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When my husband and I decided to start growing our family of two, I immediately dove into all the advice and knowledge I could get my hands on. Seriously. I quite literally jumped in the car and drove to the library for a stack of books on getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, caring for babies, handling toddlers, outsmarting teenagers, the after years, … and then one on how to crochet. Obviously. 

At that time and like most couples that come to this decision – I was so eager to be expecting. As in, right now. now.

Sound familiar?

Since technology wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is today, I used a relatively archaic method of calculating ovulation. As in, I used a spare Calendar and jotted notes {when I remembered}, with fingers crossed that the parenting book I had borrowed from the library knew what they were talking about {printed in 1994, first published in 1960-something}.

Thankfully it took only a couple of months before I was pregnant with my oldest, and it’s probably a good thing since I’m not sure our library could help at all with any next helping steps beyond that. 

Then after a few years with our adorable family of three, we once again decided that we wanted our family upgraded to a four – so I used the same method of trying to predict ovulation as I did the first time. Within two months I happy to be pregnant with both four AND five. Can you imagine my collection of books after that appointment? Yeah …. 

Anyway, while I’ve never claimed to be an expert at anything {self-proclaimed makes it laughably false, by the way}, I have given the advise of ovulation prediction to those that are trying to become pregnant. After all, I had success {x2  … or is that x3?}.

Tracking ovulation is a great first step in getting those double lines you’ve been wanting to see. 

OvulationCalendar.com is a fantastic free resource for those wanting to calculate peak fertility – and more. This tool outshines my paper and pen method any day since it not only is a fertility predictor but though your logs and notes – can track your cycle, and also give insight into your health. 

fertility-calculator-ovulation predictor review

Ovulation Calendar’s main goal is to  will also give a period prediction, display your fertile window, and even give dates for increased chances for boy or girl. 

To get the most out of OvulationCalendar.com – log your data everyday since the more that you log, the stronger the predictions. In other words, it makes predictions based on YOU and YOUR information, and we all know each person is different!

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Logging your information into your own dashboard is easy, much of which is a simple yes or no answer or an easy drop-down answer. My tip is to not guess the answers if you aren’t sure and to also check in and log daily so that as much information as possible is being recorded and analyzed.

So many things like diet, exercise, sleep, body temperature {etc} effects fertility and ovulation. We all know this to be true. This is where OvulationCalendar.com rocks, since they collect all this information from you, and more.

 ovultion calander fertility predictor

If it sounds tedious to go onto the site and log daily, just wait until you are expecting – you’ll be eager to jump in and start predicting. For those that are already trying to conceive – I see your nods of approval.

Since I’m all about giving helpful tips, my suggestion for those that might be making that ‘lets do this’ decision soon – start using OvulationCalendar.com right now. If you need help at any time, you can ask one of their fertility and pregnancy experts. 

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Since this OvulationCalendar.com is a free tool that gives everyone their own dashboard upon registration –  share the news about OvulationCalendar.com with someone you know who needs that helping and encouraging hand as they start this journey. 

OvulationCalendar.com will help you know when you are most fertile so you can conceive faster.

… Then, you can happily move onto the ‘decorating the nursery’ books. 


What is your trying to conceive story?



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  1. This is so much better than what I did. Before I got up I would take my temperature and record it on a calendar and then put that on a graph. Thankfully I only had to do that for a couple of months! You were wise to get lots of different books at the library. I only picked up ones about being pregnant, thinking that I knew what I needed to know about babies. Silly me.

  2. It took me quite awhile to get pregnant with my first after I quit birth control. This would have been handy back in 2006! It is also a great way to naturally plan your family!

  3. How did we ever do anything without an app? I mean, seriously! There’s an app for everything – and they’re usually pretty useful.

  4. I used something like this when we were trying to have kids. I Loved it. It works well. Thank you sharing!

  5. I was just like you! I lived to record EVERYTHING! Very romantic eh?? I too was lucky. With the third it took me longer and I could have really used this to settle my nerves!

  6. I got pregnant relatively easy with my first. For my second and third children I belonged to online moms groups and we shared so much info and links to websites that did similar calculations for ovulation. I love that technology has brought this even to your smart phone for those who are planning their family!

  7. Before we tried to have kids I did a lot of reading and research. I was worried that we would have trouble having a baby so I wanted to be prepared. However our TTC story all 3 times was “Lets have a Bab… Ok we are already pregnant”.
    I wish I could spread my baby dust to some friends who are having trouble achieving the same results, but a program like this might be a good start.

  8. I’m going to go and check this out.
    I laughed at your learning to crochet, because it’s such a natural step in the process.

  9. I’m done having kids lol, but this is great and I will definitely share with my friends who are still growing their families!

  10. That is a very convenient tool to have for calculating ovulation. I had to count it out on the calendar when I was trying to get pregnant, and then I would use the ovulation test kits, but they are expensive. Life is so busy that it would have been a lot easier if I had the Ovulation Calculator back then!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful app. So much more convenient than pen and paper. Was tracking ovulation with second child and it seemed to take forever to see results. This app seems to have it down pat.

  12. I am not able to have anymore kids because my husband is fixed. I would have loved this though for my second child!

  13. It’s so amazing how modern technology has improved the probability and tracking of fertility and conception. I know many anxious moms to be who would love this app.

  14. We lost our honeymoon baby at 10 weeks. I caught Influenza A the day after we got married, and almost died; my baby didn’t stand a chance, and it’s a miracle it lived as long as it did. Our second baby died at 7 weeks, and I didn’t know I was pregnant until I miscarried. They were both too young to know the sex, of course, but we named them Esther and Titus. It helped, somehow.

    Serenity was conceived after I lost 42lbs in five months, and cut all sugar and processed food out of my diet. I was thankful to have a very healthy pregnancy, and she was born on her due date, without complication. We celebrated her third birthday last month! She is my miracle baby, and my rainbow baby, and the light of my life.

    We lost our fourth baby at only 5 weeks, when Serenity was 14 months old. Due to a family crisis that happened the same day, I didn’t tell anyone until more than a year had passed, including my husband. Once I did tell him, we named that baby River.

    So I have four children. Esther, Titus, Serenity, and River. I’ve only held one of them in my arms, but I treasure all of them in my heart, every day.

    We’re still hoping for a fifth child, our second rainbow baby.

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