them and everybody enjoy the display.

  6. Wow – thanks for the suggestions guys!
    Judging by the comments, it seems that many like Shutterfly – I’ll be looking into it!

  7. Give My Publisher a try also. Their new program allows you to create your own templates (or modify one of their already existing one). It reminded me of (which I really loved also but don’t know enough about photography to make certain that the pictures printed nicely). My Publisher has a “free extra pages” sale every few months. So you can get 100 pages for the price of 20.

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