Philips Android GoGear Connect and Android Docking Station

Philips Electronics sent me some pretty cool products this month for review, or my Holiday Gift Guide. I say ‘pretty cool’, because that’s what everyone says {including myself} when I first saw them. And, if you need a great gift idea for that special man in your life, read on my friends. This may be exactly what you are looking for!

Philips Android GoGear ConnectThe Philips Android GoGear Connect is an Android MP3 media player, think of a smart phone without the calling capabilities. This handheld 8GB model has a 3.2-inch display, WiFi connectivity, built-in speakers, and a microSD card slot for additional storage. Most importantly it has access to the Android Market and over  300,000 apps.

Considering all this, it’s the perfect on-the-go entertainment device, to download apps, game, music and movies. When you have Wi-Fi connection, you can access the internet too and check email as well.

Philips GoGear Android Connect MP3 reviewThe GoGear Connect features High-definition 720p video playback with Fullsound audio, it really does offer an spectacular multimedia experience. The color is vibrant and the graphics top notch. You can share and stream videos and music to other devices very easily and is extremely easy to operate. As well, there’s easy access to the Songbird program via the Fidelo app, where you can discover, play and sync multimedia to your device {using a PC}.


Philips Android GoGear ConnectPhilips can boast proudly, as just this year they developed the first docking station for Androids. It works independently as a radio/ dual alarm, better yet it pairs with the Philips phones {as well as the Android GoGear Connect}, to charge and play music. Using bluetooth wireless, music is streamed from an Android device, and is very powerful, I must say. The clarity and Bass Reflex Speaker System beats our grosely huge stereo system, putting it to shame in both size and quality.

The Philips Android Docking System has FlexiDock, allowing for compatibility of all types of Andoids, no matter where the connection socket is on the device {portrait or landscape}. I plugged in my docking station, and immediately attached my GoGear Connect and the phone synced the time on the docking station, automatically. Thus meaning, no setup required!

As well, using your android, you can listen to internet radio stations worldwide, preset your favorite stations and even set the alarm to sleep or wake to your favorite music {so much better than that annoying beeping noise!}.

As you can see, both these products can be used independently, yet work together as well. For those that already have an Android and are in need of a docking station, look to Philips for the one I received for review or there are many others in the lineup. Having both means that you can have your music and media to yourself {even using the included headphones}, or the choice to play your music through high-quality speakers. We use both daily, they call home a counter in our dining room, and it’s been great products to have.

The Philips Android GoGear Connect {MP3 media player} has an ARV of $180 USD. The Philips Docking System I received has a ARV of $100 USD. Yet, I see that London Drugs has the same docking station on sale for $89.99 CAD. Great price for holiday shopping!

{p.s. the kids won’t let me take the robot sticker off the speaker, “It’s cute, Mom!” ;)}



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I love this!! Never mind dad mom wants it!! haha thanks for the great review always nice when it’s someone you can trust to know if you should purchase it or not:)

  2. this is really cool, i dont have an android yet but one day i might and i will keep this in mind

  3. I have someone who will be so excited to get this beauty. 🙂 Guys and their tech toys. lol

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