One Summer Week


When looking for a Wordless Wednesday photo {or Word-full, in my case}, I hadn’t realized just how much we’d done this past week!

We took in the city parade, which my oldest was in with her Cheerleading group. She had so much fun and loved every minute. My deck renovation was completed, which entailed a lot of time spent in the yard with some entertaining as celebration.

Also in the mix was: running through the sprinkler, bike riding, park play, visits to the market for some fresh peas {my fave} … oh boy, it goes on and on.

Yet if you ask the kids what they loved most about this past week, they would say it was the day we spent at the lake with friends. 

IMG_4634 2

I thought this particular photo represents this week well, just the overall love and joy of the Summer months. 

It’s all about to change though – this next week is a *little* hectic as I’m prepping for the twins birthday. Parents, you know the chaos that surrounds planning and preparing for a birthday!

So, I’ll hold onto this past week of play very tightly, since my to-do list right now is a mile high with no time left for a blissful day at the lake. It’s like the calm before the storm – a party and the bittersweet realization that these kids are growing up too darn fast.

I don’t even want to think of how many Summers I have left with the kids until they start making their own plans … 



  1. I know what you mean. We have to enjoy each and every moment. Soon the kids won’t want to hang with us parents. Looks like a great day at the beach.

  2. Oh my, fresh peas are AMAZING! It’s been a crazy week around here too, so I am definitely feeling ya here!

    1. I love them – love, love, love. I will drop everything to hit the market the next few weeks, gotta get my pea fix! lol

  3. Oh I love seeing children in summer outings/fun! The next thing ya know they are sleeping due to being exhausted with that fun! ~awh.

    1. We all did, we plan to go back within the next week, once things slow down a little here – busy, busy!!

  4. You are very smart to savour those moments before they are grown…trust me, it is not a myth, time actually does fly by very quickly!

  5. It certainly looks like they were enjoying themselves. The beach sounds great right now.

  6. Oh what a perfect summer day! Never think about how quickly they’ll be making their own plans! Lol The teenage years make me VERY nervous so I choose to pretend that they don’t exist…for now anyways!

    1. I try not to let it stress me, but it’s always on my mind. Perhaps it helps me to make the most of the NOW.

  7. That surely must have been a great day for them! I remember when I was young, around 13-14, I went to the beach almost every week.

  8. birthday party planning is so stressful! good luck mama! looks like you’ve found your ‘happy place’ to retreat to though!

  9. birthday party planning is so stressful! good luck mama! looks like you’ve found your ‘happy place’ to retreat to though!

  10. Lovely photo! I miss those days when I used to build sand castles and go for a swim…it’s just not the same when you’re an adult.

  11. My girls turned eight this year and I had the same thought…how many more parties are they going to let me plan? It gave me the strength to host the sleepover we ended up having and it was a blast!

  12. I’m exhausted just listening to everything you packed into your week. lol. But lazy days at the beach were always a favourite of mine too. Happy party planning!!

  13. I agree summers are too short! This looks like such a beautiful place and a great day!

  14. We have faced rainy/overcast days for most of July so I am glad that my gang has swimming lessons for the next couple of weeks. At least, we will be enjoying some water :)!

  15. On a cool rainy September morning, this photo looks beautifully warm and carefree! Thanks for sharing!

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