Our LeapFrog Playdate

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to host a LeapFrog Play Date for my kids, and their friends. To prepare for the event, invites were sent and my daughter and I shopped for and made a healthy lunch and delicious desserts for our guests.

Not only did LeapFrog supply a variety of toys for the kids to play with and take home, but I also made available all of the LeapFrog toys that we personally own as well. So, with plenty of toys both new and old, there was a ton of LeapFrog products to go around. And that was my goal, because when you plan a play date for kids of all ages and genders – fights just may erupt. Yet, with such a variety of fun and educational toys, the party was a success.

The kids played with all the toys while us parents got to talk about our experiences with LeapFrog products, various learning stages and how to support our kids’ journey in reading and education. Since we all have children of various ages, we were able to discuss infancy all the way to school-age – and how LeapFrog has been apart of our kids lives since the very beginning.

Here is a short video of our LeapFrog Play date:

All the kids and Mom’s that came to my girls’ play date thank LeapFrog so much. They were especially thrilled when they learned that they were each able to take a new toy home {complete with batteries as well!}.
Yes, it was a fun-filled day {a couple of us Mom’s got some great Christmas gifting ideas too!} and the kids had such a blast. I may just have to do awesome themed parties more often!

Thanks to LeapFrog for supplying the toys for our play date and allowing our guests to take the new toys home! I was under no obligation to write about the play date, yet I just wanted to share this amazing opportunity and tell you about a great time that was had by all.

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own




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