My Organized Home Office; Staples and Air Miles


This last week on Twitter I was chatting about the chaos and my day spent in getting that Organized Home Office. Shredding, sorting, filing, labelling and taming all the madness that settled in my office over the Winter. I did have to make a huge mess in order to clean, but when all was said and done – I was thrilled.

While I still need to find a few additional pieces for storage, my home office is a lot better now than it was before. Having that organized office where {most} everything has a ‘home’, really beings on the productivity. As soon as I was done, I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and a lot less stressed. I was eager to put it all to use, and did get more done the following day.

For those that need anything from school supplies, pens, workbooks to office furniture and more, Staples has it all. Including a great partnership with AIR MILES!


In fact, you can earn AIR MILES on your in-store purchases as well as through the catalogue and online. These rewards can be redeemed for thousands of rewards including travel, entertainment attractions and merchandise.

From March 6 to 10th, you can earn five times the reward miles on purchases of $50 or more. Right now is the perfect time to kick-start your spring cleaning and refresh your home office, before Spring actually arrives and you won’t want to be stuck inside.

A recent survey commissioned by Staples Canada and AIR MILES* reveals that an overwhelming 83% of Canadians agree that a cluttered or disorganized workspace negatively affects levels of productivity. Despite this fact, 26% of Canadians describe their own desk as cluttered.

To help Canadians get organized this Spring, Staples and AIR MILES are working with Interior Designer and Organizational Expert, Lucie Pitt. She has some helpful tips on how you can get your desk organized. With the right tools and some organization, you can turn your workspace from this:
{fyi, I’m so guilty of posts-its on the wall too!}


To this!


Lucie’s Five Simple Solutions to Maximize Your Workspace

1. Clear Out! – Clearing space on your desk will send calming messages to your brain and help you work more efficiently.

  • When faced with heaps of files, start with a desk-top solution like a Martha Stewart Stack + Fit Desk Organizer, found exclusively at Staples. The various components are easy to customize to meet your needs, taking up minimal space because they stack.
  • Your walls can also provide an attractive filing option thanks to the Martha Stewart Large Shagreen Double File Pockets. They keep valuable notes at a stylish arm’s length.
  • Wall-mounted message boards and calendars now come in fun and funky styles, so deadlines and reminders can be front and centre. Wall Pops Message Boards and Calendars are convenient options that cling – no hammer required!

2. From the Desk to the Floor – A floor lamp not only saves space on your desk, but provides a nice homey feel to your office environment with soft lighting. Staples has a variety of floor lamps that still mean business while shedding light on the new, organized you.

3. Get Your Technology in Order – Adding a monitor riser is an easy way to gain extra space and help your body too. Elevating the monitor helps to improve posture while creating a handy little spot to tuck away small items. And consider a sleek charging station for all your gadgets, like theBelken Conserve Valet. It offers multiple docks, so in addition to being fully charged, your gadgets will be neatly organized and easy-to-find.

4.File or Shred. Don’t Pile and Dread – Invest in a small, two drawer filing cabinet on wheels and tuck it away when not in use. And if you don’t need to file something… don’t! Have a shredder on hand to get rid of sensitive documents or use Staples in-store shredding service available in their Copy and Print Centre. During the AIR MILES launch period, half-bin shredding will earn 5 bonus AIR MILES while a full-bin shred will get you 10 bonus AIR MILES.

5. Save Space for Your Personality – “A tidy desk doesn’t have to be devoid of personality,” says Pitt. “The easiest way to bring a bit of yourself to your space is through photographs in clear frames to keep the lines clean.” You can also spruce up your space with funky file folders, available in a variety of patterns and colours.

Staples AIR MILES  Copromotion

WIN IT: To help tidy workspaces across the nation and to celebrate the national Sponsor launch, Staples and AIR MILES are offering you a chance to win a “Clear the Clutter” prize pack. Filled with items to organize your desk including the Stack+Fit line from Martha Stewart, a monitor riser and a smart charging station, plus 100 bonus AIR MILES reward miles, it’s a prize valued at more than $200.

