{Not So} Wordless Wednesday | I Have Arrived!


It’s been a long and anxious wait, but today I finally arrived…in Toronto! I’m here for the Blissdom Canada Conference, thanks to my fabulous sponsor, Lysol. Who, by the way, is offering up some great swag to those attending! My plane just landed today and I am at the spectacular Delta Chelsea hotel in downtown Toronto. I’m sure the next few days will be a whirlwind, I’m almost overwhelmed thinking about the great sessions lined up, the wonderful people I’ll meet and the amazing after-parties planned.

I’ll be sure to update on Facebook and Twitter along the way! And, once I have a moment, of, course, I’ll blog all about Canada’s first huge social media conference!

But right now, I’m doing what I never get a chance to do when with the kids – relax in the room, play on the net without interruption and watch TV with foul language. Oh, and there may a chocolate bar consumed too – and I don’t have to share! Yep, so far this conference is off to a wonderful start!




  1. Alone time AND chocolate. You’ve hit the jackpot! Enjoy yourself, I live in Toronto and there is so much to see and do. I hope we have nice weather while you’re here!

  2. Enjoy your time there Tammi! You work hard and have more than earned such a rewarding get away!!! Also..have fun meeting lots of your blog friends for the 1st time!

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