Our Fall Family Photos

In September we got Fall Family Photos. Always opting for {the same ‘ol} studio photos year after year, it was so refreshing to take the kids into the beautiful Autumn sunshine for photos. And it was one gorgeous day!

We got photos of each of the kids {alone}, the twins together, all kids together, just hubby and I and then all 5 of us together. I love LOVE each and every photo. April, you did a fantastic job!

posing for a picture

I had mentioned on twitter that we were having our photos done, and many have asked since then how the session went. So, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at one of the moments captured, of my darling daughters. Yet the others are in the vault until I decide which ones to use for holiday photo cards and enlargements for us and the family. What can I say, I like holiday surprises!

When is the last time you had family photos done?



  1. So cute. She did a good job making them look natural. I find this is the hardest part of photo session. Going outside is the way to go for sure.

  2. That photo is gorgeous! I never get professionally done portraits, but now I want to!

  3. Beautiful! We just had some done too, but it was just a mini-session. I’m so glad more and more local photographers are cropping up and taking everyone outside for some amazing natural light.

  4. Great photo! I love the lighting. My (extended) family hasn’t had a family photo taken since 1994 (!!) (professionally). Since then we’ve added one spouse and four kids…and because currently we have five generations living, I think it’s past time. You have beautiful girls!

    1. Same here, excited to replace the ‘family photo’ on the wall from 2005 – it looks dated and only has one kid in it!! lol
      Book that appointment, Michelle – you’ll so so glad you did!

  5. We had our done last September when we were living in Victoria. Went to a beach park and the photographer did an amazing job. It too was a beautiful sunny day after a rainy couple of days. At the end I let the 1 year old play in the mud puddles and the pics are stunning with her splashing around. Some of the best shots of the day. It is the best way to have photos taken, causal and fun. Good job! Hmmmm might need to think about having some done at Christmas outside!

  6. Gorgeous girls. You are in trouble when they are teenagers. We last got family photos done last year. Going to get new ones done when the baby is born.

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