New Tide Pods For Sensitive Skin!

I never had to deal with skin sensitivity at all until one of my twins starting showing signs of it. She suffered from eczema as a baby and suddenly I was thrust into a whole new world. So, with newborn twins at my side, I gathered all the information I could on what aggravates skin sensitivities, doing what I could to lessen the discomfort of my child.

Canadian dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki has some tips to help avoid allergic reactions and other skin sensitivity issues:

  • Avoid fragrances and or botanicals in your daily washing, soaps, detergents and moisturizers, as they can be both irritants and allergens. Test out a detergent like the new Tide Pods Free & Gentle. For people with sensitive skin seeking a detergent free of dyes and perfumes, Tide Pods Free & Gentle provides a deep clean that leaves behind no dyes or perfumes on fabrics, for gentleness on skin.
  • Stick to non-foaming “soaps” in the shower. They do not strip the skin of its natural oils.
  • Only shower or bath once a day. Water dries out the skin.
  • Make sure that you keep bathing times to under 15 minutes and avoid using hot water.
  • After bathing, pat dry. Rubbing your body with a towel will remove moisture and further dry out your skin.

Luckily, I only had to deal with this a short time, after about 2 years my child’s sensitivity lessened to the point where I could start using ‘usual’ detergents without a problem.

These days I find that her skin only gets drier than usual in the winter months, and she is more prone to heat rashes than my other children during the summer. So, while it’s now only a minor sensitivity that only shows itself a few times a year, I like to have dye and perfume free detergents on hand, to use when I think she might need some extra TLC.


For years, Tide has offered scent-free liquid laundry detergent, but now there’s more choice in products thanks to the arrival of Tide Pods Free & Gentle! It’s Tide Pods For Sensitive Skin!

If detergents for sensitive skin are on your radar, now you have the option of pods as well, they are so convenient to use. No scoops or measuring – just throw one into the washer.

The New Tide Pods For Sensitive Skin are a great pair for Ultra Downy Free & Sensitive and even  Bounce Free & Sensitive. From wash to dry, there’s no scents left behind on the clothing.


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  1. I love trying new things and since I’m quite sensitive I am hoping this would work for me

  2. I’d like to win this so I can give it to my mom who is very sensitive and could really use this

  3. My daughter and husband have sensitive skin and don’t like harsh chemicals or smells. So this would be awesome to try!

  4. i have delicate skin, so any product that will be compatible with it is something i want to try

  5. Both my Husband and I are fortunate to not have sensitive skin but we are expecting our first little bundle of joy and I know his delicate, sensitive skin will require only the best! Wonderful share and giveaway 🙂

  6. i would love to win because my family and I suffer from sensitive skin 🙂

  7. I’d love to win and try this product because we all have sensitive skin in our family

  8. I would love to win because my oldest child has sensitive skin and these are the types of products we need to use – I haven’t tried these ones yet and would love to!

  9. I would like to win as hubby has very sensitive skin and these would be great for him.

  10. I would love to win because I have sensitive skin and always looking for products that will not annoy my skin

  11. My wife had sensitive skin and I would love the chance to try tide pods for sensitive skin and see how it compares to other brands.

  12. I have lots of allergies & find most detergents too strong for my sensitive skin. Hopefully these will work better!

  13. as someone who has grown up having to be super careful about the detergents I used because of my nightly sensitive skin. I would love to win this prize pack to be able to do laundry worry free for myself and my family.

  14. Mu husband has been having issues with sensitive skin so we are trying to reduce the amount of dyes/scents we are using in our products so I would love to win and be able to try these out.

  15. I love using pods for the laundry. So quick and easy, and I don’t have to think about it at all. Just grab one and pop it in with the clothes.

  16. I would like to win because I am sensitive to harsh detergents and this would be great!

  17. I would like to win because me and my daughter both have sensitive skin. Tide-Pods look like a viable option.

  18. I would like to try this as I have not yet and I would like to see how it would on our skin. Mostly on my older son as sometimes his skin gets irritated.

