The New CCM Resistance Helmet

When it was time to get each of my girls helmets before hitting the ice for the first time, I only chose from the CCM brand. Whether your child is in hockey or just loves to skate – there’s no room to leave out safety. Head injuries are serious business and I think we all know that.

There’s a big reveal coming from the CCM brand, and it’s been 4 years in the making.

The new CCM Resistance Helmet was developed and tested with the Neurotrauma Impact Science Experts at the University of Ottawa. The helmet was impact-tested on head models to analyze the stress and strain hockey-related impacts might cause to the brain.


After all, current helmet certification standards only require the measurement of linear acceleration, similar to how a person would fall on the ice. In reality, an impact to the head causes both linear and rotational acceleration.

Therein lies the issue and CCM wanted a solution which protects the head better than the current standards.

To the average person, you can spot the new CCM Resistance Helmet by the characteristic R.E.D. System and impact pods that are on the inside of the helmet.


They are a series of liquid filled bladders that allow for improved rotational deceleration of the head. So basically the construction include impact pods and a shock absorber to help reduce impact to the head, from all angles.

One issue that I had with helmets {since I am not a hockey mom or an expert when it comes to helmets} is the adjusting to fit perfectly. Regularly I take the girls helmets {with them in tow} into sports shops and have this done for me. Better safe than sorry, yet sometimes they needed adjusting while at the rink and I always worried that I wasn’t adjusting them correctly.


Well, the new CCM Resistance Helmet has a simple tool-free adjustment mechanism at the back of the helmet which allows for a quick, customized adjustment for a great fit and high level of comfort. So, more user friendly for all, better looking and quicker to adjust on the fly.

The CCM Resistance Helmet can be used on hockey players of all levels {many NHL players have already switched to the new Resistance helmet} right down to young children that simply love to skate recreationally like mine.


For the love of the sport and for the love of consciousness {!!}, please consider the new CCM Resistance Helmet when making your gear purchase this year.



Disclosure: This is a compensated post and giveaway. Yet as always, all opinions are 100% my own.




  1. My nephews play hockey and hockey equipment is a luxury for them. This would change everything for me to be the best Auntie for a day and to see a smile on one of their faces! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  2. My Husband could use the new CCM Resistance Helmet! He’s been an active hockey player all his life. As a matter of fact, his new recreational league just started last saturday and he couldn’t be more pumped. I enjoy going to watch him a few times throughout the season! After all, we know how much Canadians love their hockey! This would be an awesome win! Thanks for the chance My Organized Chaso!

  3. I could! I currently wear a CCM helmet but it’s about time for a replacement. I am just finishing up my summer season and will have to sit out this winter because I’m pregnant but I can’t wait to get back on the ice next summer! You know you love hockey when you play all year round!

  4. I have 3 sons in hockey and one just told me his helmet hurts his head… I think I’ve boughten 8 helmets in the last 6 years. Anyhow, could use a free one for once!

  5. both my son-in-law and my grandson. My son-in-law definitely needs it as he tends towards aneurisms and better protection is always good.

  6. My 15yo son that has been playing hockey since he was 4,woul Definately use this!! It is a great protective helmet,,and I think this is actually the new one he been telling me he wanted!! Awesome,would be one less peice of hockey ger I have to buy this year! 🙂

  7. Either of my 2 girls! Both figure skate and haven’t reached CanSkate 6 which is required before they don’t have to wear a helmet.

  8. I could definitely use the the new CCM resistance helmet with the new season starting for me soon.

  9. Our whole family could use CCM helmets, so I guess I will need to put 4 on our shopping list 🙂

  10. My brother in law could use it. He plays and coaches hockey. It’s a huge part of his life.

  11. My step-son! We’re putting in a huge backyard rink this year and he could definitely benefit from this lol!

  12. This would be perfect for my son 🙂 The one piece of equipment he always complains about is his helmet. He complains that its to tight . We have tried many different brands and still no luck on a perfect fit.

  13. OMG, I need this desperately so I don’t become a vegetable or insane, or forget what I just had for dinner. 6 feet above ground is always better than 6 feet under. WOW, the helmet is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. . It is tight, fly & off the chain. . Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity

  14. My grandson is going to be playing hockey this year for the first time so it would be perfect for him

  15. My grandson is starting his second year in hockey, he could really use this helmet. Our kids definitely need to be as well protected as we can make them.

  16. My son is startin his second year of hockey and has outgrown all of his equipment. We could really use this!

  17. My daughter would love a new helmet for this upcoming season!
    She doesn’t want a pink one anymore 😉

  18. After this teacher strike drowning my paycheque there isn’t any money for new equipment. My son would love it!

  19. My son needs a helmet for his rec hockey, however my husband could use a nicer one for his adult rec hockey.(his current one doesn’t fit right and he looks dorky when he plays! LOL).

  20. my sister is an avid hockey player and she and her 2 kids are a total hockey family with her earning her coaching certificate (while raising 2 young’uns and working full time!) would love to be able to give her this

  21. This helmet would be great for my cousins son! He needs to protect that noggin of his! Safety First!

  22. Without hesitation – easy reply my 10 year old son Evan – skating enthusiastic – and Mom one nervous individual – but very diligent about hockey safety. The CCM Resistance Helmet – best equipment bar none.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  23. If I won this, it would be going right to my boyfriend. He’s so accident prone, he should probably just wear it every day lol! But he plays hockey in the winter. 🙂

  24. With three hockey players in the family, I would have to toss a coin as to who gets it…thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  25. my daughter! we are going to start learning to skate as soon as the snow starts falling 🙂

  26. What an awesome giveaway!! I have a girl and a boy entering in their 2nd year of Timbits…plus my son is a goalie…heaven help me lol

  27. Everyone in my family As far as I am concerned everyone should wear a proper sport specific properly fitted and always protect the noggin

  28. My son plays hockey and would definitely benefit from the simple tool-free adjustment mechanism!

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