Perfect Home for Chaos #housie

On our last house-hunt, about 8 years ago, we walked through dozens of contenders. In each home there’d be certain aspects I’d like, along with some things which I didn’t care for. I wasn’t entirely picky, yet having been a home-owner already – I knew exactly what would work for us and what wouldn’t. 

Our chosen house was to be our home, and I had really hoped to find one that was perfect for us.

The winner was the home where the first impression blew me away. The entranceway had beautiful ceiling archways and two lit decorative wall niches, one at the top of the stairs and another larger one just above the front door closet. The incredible aesthetically-pleasing details made that first impression – a lasting one.

Then, we discovered that one room downstairs is completely sound-proof as the previous owner was an at-home music teacher. So perfect for the toyroom, don’t you agree? This space begged to be a teens bedroom one day. What blasting music?

This particular house – the layout and size, the ample yard- I knew it had to be ours. So, we put in an offer and crossed our fingers.

The day that we found out that our offer was accepted, was one which I’ll never forget. I was in a parent-tot swimming class with my oldest {which was at that time, our only}. My husband was in the spectator area, watching the class and our daughter as she tried to blow bubbles in the water.

I must have glanced up at him a thousand times hoping for good news. Then, just before class ended, I looked up to see him squint at his phone, and put it to his ear. It only took seconds for his eyes to meet mine. The biggest grin spread across his face, followed by a thumbs-up with the other hand.

‘Ahhhh’, I literally screamed – getting the attention of all the parents and tots in the pool, along with the swim coach. I quickly apologized for the shout out, explaining that we just got news of our new home. They totally understood.

Our current house is perfect for us and our chaos of 5 {including one plus twins}. We love our #Housie, and it’s something to still celebrate to this day. 

TD housie

TD wants you to share your own #Housie video, showcasing what part of your home you love most. To participate, record a short 360° video selfie of your favourite space and share on Twitter or Instagram using the #housie hashtag. 

If you need some help with your video, there is a handy #housie how-to! Don’t forget to check out all the celebratory #housie videos collected at TD #Housie, including yours!

Now, since I’ve talked so much about my favourite space in the home, here’s my own #housie video. Click over and watch one first impression that made a lasting impression, and one aspect that makes our house – our home, perfect for chaos.


This video and post is sponsored by TD, though my opinions and thoughts as always are my own.




  1. When we started looking for a house I knew what I wanted. I had the same reaction as you. When I first came in the door was was blown away by the room! I think the area where you live the most should look the best since you will be in that room most often. That’t why the blown away feeling is what I go for each time.

  2. We are currently searching for a new home and I hope to find that same awesome “this is home” feeling you did! Crossing fingers!

  3. I would love to be a homeowner, but sadly, we are not able to do that yet. Crossing fingers it will happen soon. Maybe then I can make a Housie video.

  4. Its such a rush of emotions journey for sure. We bought our first home 5 years ago and after searching for what seemed forever the second I walked into it, it was home.

  5. You literally did a 360. I would love a sound proof room like that when the boys are teenagers. As small children now, could be kinda scary not knowing what is going on in there, but there’s always baby monitors to help with that. Very neat!!

    1. Ha! Yes, I did! We have a doors open rule in the house, with the exception of the bathroom and when they need quiet time away from each other. So, it’s not completely soundproof, but instead much quieter than if they were in any other room in the house. 😉

  6. We currently rent but hope to purchase a home in the future. I loved watching the #Housie videos though! Such a fun way to celebrate!

  7. I’m in my third house and my husband built (erm, is still building it?) it himself. It is magic when you find that dream house..

  8. We still have not found our perfect house yet, but the search continues.We will find it eventually. #housie

  9. Sounds like you guys found an amazing house. I knew when we saw ours that it was perfect for us too – love the Housie video idea 🙂

  10. We went through so many homes our real estate agent dropped us. The very next house we looked at, after he let us go, we bought. I still feel bad about it, lol. We saw him at my then-teen’s basketball game. My son was playing his grandson’s team. He motioned us over, and then clearly remembered who we were and got instantly cold, lolol. Oh my. It was def. not intentional, we thought he was great! Settling though, wasn’t an option. gotta be happy in your house. 🙂

  11. My house is full of so much charm. It fits our personalities, and I love telling people its history. As is true with most historic homes, it lacks some of the space more modern homes have.

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