TO ENTER: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good Luck!!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. My desk is nothing but clutter with papers, office supplies, food wrappers and socks.

  2. My craft room table NEEDS this package!! I have stuff” everywhere…. and it’s makes it hard to work on my crafts!!

  3. Well I just packed a lot of my desk clutter away because it was getting out of control. These staples items would make me bring them out again!

  4. My home office workspace is so cluttered, I never even use my desk except to throw more stuff on it. I mainly use my laptop in the living room now πŸ˜›

  5. I don’t have a desk with clutter. I have a pile of clutter with this desk thing beneath it all.

  6. My home office desperately needs to be organized. It takes me WAY too long to find things!

  7. Ohh how I need this badly!! My office is in dire need of some organization and being a single mom of 2 girls money is tight!! This would be aweosme to win !! Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  8. This would be unbelievable to win!! My office is currently the pit of our house filled with all needed but homeless items. lol I would love to not be sitting at my kitchen table editing pictures.

  9. Our office needs to be defined again, we have piles of papers and supplies all over the house. I would love to have one place for everything.

  10. Our home “office” is a corner in our bedroom currently. We are preparing to move for my job, and I have a feeling that having a more organized home office area will be of benefit – there are two of us using the area generally, and I unfortunately am quite unorganized. I admit, I am a Piler… that means that there are stacks of ‘useful’ stuff that the chances of me reviewing it on a regular basis are pretty slim to none. Perhaps this will be the kickstart to change where I can get the Piling under control. Or at least neater and more organized. And an extra $100 to do it? Not too bad.

  11. A lot. While you may have some ‘organized chaos’ I am leaning toward unorganized chaos right now πŸ˜‰

  12. My desk is a mess because my kids use it as well for their assignments and there are papers and clutter everywhere. I could really use some help!!!

  13. My office really needs this. I have boxes and boxes of “important” papers that are just waiting to be sorted, shredded and put where they belong. I need this badly!

  14. Between my school stuff (marking and planning) and the kids’ school stuff – our office needs some serious decluttering – a place for everything and everything in its place….

  15. My husband and I share a desk (it is about 5 ft long) so it can get messy pretty quickly with papers,bills, letters, coupons, pens plus the computer speakers, and modem… Our office is actually located in our livingroom. Would love to be better organized as everything seems to get tossed on the desk (kinda falls under “Oh look a blank space that needs to be covered up”.. lol)

  16. My office needs this SO much because my office is everywhere there is no designated space

  17. This would be awesome! Too much papers all over the place, this would be a organization saver therefore a stress saver.

  18. I basically have things STUFFED into my filing cabinet. One drawer is nicely organised, with files, etc. The others are just randomly jammed in there. So I need some purty things to make me more tidy. And I love the turquoise accessories.

  19. My home office needs a makeover! I want the organization but lack the know how to get it where I want it. Thanks for this post!

  20. I have piles of papers every where. really need this to make a mess nice and neat πŸ™‚

  21. You do not know how desparately I need to organize my work space…it is a DIASTER!!!!! I have both personal and business papers all over the place…no wonder I can never find anything…HELP!!!!

  22. My desk area is full of unorganized papers and I need a better way to keep and store my pens and other accessories to keep the clutter down

  23. Can you come organize my desk?! If only I could attached a picture to show you how much this package could help me! This would be dream so I could organize the stack of papers, the random pens, sticky notes, notepads…OMG it’s such a mess, LOL. :S

  24. My office needs this package because I can’t even tell you what colour my desk is. I have papers piled up on every inch of my desk, yet I keep promising my wife that I will file the papers away this weekend. The sun is out today, so I’m thinking not this weekend for paper filing.

