NutriSystem ~ Week 12

TextNutriSystem Review: I’ll call this update ‘week 12’, yet I know I’m terribly off schedule and it’s been a few days more than 12 weeks. This is due to us taking a relaxing vacation on the beaches of Cuba. And, hence, taking some time off blogging and the NutriSystem program. So, I’ll call it week 12, but it really feels like I’m back at Week 1 because of the absence.

A person standing next to a body of waterDuring our stay in Cuba we ate the resort food. Pats on my back include lots of walking, choosing fresh fruits and veggies and fresh fish. Also, it was so incredibly hot, you couldn’t really eat until stuffed anyway. Strikes against me include attacking the breads again {oh how I missed fresh breads!}, and all the beverages one indulges in, while on holidays.

But what I did relish in during my absence was the fact that I got to buy a new swimsuit {in a size smaller}, and felt great in it. For once I didn’t cringe at the thought of wearing a bathing suit all day, everyday. And, I even bought an adorable little black dress for our fancy dinners. The compliments from hubby just added to my pride {since he works away from home, he really noticed the change!}. In the first 11 weeks of NutriSystem I lost 24 lbs, and I FELT it. I celebrated that success!

A clock on a tableWeek {12?} results: +2.5 lbs
Total weight loss to date: -21.5 lbs

With long travels to get to our destination, and our stay at the resort – I figure I took a 11 day break from the NutriSystem program. And, indulge I did. Personally, I don’t think a 2.5 lb gain isn’t that bad. Did I mention the fresh white breads I consumed? And the Piña colada’s?

If anything, I am impressed that I didn’t gain more going off the program completely, since I don’t eat or drink like that in my ‘real’ everyday life. No where near! Viva la vacation, right?

So, I’m confident I’ll lose this in no time. And I have just the motivation to lose the gained vacation weight and more – I’m heading to Toronto and am getting the opportunity to sit in on a Jillian Michaels interview!

I am beyond excited and am going to use this opportunity to kick-start my motivation from vacation mode!!



  1. I agree, the fact that I felt better in my swim suit while on vacation was an amazing sense of accomplishment! With all th fresh breads on hand, 2.5 pounds isn’t bad. Once you jump on the system again, you will do fine!

  2. Wow, 2.5lb gained while on vaca is so not bad! I too relate to feeling so good with smaller sizes! Congrats on the weight loss:) So proud of your journey! Can’t wait to keep journeying with you!

    1. Thanks Shirley!!
      I think having so much support makes a huge difference – I really appreciate your comments!

  3. Excellent job!!! And hooray about the new swimsuit in a smaller size!!!
    A 2.5lbs gain is incredible, Tammi! It tells me you indulged but didn’t go overboard and your body thanked you for all that you’ve been doing *right* and *better* 🙂

    And I’m totally envious about the Jillian Michaels interview – amazing!!! Her workout videos have helped me a TON!!! LOVE her!

    enjoy the trip! {and um, say hi for me. lol}

    1. I sure will Hailey, she has made such an impact on many peoples’ lives. I think this will encourage even more to reach my goal!

  4. Glad to hear you had a great time on vacation. I find that any weight gained on holidays often goes away within a week or two because, like you said, you don’t eat that way at home. Plus the water weight from extra salt, alcohol & the plane ride add to that as well. Great job on you weight loss thus far.

    1. Thanks Stephanie, it’s a life long goal for me, I find it’s more mental than anything else!

  5. Congrats on your weight loss! I think your vacation was a success as well 🙂 You will loose those 2.5lbs in no time. I have been following you weight loss challenge since you started and you have inspired me to do it as well! I hope I have the same success you have had! That being said I have been taking notes on the foods you have mentioned you really like BUT I would love it if you could tell me which to avoid or that you haven’t enjoyed as much :)? I understand some foods come down to personal preference but I would really appreciate it! Also, I am trying to get rid of my twin weight as well, do you mind me asking what weight you started this challenge at? You can personally email me if you like! Thanks and again congrats on your success and continued success 🙂

    1. Hi Nadia.
      Thanks so much and best of luck to you!
      Yes, it’s all personal – yet I don’t care much for the salty snacks. And the soups that you add water to, in order to cook.
      That’s my preference though – all others I have really enjoyed!
      Let me know if you need any other help!!
      Take care!

  6. Congratulations on your continued success with the program! I think sometimes a little break is a good thing, but it’s very admirable that, even on your ‘little break,’ you were able to limit yourself and eat better then when people who usually go on vacations do 🙂

    1. we all gotta live, right?
      I believe in anything in moderation, yet always keep the big picture in mind. Succeeding, to me, is worth eating one bite of cake and pushing away the rest.
      I did limit – but like I said, fresh baked bread – that was hard to limit at times!!

      1. Oh, I COMPLETELY agree-Success isn’t depriving yourself of the yummy and fun things in life; it’s knowing your personal and healthy limit and saying no to the rest or saving it for a later occasion 🙂

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