Pay it Forward this Holiday Season with Tim Hortons

pay it forward tim hortons warmwishes

Have you noticed the new festive holiday to-go cups at Tim Hortons restaurant? More than just a warm and fuzzy cup to get you in the holiday spirit, these cups are also adorned with the hashtag #WarmWishes.

This festive cup and message is part of a new social media campaign that encourages Canadians to do good for others this holiday season.

Each time someone shares a good deed using the #WarmWishes hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, Tim Hortons will pay-it-forward and donate a toque to a child in need through the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. Tim Hortons’ goal is to provide to 10,000 children with a warm and cozy toque this holiday season.

You might see me sharing the news of this hashtag and initiative on my own social media channels, yet I’m also paying-it-forward behind the scenes as well.

Before school one chilly cold Alberta morning, the kids and I stopped to get some Tim Hortons coffee and muffins for the teachers and staff at my girls school.

tim hortons warmwishes 

Like good holiday helpers, we snuck into the staff room and laid out the goodies before the bell rang. Hope they were surprised by our anonymous gift – I don’t think any of them read my blog, yet if they do, I guess we’re busted coming down the chimney.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to buy people things to do a good deed this holiday season, it could be as simple as holding a door open for someone or shovelling their sidewalk.

It’s truly the little gifts from the heart that matter, even if it’s buying a coffee for the person behind you in a Tims line. Every bit helps, every act of kindness counts and each warm wish goes noticed by someone.

Lets help Tim Hortons reach their donation goal! Share your #WarmWishes on Twitter and Instagram and start a huge pay-it-forward avalanche this holiday season! 


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of the Timfluencer program. As always, opinions are my own.



  1. I share #warmwishes during the holiday for baking treats and making up tins for some seniors we know that don’t have any family.

  2. Doing good deeds often, letting people with less groceries in front of you in line. Donating clothes to charities and so on.

  3. donating to a good cause, helping your elderly neighbors, paying for someones meal or drink #warmwishes

  4. Donate any warm clothing that may be not needed our you or your children have out grown, I work at a school and it is so sad to see how many kids come to school unprepared for the weather 🙁

    1. missed part of my comment

      #warmwishes surprise your neighbor by shoveling their walk

  5. My husband and I were driving and noticed a women pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire. We pulled over and put her spare tire on for her! She was so thankful. #WarmWishes

  6. Getting packages together for the homeless shelters and helping out with the food bank & Elves club #warmwishes

  7. We donate to the food bank, both non perishable food and cash donation. It’s a busy time of year for them.

  8. #warmwishes By being friendly, and even just giving a stranger a smile and a good morning.

  9. Donating new unwrapped gifts, food items, and gently used winter items. Donating your time if you can.

  10. donating to the less fortunate, shoveling the elder’s sidewalk and there is a lot of communities looking for volunteers

  11. Raise money for my sons school, donate to Salvation army and help out my neighbors by shoveling their sidewalk!

  12. We donate boxes of toys etc to a local children’s charity every year at this time!

  13. Donating coats and blankets to local shelters and handing them out to the less fortunate 🙂 #warmwishes

  14. we host an event that sends baked goods and treats to anyone who may be alone at Christmas,low income families etc! It’s a nice warm feeling ❤️

  15. Every year we donate blankets and coats to give out to the homeless, we also buy Wendys and Mickey D to hand out to the kids on the street along with a pair of mitts and a hat

  16. i regularly make an extra plate at dinner and bring it to an elderly neighbor. his wife passed a few years ago, and he doesn’t know how to cook:(

  17. Go through all your unwanted household items, clothing, etc & donate to an organization like the women’s shelter or other non-profit. Give food & diapers to the food-bank– food banks need more than just boring pasta & soups, try giving more interesting items as a #WarmWishes treat!

  18. You can easily share #warmwishes this year by cleaning out your closets and storage areas of warm clothing and donating it to an organization that directly clothes those in need.

  19. #warm wishes every year…all year I keep an eye out for great clearance and sale items (toys, warm clothes) I go to sears and look for one or two kids to ‘adopt’ off their sharing tree it feels really good to know you made someone Christmas fun

  20. Paying it forward at the Tim Horton’s line up. Making somebody’s day makes my day!

  21. Donating toys;household items and clothing are a few ways we send #warmwishes

  22. today at Hmv a little girls didnt have enough money for the christmas movie she wanted to I used the 10 gift card I had so she could get it.

  23. I try to do at least one good deed per day sometimes it is for someone I know but most times it is for strangers. Like some I hope that the person receiving the gesture will pass it forward.