  25. I would love to win this ..i always try to organized my desk but its always come back to a big mess…:((

  26. Wow! Both my 17 yr old daughter and myself are very excited about this contest! I’ve been trying since we moved in to this house (4 years ago) to organize and declutter, but it’s a never ending challenge when you’re short on cash not to mention time. I’m in the process of attempting to create a “command center” with our family calendar, files, and important info, but it’s a slow going process due to not having the necessary and proper items to work with. I believe the products above would be perfect for what my house needs to get organized! As soon as I get some cash in my pocket, I’m definitely heading over to Staples to check them out! Oh and the blue products would match my daughter’s bedroom perfectly! Thanks for the chance!

  27. yes, i desperately need this for my home office. just started the work too much on net.

  28. Cleaning out & reorganizing my office has been on my to-do list for awhile. Winning this would force me to do it!

  29. My office is messy and disorganized and could definitely make use of this prize package.

  30. My office is stuffed into a cupboard above my fridge and brought out onto our dining room table. Would be nice to have a proper place to put things.

  31. This would be an awesome addition to our office, which right now seems to be in bits and pieces all over the house

  32. I work from home, and my office gets disastrous. Last time I had a client in, I had to apologize for the mess.. it’s pretty pathetic. Luckily, she didn’t seem to mind. But yeah, I could definitely luse this πŸ˜›

  33. With two kids, a husband, school and work every little bit of organization helps! This would be great to help ma organize my things and keep from losing my stuff.

  34. I have piles of paper everywhere on my desk and I can never find anything when I am looking for it. I could use this set to help me with my organization

  35. With two active, busy kids and 2nd one entering school we could use some help keeping it all organized.

  36. We’re just finishing a basement renovation, so right now my “office” is in boxes, and I have -nothing- required to put it all back to organized bliss. I neeeeed these items!

  37. I definitely could use this! Recovering from a flood in my home office and my work station is a disaster. Would definitely be a contrasting before and after πŸ™‚

  38. My office is total chaos and confusion and this package would help me get some organization going!

  39. My whole countertop is a catch all and is never organized and this would be wonderful! I’ve been meaning to try something like this for a while now. If I won I’d have to get organized!

  40. We are waiting to move into our new house so our office will need organization from top to bottom!

  41. My desk is a disaster!! It is covered in papers,,flyers,,coupons,,pens,pencils, hand cream, bills,,other random needs help!

  42. What office?!? I need this package because I don’t have a proper office space, and it’s driving me bonkers.

  43. Organized Office space, YES, PLEASE!!!!
    My office space is so cramped! It’s a tiny corner in my bedroom and is in desperate need of an overhaulin’!

  44. My desk is in a sad state – you can barely see the top of it – it is piled high and wide!

  45. I love the colour and style of this stuff and my home office would really benefit from some organizational “helpers”.

  46. my work space is really small and I am mostly using cut up cardboard boxes for my files etc, it is not very organized at all lol this would be so great

  47. I have a mountain of paper work, old bills and random items on my desk. My 2.5yr old daughter has now claimed it as her photo desk and brings random photos over too. Need to get it organized and give my two year old a place on the desk that is hers.

  48. As we try to prepare our taxes, it becomes even clearer how much we need to organize our papers better.

  49. I really need this but it’s only open to Canada. Can you please put that somewhere BIG so I stop entering your terrific giveaways?

  50. A LOT!! Bills, kids’ school correspondences, coupons, company papers (we work from home)… the papers are everywhere.

  51. My office needs this so badly. It’s not even called the office. It’s called the pile.
    “Just put it in the pile.”

  52. Nothing on my desk has a specific place to go so everything just gets piled onto it. I have to clean everything off the top of it EVERY TIME that I want to use it. It would be amazing to end that pointless chore! Thanks for offering the chance to win this. πŸ™‚

  53. our “office” is kind of spread out through the whole living room. we do have a space set up, it’s just a little out of hand and messy as heck lol.

