Parents of Athletes – Your Child could be on TEAM UA NEXT

“You throw ball and catch it. I throw people and catch them”.

This was the response from my daughter a few years back when she was being teased for being a competitive cheerleader. There has been countless instances when I’ve been proud of my kids and their athletic dedication, and this is just one. Her snarky comment wasn’t meant to offend or be self-righteous, yet illustrate that perhaps a closer look at what she does is in order.

Canadian Cheerleaders

For those that don’t already know, all three of my daughters are in competitive cheerleading, and they truly love the sport {which is now being considered for inclusion as an Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020}.

On any given day of practice – cheerleaders run, condition to build muscle, and stretch for flexibility. Cheerleading is a blend of dance, tumbling and stunting all in one – and what these athletes can do, sometimes stuns me. I am so proud.


Not to mention their own dedication and ability, Cheerleading is a team sport. Not just in it for themselves, each teammate depends on on another. They must give and receive trust, praise and commitment from each other. In addition to being athletically strenuous, a cheer routine is also a performance sport – every part of each body on that team, and the entire flow in general, – is judged.

I think my own athletes deserve all the recognition in the world for what they endure, strive for, and dedicate themselves to when it comes to their chosen sport, Competitive Cheerleading.

Truth is, my story isn’t unlike countless others. Any parent of an athlete will feel the same. We don’t just watch in amazement and anticipation, we support in so many countless ways – and want them to shine.


Nominate your Young Athlete as Ambassadors for Team UA NEXT with Under Armour and Sport Chek

Who will be the next young face of Under Armour?

This summer, Under Armour is looking for young Canadian athletes aged 7-12 to join 2018 Team UA NEXT with Sport Chek. Your child could join the elite roster of hard-working athletes to serve as Canadian youth ambassadors for the brand. In addition to being featured in the brand campaign, winners will also receive exclusive access to Under Armour gear.

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team us next under armour


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.



  1. Cheerleading is not being enough credit. These girls/guys have to be fit and the dedication to practicing is immense. It is a very demanding SPORT!!!

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