Parenting Moments When You Realize …


Parenting is never easy and I’m certainly not one to paint a motherhood sky of lollipops and rainbows. No day is ever done without some degree of frustration.

Case and point, my Isabelle and I stayed up late one night to make Trash {refer to post if you are confused}. We were having a great time ‘baking’ and packaging the goodies for family and friends. Our time was going wonderfully, we were chatting and laughing. It was very nice.

Then, while bagging up the mixture my daughter says,
Mom, we shouldn’t give this stuff to people we know“.

I sighed and dropped what I was doing, not wanting to ruin the moment with a lecture about generosity and giving to others, especially at Christmas. I knew the stuff was delicious, but did she really expect us to keep and eat it all!?

Yet before I could speak she finished her sentence…

We should give it all to people we don’t know. ‘Cause what if they don’t have people like us in their lives, to give them holiday treats?

BOOM! Not what I was expecting, but her words made me choke back a ton of tears.

Parenting is never easy, but don’t you love those moments that make you think – Holy Crap, I may actually be better at this than I thought!

{and yes, I captured this memory with a photo, that parenting task I do know for sure}

sitting on a table




  1. I love those moments…You deserved it! You may have bouts of frustration in each day {don’t we all} but it’s not difficult to see the dedication and intention with which you parent.

    And what a sweet young girl you are raising to be so thoughtful and considerate of others!

  2. Aw, that’s precious! What a sweet moment!! It’s moments like that when we realize that some of that hard work we’re doing, instilling GOOD stuff, is actually working! 🙂 Awesome!

  3. She is growing up to be a very sweet little lady. Kudos to mommy 🙂 You must be doing something good mixed up with everything else. That also teach us not to react to fast to one of their comments.

    1. I’d like to think I’m helping, but she is just such a naturally kind-hearted girl. I’m very proud of her!

  4. The hard work we put into raising the kids pays off during moments like these! What a sweet girl, nothing like a comment such as that to make a mommy proud!

  5. I love when moments happen like this. This is what builds those every lasting memories.

  6. My girls only like to bake not eat it. I end up eat way too many cookies this time of year.

  7. What a fab post! A great reminder that, despite the daily power struggles and other “noise”, they do hear us. Thanks for sharing, Tammi!

    1. That is true, Lisa – but often forgotten.
      I think sometimes you also have to really listen. In the daily grind, I think lost gets jumbled…

  8. Awww such a sweet moment to cherish – and great photo. You’re a wonderful mother!

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