The New Charlsea Maplelea Girl Doll

One morning my oldest daughter Isabelle walked into my office sharing a story about or other, when she stopped mid-sententence and let out an ear piercing scream. My head whipped around to see a huge grin on her face. What the …

Then I looked over to where she was pointing and everything fell into place.

How could she not spot the signature Maplelea Girls blue box waiting so patiently in my workspace. This box is one which excites her like no other, and todays reaction is a prime example. Adding to her excitement was the size – which could only mean one thing. A new doll friend.

mapllea dolls unboxing canada review

Did I mention that this day was also Isabelle’s 11th birthday? 

The timing for this arrival couldn’t have been more perfect, and the contents truly made my girls day. 

mapleleas girls charlsea

Maplelea Girls provides “Canadian Dolls for Canadian Girls”, quality 18-inch dolls from different regions of Canada. The newest doll in the Maplelea Girls family which was waiting in the blue box for my daughter to open, is Charlsea – an 11-year old from Salt Spring Island, BC.

maplelea charlsea

For Isabelle, Maplelea Girls are more than just dolls – they are her friends. She was thrilled to have a sister for Taryn {her Maplelea Girl from Banff}, and immediately dove into the included booklet and journal which told her life story and shared details about Charlsea.

charlsea maplelea

Since we will be going to BC in the early Spring, she was exited to know all about Charlsea and about where she’s from.

As Isabelle was reading, her sisters met Charlsea and this was a good time for me to admire her details. She is a very beautiful doll, and came with an outfit that is so her. Those adorable boots, just like a pair Isabelle used to have, actually! 

charlsea maplelea girls review

Along with Charlsea, Isabelle also got additional clothing and accessories for her, including the most adorable a raincoat, boots, and backpack. They have all since been whisked away to Charlsea’s new room, a dedicated spot in Isabelle’s bedroom – next to Taryn and her area.

maplelea charlsea outfits

I hear Taryn and Charlsea share clothing, and swap stories of Banff and Salt Spring Island, BC. I hear that both Tarn and Charlsea are coming with us on our next BC trip – and Charlsea might be our guide. There might even be talk about going Kayaking or something, I’ll let the girls plan that one.

charlsea maplelea girl doll review

Charlsea is energetic, outdoorsy and colourful – a true depiction of her area. I couldn’t help but be amazed at how each Maplelea Girl is such a valid depiction of the different parts of Canada. 

For more information on Charlsea, the newest Maplelea Girl doll, check out the Maplelea website. Don’t forget to browse the great accessories too!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. I love the accessories you got with Charlsea, including the raincoat and those cute pink boots!! I am in love!! 🙂 I would play with my grand daughters!! 🙂

  2. awe these are so cute. I really like the accessories you got with Charlsea, those little boots are so cute

  3. My girl really wants Charlsea for christmas.She loves her colourful clothes and that she is from BC.

  4. I love the dress alike outfits you can get. Maplelea dolls sound great and I am sure my niece would love one!

  5. What beautiful dolls and the accessories are marvellous, so much detail is admirable. I love Brianne
    A dancer from the Prairies since that’s where we are that would suit my granddaughters perfectly.

  6. Brianne – the dancer from the Prairies catches my eye. I like that they include so much information with the dolls. The dolls are so detailed.

  7. I like the Maplelea Friend dolls. It would be fun to pick a doll out and make it special for my daughter!

  8. The Snow Much Fun Outfit is so cute with the white furry boots. They have so many sweet outfits and accessories for the dolls.

  9. I really love the Beaver and Snowshoe play set. Now that’s an accessory I’ve never seen for a doll before!

  10. They are all adorable, I particularly love their outfits, my granddaughter would love them!

  11. oh my , everything is so cute, i don’t know how someone can choose, i’d buy everything.

