Perfect Timing


Ahh, parenting! With just 2 days left of school for Isabelle, this is perfect timing.

A ruined pair of shoes.

Black shiny dress shoes with sparkles. Fit for a Princess. Not just for parties and special occasions, my Belle can be seen wearing shoes like this all the time. Even to school.

They were a favorite, can you tell?

Clothes and shoes rotate more than the bathroom door in this 4-girl household. It’s so hard to stay on top of what fits and what needs to be donated or tossed.

I would rather Isabelle’s items stay intact, so that they can be passed down to the twins. Yet it seems like the older she gets, the harder she is on her clothes and shoes. Less and less are making it to the ‘keep’ pile.

Just ‘my chaos’ or are your kids the same way?


  1. Try to think of it as evidence of a life well-lived! 🙂

    (To put it in even sharper perspective…I use a wheelchair. I can’t walk at all. All my shoes last forever. But I wish they didn’t.)

  2. i totally agree.. shoes go SO fast in this house, we lose them, and they get ruined within a week

    1. Isn’t that funny?! She came running out of school like this. Wonder how long she would have worn them still, if I didn’t take them away? lol

  3. It’s the age. They do become harder on their stuff mostly because they have favourites and wear them over and over until they wear out.

  4. I still get to keep pretty much everything, but less and less things tend to stay in “like new” condition like it was in a baby age 🙁

  5. It is so tough to stay on top of it! It seems like a week after I clean the closet I need to return to it again and they have already outgrown half the stuff. Of course it isn’t a week, but with little kids time flies and it seems like it! Even though my girl is tough on her shoes, I find that the more expensive and comfortable ones have so much life left in them after she has outgrown them. I try to get gender neutral shoes so that her brother can wear them after her. We’ve had great success with Livie and Luca, Bobus, Umi, and Pediped. They are expensive, but I only get one pair per season and they get passed down to the next baby 🙂 Plus they are so comfortable and let the foot develop properly.

    1. Anastasia – your comment brings something to mind. Yesterday I was cleaning out my oldests closet and I found 2 brand new pair of Pediped. She outgrew them before she could wear them once. Ahhh!!
      They’ll be nice and new for the twins, but losing wear like that was upsetting!
      Too many clothes, I need to get in there more often.

  6. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this problem! I was finally able to convince my 4 year old to play “dress up” with her clothes so we could figure out which ones need to go because they’re too small!

    1. Good idea Kat, it’s always frustrating to get them to try on a lot of clothes. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Exactly the same – between my two older daughters by the time #1 is done with an article of clothing it’s so stretched and worn that #2 doesn’t want it anymore..and #4 is too young to wait for either sisters everyone has to get new clothes..

    1. Can I also admit that after passing them down and down I MYSELF don’t like looking at them anymore?! Ha!

  8. I remember when my daughter was small. She played in her shoes and they didn’t last as long as I would have like. I imagine with 3 girls, it can get quite expensive to cloth 3 growing and active children.

  9. funny how kids wear things out and then when you try to replace them they dont’ want to throw them away, cute

  10. My daughter LOVES her princess sparkle shoes too 🙂 She has a black pair and 2 pink pairs and they all look similar to Isabelle’s. Maybe it’s a princess thing.

  11. It is funny, when my daughter was younger she hated wearing “worn in” shoes, she always wanted them to look new and super clean, now as a teenager, she likes the worn in, frayed look !

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