Pampers wants real parenting advice from Canadians

Looking back on the last 5 years of parenting, there are somethings that I wished I had been told. For instance, the ‘terrible twos’ weren’t terrible at all for me. My daughter was a peach in her Twos, so I thought I was smooth sailing. Yet, to my surprise, the difficulty started at age 3 for me, and continues until now. I think it’s the independence and testing of boundaries at this age. The tantrums most apparent in the 4’s versus the Twos. Yet, why isn’t that written anywhere? I wasn’t prepared for that!

Together with Mom Central, Pampers presents ‘A Parent is Born’. They want to create a Tips Sheet for new and expecting Canadian parents, the real nitty-gritty advice that is often not shared. You can submit your best tips and advice, and the best ones will be published in the Pampers Online Tips Sheet for new parents.

Mom Central will judge the entries and choose the top 25 tips. Each of these 25 parents will receive a $20 gift card, and one grand prize winner will receive $500.

Enter your tips here:
and have them in by December 8th.
{Full contest details can be found there as well}

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