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It’s as easy as ripping off a bandage!


This is such a confusing saying. Literally speaking, it’s not always that easy. 

When I had my gallbladder out a few years back, the absolute worst part of recovery was the many bandages and tapes that covered the incision sites. They made my skin so incredibly itchy, to the point of painful. It was an intense feeling of discomfort that made my recovery way worse than it should have been. Plus, I never considered myself a person with sensitive skin before then which proves that a sensitivity can happen to anyone. 

So, when my kids {or anyone for that matter}, claim that bandages aren’t comfortable – I take it seriously since I know the feeling all too well. Yet those bandages are necessary, for cleanliness and health when healing.

Not to mention, one bad experience with bandages can affect kids from that moment on. You’ll get a fight to put one on in the first place, but then bigger hassle when it comes time to take them off. Actually, It wasn’t too long ago that I battled it out with one of my twins over a bandage on the knee that truly needed to come off. 

Yet, it is the season! Summer fun and playground play makes for many scrapes and cuts. No matter how careful anyone is, accidents happen. Just last week one of my twins suffered a flip-flop malfunction and road rash resulted. Days before that, a bike tip over left more of a mark than the tear stains on the collar. This last example wasn’t the kids either. Ouch! 

Luckily, there’s now a line of Nexcare Sensitive Skin products to relieve extra unnecessary strain on your skin when dealing with minor injuries. Silicone-based with an adhesive technology that delivers reliable fixation, these new products hold securely yet are kind to the skin upon removal.


Two Nexcare Sensitive Skin products and their benefits:

  • Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Adhesive Pads have an innovative adhesive silicone technology unlike any other dressing in the market place. Ideal for protecting wounds such as cuts, minor burns, abrasions and post-surgical incisions. They are absorbent, non-stick pads that wick fluids away from the wound. Repositionable and water resistant, these are hypoallergenic adhesive and latex free and are clinically designed for fragile or sensitive skin
  • Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Tape is a new consumer product that is clinically designed for fragile or sensitive skin. Features a constant adhesive strength for as long as it’s left in place, unlike traditional tape that increases adhesion over time. This tape tears easily by hand, no scissors needed, and are repositionable. They have a patented paper blend backing for breathability and are gentle on the skin when in place and during removal.

It didn’t take long after we received the new Nexcare Sensitive Skin products, that we needed them. It was one of those, ‘Mom, I have a cut and it hurts … I dunno what happened’ situations. I chalk those up to kid-life, and always busy from sun up to sun down. 

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Adhesive Pads canada review

It wasn’t a serious cut, but enough to cause complaints. It needed coverage so it was out of sight and out of mind. A couple days later when it came time to take the adhesive pad, there was no fuss at all. My daughter made that ‘bracing yourself’ face just as I was about to take it off, but that was replaced with a ‘meh’ look seconds later and she happily bounced off to the other room. I didn’t even have to bribe or use distraction tactics to get the job done.

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Adhesive Pads review


For yourself, your kids and anyone else that needs some first aid and skin TLC from time to time, have the new Nexcare Sensitive Skin products on hand. It just makes those incidents a little better, since they are big enough deals on their own without the complications of skin irritation. We all can use this bit of relief. 

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Tape canada review

The Nexcare Sensitive Skin products can be purchased online at or in participating stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobey’s, Jean Coutu, Overwaitea, London Drugs, and Rexall.

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. My girls have sensitive skin and can’t wear certain brands of first aid items on their skin. Would like to try this new one.

  2. It seems we all have sensitive skin in our family except for my husband. Its difficult to find bandages etc that we aren’t allergic too in some way! These products would be perfect for us! Thanks

  3. I have sensitive skin. I have a terrible time with irritation if I have to wear a bandage. I find that sometimes the bandage leaves me with a bigger irritation on my skin than the original reason I put the bandage on.

  4. I normally do not have sensitive skin but when wearing bandaids of a different brand I end up getting a rash

  5. My whole family has sensitive skin, especially my father. After my dad’s chemotherapy, his skin turned into tissue paper. He beat cancer thank God!…but he still gets cuts a lot. I’d love to try these products.

  6. My girlfriend has very sensitive skin and has a very hard time with pulling off bandages without pulling off more skin than the original wound

  7. I have sensitive skin and a latex allergy so I really have to watch what first aid supplies I use, these sound like they would work for me.

  8. I would love to win so I can keep it in the First Aid kit at home. Not everyone who comes can use regular strength band aids, so this would be perfect for them.

  9. My kids and I all have sensitive skin, I didn’t know Nexcare made sensitive skin products so I would like to try m.

  10. My hubby and I both have sensitive skin and have to be careful with the products we choose.

  11. I have sensitive skin. These would be great. You can never have too much bandages and tapes.

  12. My wife had sensitive skin and I think she would definitely benefit from this because she is always scraping or cutting herself.

  13. My son and husband both have sensitive skin, I would like to win because we always have injuries with my active boys,

  14. My youngest has sensitive skin. I’d like to win this because I have kids… need I say more?

  15. The entire family has sensitive skin. this would be awesome to win since it would help us

  16. I have very sensitive skin. Both myself and my a couple of my kids are allergic to all other bandages, so nexcare are the only ones that I buy. Thanks for the chance.

  17. My kids could certainly use them! It would be wonderful to not hear the complaints when we take the bandage off 🙂

  18. Both my kids have sensitive skin! I’m always looking for products that feel comfortable on their skin!

  19. Sophie has really bad sensitive skin. If the wrong thing touches her skin it begins to break out right away.

  20. I have very sensitive skin and avoid these products normally, but these would work for me

  21. My son is the one with sensitive skin. With diabetes for some reason his skin became ultra sensitive

  22. i have very sensitive skin, bruise and break out very easily…it would be nice to use nexcare products and not have to worry about that problem

  23. My oldest child has very sensitive skin, and I would love to win this for her because she needs bandages all the time for scrapes etc, and I would love to try these products on her skin.

  24. Finally!! Nexcare is thinking of us peeps who get a reaction from bandaids and medical tape!! What a relief 😉

  25. my youngest has sensitive skin and he’s terrified of band-aids because of the tear-off!

  26. Yes, I do, I’m allergic to the glue on normal band aids. It’s quite nasty sometimes and I have scars to prove it. 🙁

  27. I tend to have sensitive skin. I’ve just heard about the this product and would love to win to try it.

  28. Having reddish hair I have always had sensitive skin, I seem to have passed it on to my kids as well. I would love to win because I am always struggling to keep our medicine cabinet stocked with everything we might need but with five people in the house it is always depleted! This would help.

  29. My little girl has the sensitive in our family….would be great to win and have these on hand!

  30. Some parts of our bodies/faces have sensitive skin…all five of us. Would love to win to sample the product that’s geared for us.

  31. Yes, I do and my youngest son does too. I would like to win as none of us like to have bandages removed, especially our 3 boys.

  32. Both my daughter and I have sensitive skin. She also has a hard time getting bandages to stick to her skin. After a couple of hours, usually the glue on the bandages has dissolved and they no longer stick to her.

  33. My son and I both have sensitive skin. I have to be especially careful about what I use on my skin.

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