Outdoor Inspiration for May Long Weekend

With unusually high temperatures for the bulk of this spring season, most days it felt like summer had come with a bang. I mean, 26 degree weather? yes please!

Yet we all knew it was a teaser, and here we are with cooler weather once again to remind us that it still is spring. For many Canadians, Victoria Day {May Long Weekend} is the unofficial start to summer. So get chilly right now if you must, but once that long weekend is here – I’m counting on nice weather again.

In conversations with others, some are kicking off the May long weekend with some camping while others set aside the tie to spring clean. I say to the latter – do that cleaning now {before May long weekend] or just put it off for a rainy day – and get outdoors!

Mark the unofficial start to summer by turning off the T.V., shutting down the computer and enjoy your surroundings. If you don’t camp – simply spend time at the park or your own backyard!

Outdoor Inspiration for May Long Weekend – Hiking!

For those looking for some outdoor inspiration this May long 2016 – Readers Digest has put together an amazing list of the best hiking in Canada. While many of these trails are better suited to adults, Canada is also home to some amazing family friendly hiking spots. Our family loves to walk the trails wherever we may be at the time.

may long weekend hiking

Readers Digest suggests Gold Creek Falls trail in Vancouver, B.C. or Webster Falls trail in Hamilton, Ont. I love that the Fundy Trail made the list, we hiked this trail last summer! Of course lake Louise made the list – it’s simply beautiful there!

Hiking Tips for the Family:

Be sure to pack a lot of snacks, bottles of water and sunscreen to keep everyone happy and energized throughout the day.

If you are not comfortable with the winding car rides that often occur when escaping the city, toss some Gravol™ in your bag for the trip. Gravol™ Ginger Liquid Gels are easy to swallow, non-drowsy and will help prevent any motion sickness on long car rides – ensuring you are ready to explore!

Victoria Day EN

Don’t be put off by the aches and pains that may accompany you after your hike. It is only natural to be a bit sore after hibernating all winter. Try Rub A535™ Extra Strength to ease those aches and pains.


What are you and your family planning on doing for the May long weekend?


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.


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