  24. Donate to a foodbank, sponsor a person from an Angel tree, surprise your mailman, garbage truck driver or someone else that “services” you with a small gift!

  25. I share #warmwishes by visiting the nursing home in town. I sometimes take treats but what they really want is time to just sit and chat.

  26. I am donating to 3 children in need in my town this winter and have a bag done to up to put in the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline red box

  27. Donating clothes and food to local donation banks as well as helping out various charities.

  28. Giving small gifts to my coworkers in the days leading up to the holidays is a great way to share #warmwishes

  29. Making to drop food off at the food bank, and paying it forward- buying someone coffee or tea!

  30. I share #warmwishes during the holiday season by donating canned goods to our local foodbank and clothes to diabetes foundation

  31. I love the coat program we have in town so we always donate to that and of course the food bank and the toy drives #warmwishes

  32. Donate time or a gift to a charity or family that deserves it ! It will make you feel good ! #Warmwishes

  33. It can be something as simple as stopping to let a car turn or pull out in front of you in busy traffic. The other day we stopped to help an elderly man navigate his way down a section of unshoveled sidewalk while using his walker and walking his dog!

  34. When shopping, add a toy to your order and drop in toys for tots bin. Pay for the person behind you, adopt a family for Christmas. The simplest thing though, smile while out. Every one is so crabby this time of year 🙂

  35. Share #warmwishes by donating to our food bank and snow blowing and shoveling my elderly neighbour’s walk and driveway after it snows!

  36. While visiting my mom at the retirement home, I take the time to greet and chat with the other residents. They love company!

  37. love this post Tammi; What a good thing to do and so wonderful for the kids to learn about giving and helping others. You are a fantastic Mom

  38. The best way to share warm wishes is to make someone in need a healthy, homemade meal.

  39. I will share #warmwishes by surprising my coworkers when they’re having a rough day.

  40. An easy way is to bring cupcakes for coworkers. Cupcakes always put a smile on someone’s face.

  41. I am a Girl Scout troop leader and we are going to be sharing warm wishes by doing homemade cards and crafts fot the senior center.

  42. Share #warmwishes by helping people, whether it be your neighbor putting up Christmas lights, or a complete stranger who needs help carrying their groceries to their car.

  43. This is awesome! Go Tim Hortons! I’ll be working outdoors all winter, would love to surprise my co-workers with hot coffee and treats one snowy morning! Sounds like #warmwishes to me 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Building Backpacks for the Homeless (we also Include Tims cards! Hats, Mitts Socks and Snacks and hygiene supplies. #warmwishes

  45. To make sure everyone is with someone……sharing yourself to make sure no one is alone through Christmas

  46. when I shovel snow, I always do the neighbours sidewalk too if I’m out first. #warmwishes

  47. An easy way to can share #warmwishes this holiday season is to pick up the tab for someone at Tim Hortons – it’s always a unexpected surprise and is sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face!

  48. Doing those small good deeds, that you don’t think important, but they say thank you anyhow, usually with a smile 🙂 #warmwishes

  49. Sorting through your clothing and donating items you have not worn in a while to a local charity organization. Also, bringing baked goods to neighbours and tipping a bit more at restaurants etc. is a nice way to spread #warmwishes.

  50. I always buy extra coffees for work crews and people standing outside asking for change. I love baking and sharing the goodies that I make. I am all for random acts of kindness!

  51. We share warm wishes by sharing our holiday baking and shoveling the walk of some of the elderly residents in our area.

  52. Holding the door open for the stroller pushing people and and anyone else who would appreciate it.

  53. We can share the #warmwishes by donating to local shelters. They deffinitely go through more supplies in the winter!! Also by inviting friends and family over for dinners. If you all pitch in a little – dinner would cost everyone a little less AND you get to spend time with the people in your life who you might not see as often as you’d like. But sharing #warmwishes can also be as simple as asking s stranger how their day was and actually listening 🙂

  54. I share warm wishes by donating to the food bank and leaving an unwrapped gift under the tree at work. The gifts are picked up by the Salvation Army.

  55. We send out Christmas cards, helping to spread some cheer. This year, we will be giving #warmwishes to my daughter’s daycare providers by getting them Tim’s gift cards.

  56. help your local food bank or shelter to provide warm meals and clothing to people who need it #warmwishes

  57. An easy way to share at christmas is to have a potluck. everyone brings a little something. #warmwishes

  58. we donate to food bank and pick a child on the giving tree in our community

  59. Sharing #warmwishes by buying my city bus driver a coffee at the start of our run (he picks us up near a Tim’s) to show I appreciate their early morning work, rain or snow, getting me to work on time!

