New Hoover Quest1000 Robot Vacuum

When I returned from a recent trip to San Diego, I walked in the door and instantly thought ‘I need to vacuum‘. While I cleaned the house before I left, our family cat had quite the shedding party while we were gone. With the run of the house and much play with our cat-sitters, she seemed to find every tiny piece of string, crumb and dust bunny and left them in plain view as presents.

Yet when coming home, this time or anytime, vacuuming is the last thing I want to do. I had to unpack, settle in, get back on schedule, run errands – and nap, since the trip home was exhausting. Nevermind the fact that with two pets and three kids, it’s a chore that I seem to do every other day. Talk about monotonous.

Don’t we all dream of that extra helping hand that does tasks like this for us?

Oh hey! There is, and there’s even an app for that.

My pleas for assistance were answered with the help of the New Hoover Quest1000 Robot Vacuum, the latest in robotic cleaning technology. Innovated to match the evolving lifestyles of today’s family, the Quest™1000 Robot Vacuum features Laser Mapping Technology that intelligently senses and adapts to the room for a systematic and thorough clean.

New Hoover Quest1000 Robot Vacuum

The Tri-Clean system picks up dirt, dust, and pet hair on your floors and carpets with an advanced Lithium-Ion technology that can run continuously for an impressive 120 minutes {it’s powered by Lithium ion battery for a 33% longer run time, as compared to the Hoover Quest 700}.

Not only does this round beauty vacuum for you, with the free downloadable app, you can easily adjust the cleaning schedule, direction, check battery status, charge status, dust bin capacity and more – all from your smartphone. I love that ‘I’ can start cleaning while sitting on the couch or when away form the home. The Hoover Quest1000 Robot Vacuum is ready and waiting to clean at anytime, when you are literally anywhere. In fact, I just started a clean while sitting at my office desk writing this, ahhh, it’s awesome.

New Hoover Quest1000 Robot Vacuum review

From the app I can see the 360° Laser mapping technology, as it learned and adapted to rooms in my home. It detects where it needs to clean and navigates systematically in the most efficient path to provide thorough cleaning across your home, seamlessly on all floors from carpet to hardwood or tile. I love that ‘Auto’ {the kids named our new house friend} even goes under the beds, a place where I have a really hard time getting even the smallest of handheld vacuums under. One of the features is that it doesn’t bump into furniture, I’ve watched it around mine and it comes close but never touches. Actually, I wish I was that careful when using a manual vacuum. oops!

New Hoover Quest1000 Robot Vacuum

The new Hoover Quest1000 Robot vacuum comes with 2 extra cleaning brushes and a filter, and even starts cleaning where it left off last time. The dirt cup is easily removed so you can dispose of everything it’s picked up, or I’m alerted via the app if it’s encountered a problem, like a stray backpack strap that’s in the way of it’s clean. When done, it automatically returns to the docking station to re-charge, or I can tell it to return when I want to using the app.


The Hoover Quest1000 Robot vacuum is so smart and helpful, check out the website for more information including retailers {MSRP $899.99}.


Disclosure: Product was supplied to facilitate this review post, all opinions are my own.



  1. Wow that sounds like a dream. I would love to get one for my husband (who does most of the cleaning while also working full time, going to school and taking care of our toddler). But I would definitely have to wait for the price to come down as that is very steep.

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