Pediped Flex

You may have noticed that I posted this Review yesterday, and pulled it down after a couple of hours. Only because I got the approval to add a giveaway too! See, good thing I did! 🙂

Pediped is a fabulous shoe company that caters to little feet for babies to toddlers. Started by a Husband and Wife in 2005, they first wanted a soft-soled shoe for their daughter. Their quality and styles proved to be exceptional, as it quickly grew into a favorite choice for footwear. The Flex design soon joined the Originals, and now Pediped features over 80 chic designs. The new Spring and Summer line is sure to please, definately some of my all-time favories with Pediped.

I had heard a lot of buzz over the Pediped shoe for some time now, so when I got the chance to review a shoe from their collection, I was ecstatic. I chose the ‘Giselle Fuchsia Flex’. This Mary Jane type shoe is a vibrant Fuchsia pink color with multi-colored dots on it, I liked the shoe for being soft and adorable but also a bit sassy. A colorful spring shoe that can be paired with jeans or a dress. I love a shoe that can suit many occasions, and this is one such shoe. The Giselle also comes in a brown with dots, a favorite with so many celebrities. In fact Milla Jovovich and Marcia cross’s kids are constantly seen wearing Pediped shoes.

The Pediped Flex shoe is unique in that the design allows for the natural bending of the foot. Specifically made for the running and jumping that kids do, the flex shoe will never hinder the activity of a child. The sole has a ‘flex zone’ allows the shoe to be bend and twisted without discomfort. I love that there is a very large opening to get a tiny foot in there, and the strong Velcro closure keeps it on.

There are also shock absorbing cushions on each heel protect the foot from impact and pressure.
I also love that the flex shoe comes with an additional insole, which allows for more use out of the shoe. Making it fit better when they are a little too big, and removing the second insole as they grow. Getting the most bang for the buck, this feature is A+ in my opinion.

I am more than impressed with the Pediped shoe. It definitely met my expectations for a quality shoe. Remarkable design, and exceptional care taken for safety and comfort. The Flex shoe comes in 45 fabulous styles for both girls and boys, in such a variety of designs and colors.

Pediped can be purchased off the website or locate a store near you.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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