  12. I love the Anne of Green Gables outfit, as well as the Maple Cabin Lodge and the Northern Spirit outfits.

  13. My favourite is the Maplelea Friend with short curly black-brown hair, medium-dark skin, brown eyes – she looks like my daughter. 😉

  14. I used love dress up dolls growing up- even made fancy tights from onion bags:) these boots and tights definitely are the model variety…

  15. Northern Spirit winter outfit. We live up North so this is a perfect thing for us

  16. I love the accessories you got with Charlsea! The cute rain coat and the boots are so adorable! This doll would be a precious friend for a little girl I know.It is so lovely!

  17. the Beaver & Snowshoe set , is really cute , but then everything on the website is awesome , love the outfits and furniture as well

  18. love Jenna, hope they add a girl from Sask. in the future as my husband’s family is from there

  19. The first thing I noticed was the outfits, I love the rain boots and her other clothing they are exactly like what my granddaughter would have, these are very nice dolls!!!

  20. I think Léonie is super cute, my daughter would LOVE her, she instantly caught my eye

  21. I love his doll,she is beautiful and the accessories make it so exciting. Thanks for the chance to win this cutie.

  22. I really like Leonie from Quebec City. She is super cute and I am sure my niece would just love her.

  23. I love that the doll is wearing normal clothing that children wear and not short skirts and crop tops like so many of the other dolls out there.

  24. I love all the different outfits that you can collect, especially the Royal Fair and Plum Princess outfits.

  25. The school set and kayak caught my eye. I think it is so neat how you can get all these different things for the dolls so they can dress for whatever you love. The little ballet out fit is pretty adorable too!

  26. Our daughter loves when she has matching outfits with her doll, so the ‘Dress Alike’ clothes caught my eye!

  27. The product that really catches my eye is the Diefenbaker the Dog animal friend.

  28. I love Charlsea she has the same colour of hair as my granddaughter. I like the accessories you received with Charlsea, so colourful and the little boots are adorable.

  29. LOVE the boots.. They look just like BOGS.. And those leggings.. My goodness too adorable. This doll would make my daughter and any child super happy to own. Thank you for the giveaway and for the chance of winning one.

  30. I love the Charlsea’s whole outfit, it’s so funky! I also love her kayak, my children got the chance to kayak for the first time and they fell in love with the activity!

  31. I like the option to make a custom girl to match your daughter or whoever you are buying for.

  32. I looked at the Maplelea website with my almost 4 year old daughter & she thinks they’re pretty amazing! She liked Jenna’s pigtails and Brianne’s pink outfit most. Thanks for the chance to win, this would be a perfect gift for her birthday in November!

  33. I love the all the outfits and accessories but the PJs are too cute! Especially the perfectly Pink PJs!

  34. My daughter has been asking for the Charlsea doll for Christmas. She she really likes her because she loves really close to us on the west coast of BC.

  35. I love the Pirouettes and Plies pack that you can get for them. My daughter is in year 3 of ballet and has been asking for a ballerina doll for a while.

  36. love the leggings.. Everything is so cute love how there is so many things to personalize your doll.

  37. Alexi is the one most like my own little girl. she is a city girl, through and through.

  38. So many great things its hard to pick one. Love all the clothes and think the Bean Bag chair is kind of fun as well. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway.

  39. I have two little girls that would love to have Charlsea for a sister. Her outfit is great. Exactly how my kids dress.

  40. I was born and raised in Banff,so would love Taryn for my grand daughter.Thanks so much for introducing me to these awesome dolls!

  41. I love the Maplelea dolls, Charlsea reminds me of my granddaughter with her adorable boots. This is how she would dress!

  42. I love all the little clothes & accessories! I know my girls would have tons of fun dressing her!

  43. My daughter has been pouring over the Maplelea Girls catalogue since it arrived in the mail with my copy of Today’s Parent magazine. She now wants Charlsea for Christmas desperately. Like Charlsea, she also skis at Whistler. Beyond that, she loves that Charlsea goes kayaking around Gabriola Island. We visit my in-laws on Gabriola every summer and we took the kids kayaking for the first time last summer so she feels that she is just like Charlsea.

  44. I really like all the outfits for the dolls. They even have a Halloween idea section which is awesome. The Flight of Fantasy outfit is a cute one.

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