Halloween with Twins + 1

Oh, was it ever a long day!!
My last couple of days were so unexpectedly busy, which meant that today was especially crazy. I don’t think I sat down for more than 5 minutes today!
And, of course – it is Halloween!
This year was a little different, as I didn’t decorate the house & yard like I normally do. First of all, the Twins would grab so much of what I have. And also, we weren’t going to be home all day and night – so I didn’t want to ‘fool’ kids into thinking we were home. So, I decided against too much decorating this year, and already have plans for the next
{when the Twins will be older}.

We went to a kids’ Halloween party today, and hours of Trick or Treating. It actually wasn’t too cold at first {I remember Trick or Treating in many feet of snow when I was young…wait, that makes me sound old!}. It was somewhat nice outside, except for a harsh wind that picked up mid-afternoon and made things a lot colder. Then, it started raining and got really windy…and the kids were done. So done!

But, it was so much fun! All the kids were just adorable.
The kids are sleeping snug and warm in their beds….
….and yes, I am blogging with a bowl of candy next to me!

Here’s My Mary and her 2 Little Lambs
on Halloween 2009!

{and I could not for the life of me get a picture
of them together, without the Twins strapped in the stroller!! Grrr}

Thanks again to BuyCostumes.com for the girls’ fabulous costumes!
If you missed it, check out my review of BuyCostumes.com

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!
What did your kids dress up as?



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