One for the Fridge


When picking up my daughter from school one day, I noticed that the bulletin board outside the classroom had some new creations.

Clever idea actually, a project called, ‘My Favorite Part About Me’. Each child announced their favorite body part and why they liked it best. There were so many adorable answers like, “My Arms: to hold my new baby brother”, “My Nose: Without it I couldn’t smell Mom’s dinners”, “My Neck: It holds my head on” etc, etc.

But then there was this particular one, from a boy that claimed his favorite part was his hands.

Read why…

Text, letter


Gotta love this kids honesty at 8 years old! I bet this is one piece of artwork that’s going on the fridge!






  1. Haha, that’s pretty funny. Probably innocent enough though (I hope). We have locks on all the doors upstairs in our house and my girls have been known to ‘pick the locks’ with bobby pins and barrettes instead of asking me to unlock them. lol

    1. Smart kids! I’m the one trying everything to get them out of locked rooms. You’d think they’d learn!!

    1. It’s a good project right? I liked reading through them.
      And yes, it could come in handy one day!!

  2. Oh my! Why on earth would an 8 year old be picking locks? Hopefully, by the time he’s a teen there will be a better use for those hands. LOL

    1. I’m a Mom of girls, I have no idea sometimes!! Boys seem to be a whole different ball game to me!

  3. Hahaha! Get the feeling this one has a little sister at home. Iโ€™d love to see the kidโ€™s parentsโ€™ faces when they get this one back. Can you say blackmail material for the future? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Anyones reaction for that matter, I would have love to have a camera set up there for people reading it!

  4. I wonder if this art work is going to come up at parent – teacher meetings. My face would be all kinds of red if my son wrote something like that on a school art project.

    1. Wonder if something like this would be a cause for concern… meh, I laughed. But then, it’s not my little lock-picker!! lol

  5. Ha! That is hilarious. Kids are wonderful. I have to wonder though if that will be presented into evidence at a future date?

    1. funny right? Hair: so I can brush it. <~ that was another. Feet: so I can wear socks ... they were all really cute. Ahh, such little precious minds, love kids' way of thinking!

  6. From the mouths of babes… Once my Mom cleaned her fridge door and a few minutes later she went into the kitchen and found a red smudge on the door. She asked my 5 year old niece, who had just been eating salsa, where the mark on her clean fridge came from. Straight-faced, my niece said to her “You must have missed a spot”! Sassy kids! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. LOL that’s hilarious! When we went to my son’s school in his JK class they had a list of things that they liked, and the list was normal things like: reading, playing cars, playing with my friends, my mom, etc….then at the bottom it said “I like to race”. I said geez that sounds like my kid. The teacher laughed and said they asked each student what 1 thing they liked, and mine said Ito race!!! and then ran around the room LOL

  8. He probably will beg the teacher not to send that one home ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonder what lock he is picking? Ha!

  9. I love this…..will be great to share with my kids when they are tween and teens as a reminder of how wonderful they are…at a time when self image us an issue with girls.

  10. Haha! You’ve got to love the things that kids come up with ๐Ÿ™‚ My three keep me laughing all the time!

  11. Lol sounds like a mischief maker! I hope he only means the child-proof locks or those round doorknobs that get stuck.

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