  54. I could really use this to organize my office. I have little scraps of paper everywhere and it is so frustrating to try and find anything. It would be sooo nice to be organized and have everything in it’s proper place. Oh, this sounds like a dream!

  55. my hubby is just getting his office ready so we are at staples practically everyday. his office definitely needs these supplies to make it complete.

  56. Would love to see the top of may desk one day, I am pretty sure it has a lovely wooden surface. Everything gets thrown on my desk, this would make it neater and organized

  57. I really need this package! With both my hubby and my paper works (like account statements, credit card statements, receipts and other misc. stuff) all being put in different piles around the desk, and with my kids once in awhile love to work with us (and obviously will use their different hands messing with the things on the desk), I really need this package!

  58. Our office area isn’t too bad, but it could use a general pick-up. It’s mostly pretty organized.

  59. My office is the formal dining room table which iss covered from one end to the other in papers. Sometimes one of our family members will tidy up the papers and then I am lost trying to find something.

  60. With my recent early retirement and our relocation to new town and new home, I’m afraid my office is not just top priority right now and has suffered with it’s quality of organization. As a true organizational freak, this hurts!! πŸ™ The kitchen is now almost completed so my office is NEXT! I would LOVE to win this package to help me get the office back into a wonderful “ORGANIZED” state!! Thanks for the chance to win this!!

  61. My desk is horrible. This would be great to help organize. I have so much stuff around my desk that I can hardly move the mouse at times lol

  62. my desk has scrapbooking, crafting and things that need to be filed, definitely need some help organizing this would be great

  63. I have papers piled on, under and around my desk. I can never find the papers I’m looking for or a pen to write with. I have no bulletin board or calendar nearby. I need help with organization!

  64. i think the papers actually duplicate themselves on my desk at night ! i havent actually witnessed it but it is the only theory i got. πŸ™‚

  65. As I sit here surrounded by papers, books, pens, candy dish, note books, papers to be filed I realize I
    could really honestly use this prize.


  66. I need this to get organised, right now stuff is pilled here and there on my desk and my pens are sitting on my keyboard

  67. my desk needs this.. i’ve got stuff everywhere and i cant seem to find anything!!!

  68. I am in an unorganized mess…..and working nightshift I am having trouble finding the time to organize.if I have this my mess will become an organized bliss…thanks

  69. our office is really cluttered and its becoming a hazard bc my daughter likes to get onto everything

  70. I could show you a picture of my area to prove my point, but then you’ll realize i’ll need more help than a just an organized workspace.. LOL..
    I love Staples, i could spend hours there!

  71. It’s sad to say. it looks like the tornado went through it,, this would be a tremendous help!

  72. I really need this in the office to clean up!= the clutter! This would be amazing

  73. My home office is just clutter with paper and supplies. Could really use some organization help.

  74. My home office is a mess and could use a lot of organization – would love to win to help clean it up!

  75. Very much in need. The stack+fit would be great for making better use of space. major organization is needed and any help with the office space would be more than welcome!

  76. lets just say you can even see the desk top and I have now moved the laptop to the living room instead of the office,,,lol

  77. If you could only see my desk at the moment, it would be easy to pick me as the winner….because I seriously am in need of a desk makeover! Thanks to all the sponsors!

  78. I can’t find anything in my “office desk” area. And each day’s mail, school work, etc. keep piling on top!

  79. I am currently taking 4 online courses and my workspace is a mountain of papers – I spend more time looking for lost papers than studying!

  80. this would be a fantastic win. We are just setting up our new office and could use all the help we could get!

  81. I spend half of my life sifting through piles to find things so I definitely need this

  82. I love to be organized…….just haven’t found a place for everything and everything in its place:(
    I’m good at getting rid of paper right away….it’s all the other “stuff”!

  83. This would help me get all of my office into one location. Currently my office is in three rooms!

  84. I try to keep my desk neat but it seems there is always a stack of mail, coupons, flyers and other things that don’t really have a place, I need some organizational clutter busters!