  19. I always buy Tide Free because my whole office is scent free, so I would really appreciate a whole set of pods and Downy and everything!

  20. I would like to win since my husband has a lot of allergies so these products might be helpful

  21. I have sensitive skin issues and it would be nice not to worry about having irritated skin because of some harsh chemicals in my laundry detergent.I have tried the Tide Pods and they are wonderful.
    It would be nice to win some!!

  22. My 27 yr old son has returned home to live and he has bad skin so I’d love to try this and see if it helps him.

  23. I’d like to win because we use Tide products and have yet to try this line. I’d like to see how it works.

  24. Id like to win because my skin is very sensitive and I havent been able to use tide products before so this will be interesting to try.

  25. I have tried other formulas of Tide but not the sensitive one, so I would like to give it a try.

  26. I would like to win because both my son and I have allergies and fair sensitive skin. These product would be great to use!

  27. I’d love to win this prize pack because members of my family tend to have sensitive skin and this would be great to protect their skin!

  28. I am entering your giveaway.
    I would like to win the Tide Free & Gentle Prize Pack
    because i like to try new products and i have Sensitive Skin.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Due to allergies I can only use unscented products, so I would love to try this 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  30. I think that the fewer chemicals that I am exposed to can’t be a bad thing! I’d like to try them but I’m sure that since it is a Tide product that it’ll do a wonderful cleaning job!

  31. I would love to win because my daughter has sensitive skin, and I think this would be wonderful to use on her laundry.

  32. I would love to win because we all have sensitive skin in this house.. this would be nice to have!

  33. I would love to win this prize pack because I’m the one in the house with sensitive skin!

  34. i love tide and a pure product would be great to try out and see if it works as well as other tide products

    1. Both my children have inherited my sensitive skin so I would also use these products for their clothing.

  35. my kids have sensitive skin, and the only detergent I trust is tide. Recently converted to the pods, so this is a must-have!

  36. my daughter and I are very sensitive to certain chemicals in cleaning products so would be interesting to see if this would be good for us

  37. My whole family has sensitive skin so these products would go a long way to reducing further skin irritations from their clothing

  38. I can’t get enough of laundry products and love tide! Would love to try this new line!

  39. I would love to try this, my husband and youngest child has very sensitive skin and this may be the trick!

  40. I would love to win because my youngest daughter has sensitive skin and this is a great prize pack

  41. My girls have sensitive skin. I love the Tide Pods, but haven’t tried the ones for sensitive skin.

  42. I know that Tide is the best detergent to whiten and brighten clothes. The pods save you the time and quessing of how much tide to add to your wash. Very efficient.

  43. I would like to win this as my daughter and I both suffer severe eczema and dry skin conditions and non scented would be great.

  44. I want to win because we have been Tide users for ages and now that were older our skin is much more sensitive to irritants so these products would be so beneficial

  45. I would love to win because I have sensitive skin and I can’t handle strong scents so these products would be great for me.

  46. I’d love to win because my little girl is allergic to everything! This is the only detergent we can use that doesn’t irritate her skin.

  47. I would love to win these because I am always looking for things that are gentle on my childrens skin, dye free and fragrance free, we have lots of sensitive skin in this house

  48. my kids both suffer from eczema and this is great to know cant wait to try this product thanks

  49. I’d like to win because I find a lot of laundry detergents have really strong scents that bother me so I’d like to try this.

  50. My skin is sensitive so it would help out in finding a detergent I can use that doesn’t irritate my skin.

  51. My son and now it looks like my daughter have sensitive skin. It is hard to find great products to use for them.

  52. We had to stop buying Tide a few years ago because the smell was overwhelming for some of us but I’ve never gotten anything as clean as when we used Tide so it would be nice to go back!

  53. Love to win this since I often find scented products to be just too much, plus I have dry and sensitive skin. Would hope to become perfectly comfortable (literally)!

  54. I’ve seen a lot about these products lately and would love to give them a try. There’s way too many added dyes and perfumes these days in everything – it’s nice to keep it natural for a while.

  55. I’d love to win because I have sensitive skin, and I’ve been a tide user for 20 years!

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