  60. An easy way I can share #warmwishes this holiday season is by helping out the food bank.

  61. I make donations to the school for a sponsored family in need in our community and I take children’s tags off of the local giving trees and buy gifts for children in need #warmwishes

  62. I spent the afternoon baking and assortment of cookies and muffins and ill be dropping them off at some of my fave local small businesses, for the shop owners who are so dedicated!

  63. We donate any older hats, boots, coats, mitts or jackets that are being replaced this season & we always buy bulk packages of socks for our church to hand out with sandwiches to the homeless.

  64. My daughter makes sock puppets and sells them to raise money to send kids in Benin, Africa to school! So far she has raised enough money to buy 250 uniforms and enable those children to get an education! #warmwishes

  65. Everyone loves my fudge. I try to make enough to share with all my friends. #warmwishes

  66. #warmwishes this holiday season by stopping by shovelling the driveway for a neighbour and bringing them a hot coffee at the same time

  67. Donating my time to a good cause. And when the snow hits, get out there and help your neighbours

  68. Volunteering and donating to various charities that support children at Christmas time are positive ways for my family to ‘pay it forward’.

  69. A simple thing that I like to do is to hand my grocery cart to someone getting ready to pick one up.

  70. #WarmWishes, what a fabulous idea! I am taking my gift cards that I received during the year and buying toys to give in the local Toy Drive for Christmas.

  71. It feels so good and warms the heart to donate a new toy to a child in need or to donate food to the food bank. #warmwishes 🙂

  72. I can share #warmwishes by briging food to the food bank and donating to the toy drive!

  73. helping elderly clean and shop,pushing out stuck cars, shoveling neibors driveway

  74. The is a gentleman in a wheelchair who sits outside our local Tim hortans and he doesn’t ask for money but he does have a hat on hi lap, but to every person that walk buy him he wish es them a good day.. My hubby and I now make it a habit to give him our change every time we walk by him just to see him smile

  75. You can pay it forward at your local Tim Hortons by paying for the next persons order.

  76. We adopt a family to give Christmas to every year ..this year my friends husband lost his job ..we are helping them out

  77. Warm up your friends by treating them with a Tim Horton’s Coffee and share the Christmas cheer!

  78. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a $25 Tim Hortons gift card.
    In response to your question of What is an easy way you can share #warmwishes this holiday season?
    An easy way to share #warmwishes this holiday season
    is donating coats and gloves to those who need them.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  79. I’m going to knit some scarves & hats to donate to those who need more warm clothing this winter. #warmwishes

  80. You can share #warmwishes by being patient and friendly when you’re out shopping. Let someone go ahead of you in line, or hold the door for someone coming behind you (which you really ought to do anyway).

  81. I enjoy hot chocolate and cookies with my girls after a cold walk home. #warmwishes. Love being a mom!!

  82. I give generously to charity and spend time with the elderly who are lonely for someone to talk to them.

  83. We are helping a family at work with the salvation Army for Christmas. This year we have a single mother with 6 children. We are going to make these Children have a very nice Christmas. #warmwishes

    I work for a fare size company and this year we are having a competition between department witch department will donate the most to the food bank. We did that a couple years ago and let me tell you we get pretty competitive…#warmwishes

    We also started last month having 50/50 for our local Ronald McDonald house. This we will do every month. #warmwishes

  84. #warmwishes doing small acts of kindness everyday, opening doors for others, donating gently used warm clothing to shelters, cooking a meal for a neighbor, inviting a single friend over for dinner and company

  85. Donating to the food bank to ensure that those in need have a full belly for the Holidays! #warmwishes

  86. I participated in a local “pay it forward” by giving away a new nursing cover and nursing pillow to a new mom in need.

  87. I share #warmwishes by going downtown with my family and having my kids give out $5 Tims cards to the homeless. It’s a great experience for my kids and they get to bless someone with a little warmth during the holidays.

  88. I do pay it forward giveaways on Twitter to spread happy days & celebrate my good fortune & the great support I get from the twitter community

  89. I love bringing friends and family coffee, hot chocolates and lots of donuts, muffins and timbits. Puts a smile on everyone’s face, every time. #WarmWishes. 🙂

  90. As my children were growing up we started a paper chain during December each year. The goal was to see how many links we could get. Each link was obtained by doing something nice for someone else. We would bake cookies for homeless shelters, blankets for the women’s shelter, shovel a driveway, even complimenting someone. That last one always brings a smile. One year the children had the paper chain wrap twice around our living room. Offer to take someone’s dog for a walk if they’re not well, take they’re garbage to the curb, bring the bins back up, the possibilities are endless.