  85. A picture would say it all. Lets just say my desk looks worse than your before. I have zero organization.

  86. oh boy, I need this package as I am using wall space to put ‘stickies’ to remind me to look for something.. i’m not even close to being an organized mess let alone organized

  87. My home office is all stacked (not very neatly) into a small corner of our hallway πŸ™

  88. I work from home, and just returned to working from Mat leave a few months ago and my office is in complete ciaos. It’s not a large office and I feel cluttered, and you know what they say a cluttered desk = a cluttered mine, and mine definitly is!

  89. My office is a disaster. Piles of papers and no organization to be found. I could really use this package.

  90. We currently don’t even have a home office, but…..we have a semi office station located in my kitchen which is in serious need of drawer organization! I have 2 large drawers stuffed with papers and whatever else fits in there and a sad little plastic box holding our paper products. I need a clutter intervention!!!

  91. I have let my office go these past two years and it really does show. I need a good clean out and start over with some organization and winning this would be great for me just to find things without rummaging.

  92. My home office needs help because I am a totally unorganized mess and yet I can find what I need, well most times. I hope to win so I can organize my paperwork and supplies. My hubs just walks past my office and shakes his

  93. I can’t find my office in my office It needs this package that bad I know somewhere in my chaos is my office, at least that is where I left it πŸ™‚

  94. I don’t even have anything in my office. Just computer and printer. So this would be a great start πŸ™‚

  95. I’ve been away for 3 weeks so my desk has been at the mercy of family. Do I need help? You bet! Thanks.

  96. I currently have an 8×8 office of which I run 5 business out of! 4 of those are home based business, which leads to a ton of disorganization and clutter. No matter how many times I try to organize it, within a day it is right back to being cluttered! I NEED HELP!

  97. Well, we’re actually in the process of completely reorganizing our home office. This prize pack would definitely be the icing on the cake!

  98. Our home office is so crazy! And I’ve just started a new job, so now I have yet another desk space to organize.

  99. My office needs everything. I don’t even have a scanner. My desk is so small and crammed with papers. I don’t have a filing cabinet so it is chaos.

  100. Our home office is in desperate need of both updating of equipment as well as an orginization overhaul. My daughter sometimes gets into the office playing and makes it even more of a disaster too.

  101. The Martha Stewart stuff is so yummy! I totally need this. I am an organization freak, and would love to get my sub par office in tip top shape!

  102. Please Enter Me In Your My Organized Home Office; Staples and Air Miles Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The β€œClear the Clutter” Prize Pack.
    In Response To Your Question Of How badly does your office need this package?
    It Would Be Great To Win This So I Could Organize My Desk And Everything Wouldn’t Be So Cluttered.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  103. My office is well over due for some tender loving care its almost embarassing lol

  104. SO much. My “office” (actually my Den) is a MESS. No printer, no organization, just books and papers everywhere.

  105. Our office needs this! It looks like a tornado ripped right through it! My husband just puts more papers on top of the mess that is already there!!

  106. My lack of an office has me using my bedroom for all the loose odds and ends, so this would help create an office with in the bedroom πŸ™‚

  107. OMG… my office is sooo in need of organization!!! My office has beenused for storage/ hiding things for a loong time! πŸ™ I soo dread the moment that I do decide to “conquer” my office! Help would be wonderful! πŸ™‚

  108. I use my office space for work, of course, but also for my coupons and my nail polish AND it still has some toys stuffed in the closet as it used to be our boy’s play room, and it has my elliptical. It’s crowded and cluttered and I definitely need to figure out something to make it better!

  109. I am a part time student. I dream of heavy duty stapler and a hard core 3-hole punch!

  110. My workspace is cluttered with things from previous years. Love to win this prize pack to help me get organize and de-clutter

  111. For as much as my work office was neat and tidy, my home office looks like a bomb has gone off in it. It needs HELP

  112. My home office needs this so bad its really only a storage room until i can fix it up!

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