Nixxi; Clothing for the Eco-friendly

Nixxi is an eco-friendly treasure straight from Vancouver, Canada (Ya!) Using organic fabrics, the designs are ‘inspired by nature’s simplicity and modern minimalism’. Not only am I impressed that Nixxi uses natural and renewable fibres, I also like that there are clothes for both men and women. The cuts are clean and classic, yet there’s a chic touch that makes them unique and very fashionable.

My Husband received the Men’s Tee, a mix of Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Spandex. The shirt comes in basic black, which is a staple in his wardrobe (really, there’s very little other colors in there). The fabric is so very soft, it really takes that comfortable favorite tee – to a whole new level. Unfortunately, the tee was sent in a size too small for my hubby, it’s a bit too tight on him (his own preference). But, his loss is my gain – it fits me great (HeeHee). No surprises on the sizing, they are true! The length of the tee and the sleeves are just right as well, it has a really nice shape to it.

Nixxi can be purchased online, have a look around a great store called Planet Threads. As well, there are many retailers across Canada, and a few in the US.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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