Photo Fail: Don’t Be That Offensive Parent

The title might fool you into thinking that I’m pointing fingers here. OK, maybe I am. Yet, that finger needs to point at myself too, since I’m guilty as well.

I was recently introduced into this hilarious {yet truthful} video from Canon and it struck a cord {x2}. You know, the kind of realization that makes you scream ‘YES!”. Give the video a watch and let the truth soak in …


Hi, I’m Tammi and I love showcasing photos, but I seriously lack in the upkeep.

Proof: I have a ‘family’ photo on display in my home, circa 2005, which only has one of my daughters in it. AND. This photo is in a prime location in the home.

To reiterate this massive and embarrassing photo fail – this outdated 8×10 framed photo is missing two of my kids AND it’s placement is just outside the twins bedroom door.

So each and every time my youngest daughters have walked out of and into their room, they have been slapped in the face with a family photo which doesn’t include them.

photo fail don't be that parent


Now, I’ve obviously walked past this photo many times {and for years}, and have briefly thought “I should change that out“. Yet, I never did as you can see. There was no action taken after the many intentions.

Yet after watching this video, I’ve fully realized just how far my procrastination has gone. To the point where it’s offensive.

Simply put: Don’t be that parent. I’m pointing at you and at myself here. Rotating photos is something that needs to be done regularly. When you conveniently print them at home with the PIXMA All-in-One Printer, there’s really no excuse to not get the job done.

It took a funny but truthful shove from Canon to point out the obvious.

Well played, Canon. Well played.

Fess up guys, are you ‘that parent’ too?


This is a sponsored post yet, as always, my opinions are 100% my own.




  1. Yes, I am as well. It has been 8 years since we had a professional family portrait taken. I do however only have photos of my kids in frames on the walls BUT they were young and are now young adults. LOL

  2. We only have one kid, but I am also not good at updating photos. I have yet to print out pictures and make the photo albums that have been sitting in our attic.

  3. I find that I’m pretty good at taking pictures, but I hardly ever print them! Time to update all of our photos!

  4. Yes….oh, yes. According to the photos in our home, we have only one child and he is younger than 2. (as opposed to 7, with a 5 year old sister)

  5. I’m actually not. I switch my photos regularly because I get bored, and they’re outdated.

  6. Hubby and I have 2 kids, 15 yrs apart….so yes we have a ton of photos around of our “family of 3”. Playing catch up to get as many “family of 4” photos is tough lol. Not to mention how technology has changed. Our sons photos were on film, developed regularly, framed, and hung. However my girl has thousands upon thousand more photos, all digital, and only a fraction of which are printed and framed.

  7. We had our pictures done last year, so I’m good for a while, right? I remember my mom having the OLDEST photos of us on the walls, always so embarrassing!

  8. I am guilty of this! I take so many pics and I never develop them onto paper! I actually have zero family pictures too!

  9. Omg, yep this sounds like me too, I’m bad at changing pictures and need to do it more often!!

  10. Wow! I find myself running into my den to look at all the photos in there because I have several where family members are babies or not even in the photo. EEK!

  11. I have a bunch of photos i need to put up in our new house. I have updated the photos in the frames to recent pictures just after we moved in.

  12. This is so funny. We have so many photos of the kids as toddlers, and they are four, six, and eight now. LOL. I have tons on my hard drive and even have professional photos, but have not had any printed. I need to get on this. Thanks for sharing…

  13. That photo of your twins is too funny! I should probably print out some newer photos too.

  14. With digital becoming so prevalent, it is so easy to forget to get a printed image. I am just as guilty as you are about changing out pictures!

  15. I have been this parent before!! What a neat video from Canon to help motivate you to update your photos!! I need to check all my frames now though 🙂

  16. I’m so that parent. I haven’t gotten a new family photo done in years. I need a new one.

  17. I think we are all this parent at one time or another! I love to keep photos out from all stages of the past though, I just try to keep new ones up too!

  18. Oh my goodness…..yes! My mom hung up a family photo in the kitchen when we were little and it was not updated for at least 30 years. Yes, 30 years!! I think this is something we are all guilty of.

  19. Ha, totally! I have family pictures from when my kids were babies. Now they are 6 and 3! I think it is long overdue!

  20. My husband Del was just making the stern point we need to get some new pictures of all the kids. With the 3rd kid, we have become “that parent.” But in our defense we have many pictures of our family and many include all of us, just outdated.

  21. Too much hassle after the first kid lol. I took the old photos down though, now I’m just that parent with no family portraits at all!

  22. OMG – this video is hilarious! I could so see my son do this. He is a middle child and MIL does say that she doesn’t have pictures of him. Gotta print some

  23. I am so that parent!! Though not too bad. Our family photo is only 3 years old and we got updated photos onto 6 months ago lol

  24. I am so that parent too! Although not that bad lol. Ours is 3 years old and we only got updated shots 6 months ago.

  25. Im guilty of this as well! Only takes a minute to change the picture, I need to do this asap 😉

  26. I admit, I’m that parent. I do have photos of all six of my kids on the wall but it wouldn’t hurt to update them. That video was quite funny….with a lot of truth!

  27. I have a special frame in the kitchen with a photo of my niece in an outfit I made her 10 years ago. Not that my brother hasn’t shared other photos of her. I just have not printed one.

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