  91. Spread #warmwishes by paying it forward and giving to those that need it more than you

  92. Giving to charities like Toy Mountain or The Mission both great charities here in Ottawa!

  93. I like to share #WarmWishes during the holidays by baking goodies for everyone and making homemade fudge. I like to buy people a coffee when we go to Timmies.

  94. I share #warmwishes by doing up baskets to donate to salvation army at christmas time,Are family also adopts a family every year to pay it forward

  95. Making sure to donate time and money to worthwhile charities this time of year. Whether it’s food for homeless, or youth, or the local humane society, or toys for tots. Love the #WarmWishes program!

  96. I have my kids go through the toys they don’t play with anymore and we donate them. I also take them to buy a new toy to donate as well.

  97. We donate hats and mittens to the headstart toy drive every year as they try to give each child a hat and mittens

  98. By paying it forward! our area had a PIF that went viral! drained my phone battery everytime i charged it from all the notifications! I payed it forward with a giveaway of my own. 4 pieces of jewelry for 4 people! I chose a 5th from all the nice comments she wrote and did a special one for her. When i dropped the gifts off, I was so happy i did this, because it was obvious that each and every person benefited from it and helped them for Christmas. Best Feeling Ever!!!!

  99. I love paying for the person behind me in line at the drive through. Doesnt matter which one. We also give to the food bank and toy drives.

  100. Buy some food for the food bank. So easy when the box is right at the check out when you’re leaving

  101. A quick phone call to an older person who finds it hard to get out and about. You could even offer to do as chore for them.

  102. Smiling at the cashier in the store, especially at this busy time of year when so many are rushed and cranky.

  103. i always take warm coffees downtown with me when i go shopping. just a little bit of a kind gesture to someone in need is enough to change there day.

  104. by contributing to the numerous food bank baskets in various businesses nearby and at work

  105. I share #warmwishes this holiday season by playing it forward and paying for someones coffee behind me in the drive-thur!

  106. We have an annual cookie hookey day – where we bake thousands of cookies. We split the results between us and each of us gives away boxes and bags of cookies to neighbours, friends, and family over the holidays!

  107. Giving away something that you no longer use, donate to those less fortunate, buy someone behind you in line a Timmies, help people out

  108. By helping out people – shoveling their sidewalk or holding the door. And of course donating to food bank and clothing when possible

  109. share #warmwishes by donating clothing to help the less fortunate stay warm. If you are able to also help out in a soup kitchen or something a long the same lines or just smile at some one today…it could make all the difference in the world.

  110. We adopt a family for Christmas, giving them gifts and a grocery order for their Christmas dinner and treats.

  111. If fortunate to be 1 of 5 – my 10 year old son Evan and I would go to Tim Horton’s a hot chocolate for him and a 2 large boxes of Tim Bits would be delivered to Ukranian Society Nursing home – 3 blocks away. Tis the season – making giving a trend every day not just at Christmas.

  112. you can share warm wishes by shovelling your neighbours walkway and taking them out or groceries or coffee if they don’t drive. #warmwishes

  113. There is always a mom & child waiting in the doorways of Tims waiting for a bus where I grab my coffee before work and the other day I bought them the yummy sprinkle xmas donuts/hot chocolate one day as I could see it was not a good day #warmwishes i think any RAK that are genuine can make your own day 🙂

  114. A super easy way you can share #warmwishes is to let the person behind you in line at the register go ahead of you. I especially love letting in frazzled Moms with small ones who clearly would just like to get home asap 🙂

  115. #warmwishes can be shoving snow for your neighbour , donating to a local charity, saying hello & being there for someone in need.

  116. By volunteering at your local soup kitchen, or even something as simple as buying a stranger’s coffee 🙂

  117. I share #warmwishes by helping friends and neighbor during the holidays, driving our elderly neighbors shopping,bring them treats i bake.

  118. We will share #warmeishes this holiday season by helping to clear our elderly neighbours sidewalk of snow!

  119. the best way you can share #warmwishes this holiday season is by finding out what a person wants most and getting it for them.

  120. donating food personal products & toys. i made cookies & bark dor coworkers of my man, friends & others. donate coats & boots to coat drive.

  121. I share #warmwishes by sending Christmas cards, doing random acts of kindness like paying for a stranger’s coffee, bringing my neighbours little treats 🙂

  122. Help someone shovel their drive way, smile and say thank you have a good day, volunteer, be extra supportive and listen-this time of the yr is difficult for those who lost loved ones, there are so many small things we can do

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