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Nordic Ware is a family-owned, American manufacturer of kitchenware products which was founded in 1946. This company has marketed an extensive line of quality cookware, bakeware, microwave and barbecue products. Yet, they are best known for their Bundt Pans – the founder of Nordic Ware {David Dalquist} invented the first Bundt Pan in 1950! Impressive, eh? Now, the company turns out nearly 30,000 Bundt pans a day. So, if you are looking for quality, long-lasting and time-cherished cookware and pans – now you know where to go!

When it comes to Bundt Pans, there is the traditional pan, but Nordic Ware actually has over 50 different shapes of bundt pans. When offered the chance to review Nordic Ware products, though there is a ton of cookware and bakeware to choose from – I had to test out one of these signature pans. Curiosity got to me, and {confession} I’ve never owned a Bundt Pan before. Since I have 3 princesses and really like to make original and outstanding cakes, I chose the Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan.
It’s one heavy pan, so expense on quality is spared at all! It’s made of cast aluminum and is nonstick coated for quick release and easy cleanup. Since I was new to Bundt Cake baking, I scoured the internet for recipes to try and I don’t think I chose a very good one for my initial try. I always cook my cakes for less time than it says, to prevent dryness. Yet, with this pan, you need a firm and properly-baked cake for it to hold shape. So, my first attempt was delicious and looked great, but I am a perfectionist and I knew I could do better. Even so, it did come out of the pan easily and it was easier than you’d think to clean up. There are a lot of levels and corners to the inside, yet it cleaned up very quickly. So, that scores bonus points for me. I did try a different recipe in the pan a second time, and it turned out much better. The Nordic Ware site has featured recipes, so I’m going to stick with their Bundt Cake Recipes from now on – they would know, right? I also got to try the Zoo Friends Pancake Pan, and chose this because we always have pancake brunches on weekends. Each circle has a shape of the animal {giraffe, monkey, lion, elephant, hippo, rhinoceros and alligator shapes} which is imprinted on the pancake when it cooks. Again, this is solid bakeware, not light and fragile at all. I like it because it’s used right on the stovetop, and cleans up so nicely. One tip is that you have to cook the pancake completely on one side before you flip it with a fork {to prevent it from running}. Yet, it works great and the kids just adore it! We use it very often!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I’ve always wanted to try the rose bundt pan but the shortcake basket pan looks intriguing too and I think it would get a lot of use.

  2. Have your button (still the old one having problems with blogger)j

  3. It would be a hard choice between the Ice Cream Cone shape or the Fairytale Castle!!! Such cute stuff!

  4. I love the Platinum Holiday Mini Loaf Pan, it would be great for Christmas gifts for daycare and school.

  5. I love Nordic Ware and have quite a few pieces, including the Christmas Wreath bundt and the strawberry shortcake molds. Something else I’d like is: Platinum Pumpkin Patch Loaf Pan

    klfvilla at

  6. Oh i absolutely ADORE those wonderful pancake pans!! I want one so bad!!
    I also LOVE the grill popper!!

  7. I like the Platinum Backyard Bugs Pan and also the Train Pan. They make such nice bakeware.

  8. I really liked Nordicware’s Procast Locomotive pan – my hubby is a train nut, so I’d have to make this for him, lol
    penguinjo99 at gmail dot com

  9. At the Nordic Ware website, I really like the Pro Form 9 inch Leak Proof Spring Form Pan.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. ~Pauline

  10. The Freeze, Heat and Serve Oval Casserole with Lid would be great for my family needs.

  11. Crispy Potato Baker
    Item Number: 40065

    Bakes four potatoes from the inside out, reducing cooking time! Nonstick coated. I got to get me one This looks cool

  12. I remember making Bundt cakes as a kid with my mom. There were so many recipe styles you could get including one that had pudding inside, then you finished the top with icing sugar or glaze that came in the mix.
    I haven’t seen the mixes anywhere in years, so I think if you were to get a Bundt pan you need a few of the Bundt mixes and maybe the Cake Topper too as no regular one would fit over it!

  13. The Creme Filled Wafer Cake Pan Set definitely catches my eye! I’m imagining a huge birthday ice cream sandwich right now!

  14. Another product I would like is the Stackable Cooling Grid- because I need a cooling rack- but geez they have a lot of really great products! We would also LOVE the pancake pan- my daughter LOVES pancakes 🙂

  15. I like the Microwave Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Set, and that would be very helpful for our kitchen!


  16. I would love to have the Platinum Fleur De Lis Bundt Pan from Nordicware.

    dchrisg3 (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. I’d love some Nordicware baking pans and I especially like the Maple Leaf Pan and the Platinum 14″ Bundt Brownie Pan. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. My Bundt pan is flaking and scratched (don’t know howe that happened) I would like the Platinum Anniversary Bundt pan and then the Tunnel of Fudge Bundt cake Mix. Heaven here I come.

  19. Another product I would love to have is the 6 inch Cupcake Frosting Decorator
    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

  20. I went to the website and I like the Platinum Gingerbread House Bundt Pan. Thank you for the chance to win! deedeebamagirl at yahoo dot com

  21. I love the Platinum Backyard Bugs Pan and the Pro Cast Garden Bug Cakelet Pan. They’re both so cute I can’t even pick between them.

  22. My cake pan that I got as a wedding gift 12 years ago (and use weekly at a minimum) is almost done 🙁 I would love this:Winter Snowflakes Covered Cake Pan it is lovely.

  23. I really like the Grill Griddle 10 in X 17 in
    We could certainly use it out at camp!

  24. I’d love to have the Oven Essentials Large Roaster too!
    Thx for the giveaway!
    welindsey at gmail dot com

  25. I like the 14″ Restaurant Asian Wok. I love making stiry fry, and this wok is never supposed to rust.

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