The Newly Renovated Riu Playacar Resort

It was my last day at the RIU Playacar Resort, and I was spending time playing in the beautiful Mayan Riviera waves. My own jumps and laughter were interrupted by an elderly lady behind me repeatedly screaming a “WOO!” with each wave that came upon her. I turned to see the biggest smile imaginable, a contagious grin that only made my own happiness overfill.

As I admired her glee and listened to another dozen simultaneous woo’s, I wondered what her story was. First time traveller? First time in the ocean? Then I realized that her mood matched my own, and surely the look on my face was similar – complete bliss. I searched other faces bobbing in the water around me, and realized we all had ‘that look’, one of pure relaxation and content.

Some may be first timers, yet surely some were seasoned visitors to Mexico like I was. Each of our varying life stories were insignificant, as we all were having the time of our lives. Ahhh, a Mexican resort vacation at it’s finest. The collective agreement that ‘the now’ was simply amazing. 

Indeed my time spent at the RIU Playacar Resort was a memorable one, this resort exclusive to Signature Vacations re-opened in December 2015 after being closed for months, for renovation. The changes and improvements will no doubt impress returning and new guests. 

riu playacar post renovation

Riu Playacar Resort

The family-friendly RIU Playacar is situated in the quaint gated community of Playacar, an area that actually made me search real-estate listings on the first day of my arrival {great impression, made!}. Walk out of the resort and explore to your hearts content, even if it’s just to the shopping centre right across the street. As well, it’s only a 5-10 minute drive to Playa Del Carmen, which is so convenient. 

riu playacar lobby bar

Set foot into the newly renovated RIU Playacar and you are in the hub of the resort – the lobby is home to all but one restaurant, the main entertainment centre, Renova spa and more. The walk down the promenade takes you from lobby past the accommodation buildings and straight to the beach. There’s no resort-confusion when it comes to the RIU Playacar, guests will be able to easily navigate their way immediately.

riu playacar mexico resort review

Modern with a Miami-inspired look, the RIU Playacar is fresh and clean, not only in style but in upkeep too. The staff are always busy maintaining and keeping the resort clean, but never too busy to stop for a welcoming ‘Hola!’ when you pass by. Much like the community of Playacar itself, the RIU Playacar is charming and lovingly embraces their guests from the moment they step onto their polished marble floor. Staying at this resort is much like coming home, except with the added all-inclusive bonus. Which is a big bonus! 

riu playacar resort mexico playa del carmen

The resort has four bars and the following restaurants: The Palms {open for breakfast} and three thematic areas: the Asian restaurant Jade, the Italian restaurant Traviata and the steakhouse Turquesa. I dined at each one, and cannot pick a favourite – the food was delicious and the service, incredible. 

With 396 fully remodelled rooms {30 of them being oceanfront rooms}, the RIU Playacar resort offers brand-new everything from furnishings to mattresses {which by the way, are heaven}. Each standard room is pleasantly decorated with flat screen televisions, an electronic safe and a mini-bar which is stocked every two days. Wifi is free to all guests when in the lobby, or get connection from anywhere in the resort with a premie service {which includes connection for up to 4 devices}, for a nominal fee. 

riu playacar standard rooms

There are 8 suites on this resort, complete with walk-in closets. Yet note that those travelling with 3 children or more, you’ll have to book 2 standard rooms as there isn’t larger suites to accommodate more than 4 people. Yet, there are adjoining rooms which is also great for extended families and friends. For those with mobility issues, be sure to request a ground floor room as the buildings do not have elevators. 

riu playacar travel mexico review canadians

With it’s massive overhaul, this resort also added another pool on it’s property, bringing the count to three. There is also a children’t pool with fun slides and a splash park, located right at RIU Land, the kids activity centre, for ages 4-12. Your kids can take in scheduled daily activities with the kids club staff, plus special events. 

riu playacar kids club


riu playacar kids club pool slides


riu playacar kids club activities

If entertainment is what you seek on vacation – this resort offers plenty. Not only is non-motorized water sports included, there is ample other activities which are very popular with guests. Pool games, horseshoes, casino night in the lobby, bingo, live music, rifle shooting and Zumba on the beach are only but a few. The list goes on! From morning until night, there are countless options for amusement thanks to a fantastic hotel entertainment team.

riu playacar mexico travel activities review


riu playacar mexico travel review

Yet for those seeking downtime and relaxation, a visit to Renova spa {with gym} is a must – along with soaking in the Caribbean sun either at the pool or the beach. Get your drinks at the pool bar, or from one of the many waiters that take orders, even on the beach. When hungry, you also have the option to get a snack from the main pool terrace.

riu playacar pool review mexico

Here’s a travellers tip straight from the hotel manager – due to new regulations on currency exchange, the lobby is willing to exchange any currency into Pesos but not into US dollars. Canadians are more than welcome {if not urged} to bring Canadian currency to use at the resort. Hey, with our dollar right now, not having to get US money for travel is a great thing! 

riu playacar beach mexico travel

When I was at RIU Playacar, I always had my readers and future travellers in mind! Check out my RIU Playacar Video, and walk-through this fantastic resort with me as I show you all that it has to offer. 

While staying at Riu Playacar, guests are also allowed to visit Riu Yucatan and Riu Tequila, both of these resorts are a short walk away.

Visit Signature Vacations to book your stay at RIU Playacar, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any specific questions about this resort! 


Travel and accommodations for this article were provided. All opinions 100% my own.


  1. That looks like an amazing place to stay! My family would have a BLAST there.

  2. Oh my heavens, that looks absolutely paradisaical. The images made me feel the sand in between my toes. You know, in a really good way. Now I have to go shovel snow and dream about the Riu Playcar Resort.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous resort. I know I am always on the lookout for a place just like this, so thanks for sharing… 🙂

  4. This looks like a great place to visit. I cannot wait to make my first trek to Mexico!

  5. The RIU Playacar looks like a totally amazing place to stay! This is a total dream vacation spot! If I ever get a chance I will definitely visit here. 🙂

  6. What an incredibly gorgeous place to stay!I would love to bring my family here for vacation and it looks as though there is plenty for all of us to enjoy!

  7. Gorgeous property! The kiddies’ area is awesome and with entertainment to keep them busy! I’ve stayed at RIU properties in the Domincan Republic.

  8. Oh my gosh! That place looks trendy, modern and AMAZING! Most places like that don’t look very comfortable, but this place DEFINITELY DOES!

  9. Wow, this all looks amazing, sounds like a lot of fun for kids too. The reno has certainly paid off in full I’d say. Thanks for sharing all this with us. 🙂

  10. I would love to visit Riu Playacar Resort. It’s beautiful aND there are so many activities to take in. The beach looks amazing. The fact this hotel prefers Canadian $ is a bonus!

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