New Barbie Incorporates Hidden Video Camera

A little girl in a pink shirtToday I heard a familiar squeal from the living room. You know, the one so often heard this close to Christmas when the kids see a commercial for the latest hot toy? So, I peek around the corner {at the urging of ‘Mom, Mom, Mom, Look – MOM!”} to see that there was a new Barbie on the market, called Barbie Video Girl. This Barbie has a small video camera, well hidden on her neck by resembling a necklace. The captured video footage can then be viewed on a color LCD screen on Barbie’s back. Sure, young videographers and Barbie-lovers will adore being able to edit that footage and then downloading it to a computer and the net – but would you ever think twice about a Barbie capturing unwelcome video?

Often times, I have given my girls Barbies and dolls to play with in the bathroom while I have a quick shower – but not no more! Barbie Video Girl could possibly cause privacy concerns when placed under the wrong hands. After all, there’s plenty of barbies in my daughters’ room ‘watching’ her get dressed for school everyday. I have taught my daughter to not talk to strangers, not take anything from strangers – but now I’d have to watch for unsuspecting Barbies lurking about?

This may be an extreme example, yet as parents we do have to think of these things. I haven’t even seen this Barbie in real life, yet the commercial made me think about this product in its entirety. I might be more comfortable with Barbie Video Girl had she been holding a camera, and not such a discreet and sneaky video-cam. Don’t get me wrong, with 3 girls – we are a Barbie household. I got my first ‘job’ as a kid, to support my Barbie addiction. I think I spend most of my day dressing Barbies for the Twins. And heck, sometimes I even look like Barbie.

Yet, as much as I’d love my daughter to learn more about media, editing and computers – I’m leaning toward her shooting video with a camera, and simply playing dolls with Barbie.

What are your thoughts on Barbie Video Girl?

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  1. I am surprised this is the first time I have heard of it! My daughter loves Barbies and I am feeling the same way you are. I am not sure if this is the safest toy to have or make. I am sure they can come out with a camera that is less hidden that is just as fun for our daughters to play with.

    You definitely raise some very good points.

  2. WOW I haven’t heard of it! As scary as it is to have daughters or granddaughters with one….it scares me even more to think of how many folks may have one out in the public and who would even know?? YIKES!
    First you have to worry about someone taping you with a camera…then with a phone camera….who would have ever thought a Barbie?!
    IF our Granddaughter gets one….it won’t be from us!
    Thanks for opening my eyes to this, Tammi!!

  3. I’m glad my daughter never got into the Barbie world to begin with and sad at the same time because I was a Barbie Girl. But this is creepy, “secretly film people” is the gist I get from it.

  4. When I saw your post title I originally thought you were describing a new kind of nanny cam… I have heard about this and thought it was weird too… Why would you want to encourage your kids to film people without their consent?!?!

    I wonder how it turns on and off and how long of a time it will record for once it’s been turned on… ie: will it record only if a child holds the button down the whole time? In this day and age — probably not.

    1. I would be interested in knowing this too, Chelsea. Hopefully a button has to be pushed to record and just not a switch….

  5. I had seen this doll on TV as well and I must say, the thought never crossed my mind to buy this for my daughter. It’s just weird! I have a Point and shoot camera that you can film with and I would rather she use that than this Barbie. I’m sure the quality of video is super crappy anyways so, what’s the point?!

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