Ninja Parenting

Ninja Parenting. Monday was a day that just had to be recorded, a typical day few hours in the life of chaos.


Last week I had registered all 3 girls in swimming classes after discovering 2 class levels for both my oldest and the twins, going on at the same time. Really, how could I not! Yet after I paid and clicked the almightily ‘Agree’ button – horror set in when looking at the schedule before me.

On Mondays the swimming class ended at 6pm – my oldest starts Brownies {Girl Guides} on Mondays AT 6pm! Sweet Mother…

Yet, I convinced myself that I could do this. Not only can I get through, but earn that supermom cape that I’ve been eyeing for a long time.

With parenting you can either lay still and let life trample you to bits, or you can can become a sly ninja and tackle tasks full force. And, I love a good game of ninja.

After coming out of shock, I made a plan:

Get home from picking up Isabelle from school at 3:30, eat supper by 4:30, out the door before 5pm. Pull Belle out of swimming 10 minutes early, and have a friend pick her up at 5:55, getting her to Brownies at 6pm. At 6pm, get the twins dressed and high-tail it to Brownies to catch her Puppet show.

Yes, I can so this! Seems perfect, right?

Well, in reality it went a little something like this:

4:15: Isabelle’s bathing suit is too small! Seriously? Considering we went swimming last month, this growth spurt picked a fine time. And, Why the heck didn’t I buy bigger sizes for all of them, on clearance last fall? While I’m at it, why didn’t I check the suits yesterday? Am I new here? Add looking for bathing suits to my to-do list for tomorrow.

4:45: “Please PLEASE finish eating girls, we have to go!

4:55: “What do you mean you can’t find your mask for the puppet show?” … “really? it’s gone!

5:50: Dressing Isabelle in a mad dash of fury, “ Isabelle, Where’s your winter hat?
I left it in the car, Mom.

Are we all new here?

On the plus side, swimming went well, all the girls loved it. Actually, they liked it so much that Miss Katie had a tantrum when it ended. *sigh* Seriously, if looks could kill, Katie.

A girl

The twins were dressed in record time, though it’s a blur – their clothes could very well have been all inside out.

I got to Brownies and learned that the puppet show was cancelled and rescheduled. Great, I get to do this all over again!

Mask-crisis averted but now I have to make another animal-feather mask before next meeting, as I’m sure her missing mask was accidentally tossed in the garbage. Add shopping for a plethora of crafts on my list for tomorrow.

While at Brownies I had to pay dues for the day camp being held in a couple of weeks. I checked my pocket and realized that I spent that change on a not-so-pleasant coffee run earlier that day.

TextText Add trip to the bank and dropping off the form and money to the troop leader, to the long to-do list for the next day.

I could go on and on… this is the day that just would not die. And my to-do list kept getting bigger by the minute. So I didn’t earn my cape Monday, but I enjoyed another great game of Ninja Parenting!




  1. This post really caught my eye. Being a Mother IS being a Ninja isn’t it. GOOD GRIEF you are busy! Kudos to you for taking on so much! You’re a fantastic Mother… 😀

    1. Wow, what an appropriate post for you to read!
      So happy to have others who understand, and thank you for the kind words.
      Ninjas Unite!!!!

  2. A day in the life! Ohmigosh! I think we’ve all had days like this. You are a ninja super mom in my book! 😉

    Timmy’s needs to do some serious reputation management. I’m not hearing good things about them in most places online these days. *sigh*

    ~ Raylene

  3. Sounds like our Thursday afternoons. Thanks to lack of enrolled kids our swim class got moved half an hour earlier as they merged it with another. That means he has 45 minutes from getting home from school to eat and get to swimming and be dressed to swim. Getting him to eat is always a fight. And we missed last week of swimming and probably this week thanks to illness. $120 down the drain probably as he wont pass with all these missed classes.

    1. No!!!
      I always cringe putting the kids into anything, something always comes up at the worst times.
      Case and point, the twins started coughing today – I can see where this is probably going

  4. OK her pouting face is entirely too cute. you are going to have your hands full when she gets older. Love it. Ninja Mommy attack!

    1. I actually sent hubby another photo tonight from swimming and he said, “why does Katie always look so sad?”
      She has that down to a science doesn’t she?
      She seems to never smile for the camera anymore…

  5. Love the title of this post… and the photo of your girl at the end of her tantrum is amazing! Haha I can just imagine how hard it must have been not to laugh.

  6. Ha! ha! love the Ninja mom and the pictures. I would love to encourage you and tell you it gets easier when they are older but Na!!! you would’nt believe me anyway. No worry you will get your black belt by the time they leave home 🙂

  7. Oh my! I think you deserve the cape! 🙂 This post made me laugh. Sorry. I shouldn’t be laughing over your Ninja moves. I just could not help it.

    My boys are in swim lessons. Isaak gives that same look Katie did. Except his eyebrows slant up and his forehead has lines that slant down! HA HA

    Tomorrow I’ll have to be a Ninja Mom. I have to teach 55 students all day. After work I have to pick up my nephew Evan at a house I’ve never been to, I have to pick up my son Isaak and other nephew Elijah at my parents house. Then we have to go home, have dinner, go swimming and they sleep over. My nephew Emerson is having jaw surgery as I type. My sister needs some extra help with her other boys! Everyone is chipping in. You should see their schedule she sent me. It looks like a diagram or map with places to go/people to pick them up and take them here or there.

  8. These are definitely the days when you put your head down and just move as quickly as you can. Its not until they are all in bed that you realize what you’ve accomplished and wonder when you ate last.

  9. Such an inspiration! I too am a mom of little twins. Our swimming excursions involve dressing wiggling, wriggling wet little seals…It’s kind of like trying to put clothes on a greased pig! In my opinion, you’re still a supermom!

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