NutriSystem vs. Jenny Craig

Wondering about NutriSystem vs. Jenny Craig ?

Another week gone by with a total of 9 weeks on the NutriSystem program, whoa! I don’t have much to report for this week, except for more traveling and an extremely busy schedule. But, that is life right? Everyone has a {chaotic} story. Which is why, and I may sound repetitive at this point, I really like the NutriSystem program. It’s convenient – meaning instead of adding to the chaos, it works with it. And, the meals are delicious, so there’s no sacrifice or hassle. It’s not a quick fix – there’s no supplements, odd pills, shakes, fasting, juices, or deprivation. It’s REAL portion controlled food. Pastas, cereals, soups, meat & potatoes, hamburgers – and even daily desserts.

Before starting NutriSystem, I often wondered how it compared to another program on the market, Jenny Craig. And, I was surprised to learn that there is a huge difference between the two, in convenience and price. I can’t remark on the others’ food quality as I haven’t tried it, but when it comes to fitting into my busy schedule and the need to save a buck when I can – here’s another reason why I am partial to NutriSystem. Though this is a US-based chart, it’s the same in Canada, except the dollar exchange. Have a look at the chart and see for yourself…

NutriSystem vs. Jenny Craig

Kinda surprising that there’s such a huge difference, isn’t it? I wouldn’t like the aspect of memberships, picking up my own food and paying a higher cost. As a Mom of 3, I am very happy on the NutriSystem program and like that it follows the science of the Glycemic Index. It works – even when traveling and extra activities sneak their way into an already busy life. And I keep losing weight too…

A clock on a tableWeek 9 results: -.5 lbs
Total weight loss to date: -19.5 lbs

I was hoping to get to that -20lb mark this week, but I am still very happy with a .5 weight loss. This just makes me want to do even better for next week! 🙂

Nutrisystem is providing their program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Canada Blogging Program. All opinions regarding my experience are 100% my own.



  1. That difference in price is amazing! Congratulations on your weight loss!

    I have been on Nutrisystem for 1 week and have lost 6 lbs. The one thing that concerns me is the fact that the pantry foods don’t seem to have an expiration date on them…I’m wondering if the preservative content is really high. My husband asked the other day, well could these preservatives cause cancer? It freaked me out a little.

    1. Are you sure they don’t have an expiry? Mine does, right on the bottom of the soup containers etc. {US or Canadian program?}
      Congrats on your weight loss, way to go!!
      Are you liking the program so far?

      1. Tammi,

        Yes, I like the food so far. I really like the structure of it…it forces me to eat a lot more veggies than I used to. And of course I’m drinking a lot more water….the one down side is all the potty trips! LOL!

  2. Congrats on the week Tammi!

    WOW, what a difference between the two programs! That is crazy….I am in week six and really enjoying it! So far, so good, just shy of 10lb lost~!

    1. Good for you, Shirley! Bye 10lbs!! 🙂
      When I looked into the comparison further, I couldn’t believe it. Wonder how the food tastes, that is pretty pricey!

    1. I’m getting close Carole, my yoga pants almost fell off while running on the treadmill today! A great thing, but that would have been terrible!!!

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