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I think most people dream about having a second home in the form of a cottage or recreational property. I know we sure do and it’s something my husband and I have discussed at great lengths!

Yet, this also comes with quite the pricetag, so it’s a dream not achievable for a lot of people.

Is there a middle ground? Can you have your recreational property and not break the bank?

This is where Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities comes in. They are Canada’s leading owner, operator and developer of residential land lease communities, recreational resorts and marinas.

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Parkbridge specializes in ‘land leasing’, meaning that you can “rent” a piece of land in one of Parkbridge’s resorts, but the “home” you put on it is yours. The benefit is that you are able to spend money on home ownership, and not the price tag that often comes with owning the land. This makes it an affordable location to live, getaway and retire.

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Massively growing in popularity since it 1998, they now have about 160 communities/properties all across Canada! Each Parkbridge property is unique, but all Parkbridge residents experience the benefit of strong communities.

Parkbridge’s residential dwellings include custom site-built homes, town homes, factory-built manufactured and modular homes. They also provide modular park model units, RV units and cottages.

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Unlike renting an apartment or buying into the politics of condo living, you get your own home with your own yard and rely on Parkbridge Community Managers to manage the day-to-day needs of the community.

This Summer, my family and I will be visiting a Parkbridge property in Pine Lake, Alberta.

Actually, it’ll be our first time staying in a cottage at all, and we are most excited. We are very much looking forward to our time at the Pine Lake Leisure Club, and getting a better feel of what this company offers.

Stay tuned for many mentions in July and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any specific questions about Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities or our own #glamping adventure. 

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You can find out more about Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities from their site. There you’ll find a full list of rental properties and resorts.

Get the lastest info from Parkbridge on social media!

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities




  1. That sounds like a lot of retirement communities around here. It would be awesome to have one for the whole family stay!

  2. That sounds wonderful. I love the fact the whole family can stay most here are not like that 🙁 unfortunately.

  3. This sounds like a great idea! The pictures are gorgeous! I can see this concept being popular with the Canadian snow birds.

    1. With so many communities, I know it’s popular – and for a reason. Can’t wait to see what Pine Lake has to offer!

  4. Seriously, gorgeous! How fun staying somewhere so close to such beautiful water! I’m jealous!

  5. We recently stayed at a Parkbridge Resort, and I agree that the communities are just as fabulous! So much offered and so much to do.

  6. This is pretty much something like my mother lives in, she lives in a trailer park but there is no R/V’s they are all 60 footers or more and a lot of them are double wide, she owns the trailer and pays rent on the land, and she just loves it there

  7. What an interesting idea. I love the idea of having a home in such a beautiful setting without having to pay through the nose.

  8. I hadn’t heard of this for vacation homes. It’s an interesting idea. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say about your stay at the Pine Lake Leisure Club.

  9. I would LOVE to have a vacation home! My husband and I have talked about that a lot too.

  10. We live close to Pine Lake but have never been there. You will have to post pictures on Instagram for us.
    I like this retirement idea except the size of the yards are too small for my pups. Even if they have a off leash area (which most don’t) the yards look tiny.
    Have fun at Pine!!

  11. This looks like a great place to stay! I love being by the water.

  12. That is really neat. I would love to find something like that in the areas that I want to visit. Canada being one of them

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