Nest Handbags and Accessories

If there’s one thing all Moms have in common – it’s that we are all women! And being women, there are some products that we are more than interested in. I’m sure purses and bags are at the top of the list, aren’t they? I know I love the days when I can leave that diaper bag at home, and step out of the house in heels and a classy, hot purse. Oh yes, those days don’t come as often as they used to – but, when they do, I like to do it in style! (and who better knows this than the Mom that develops the Nest line of products!)

Nest is a company that sells handbags and accessories to satisfy our urges for all things ‘bags’. And with everyone having their own individual tastes, so are the products that you’ll find at Nest. Whether you like a simple and classic design or a bold and get-noticed pattern, there is plenty of products to choose from, for all tastes.

Nest goes beyond Handbags as well. The store offers Clutches, for those times when you want to carry very little with you. I know I have days when I like to break free from the diaper case (er, I mean bag) and lighten the load with a small wallet (I know, a true rebel!) The Nest Clutches would be ideal for day or night time use, so chic and stylish. But ‘small’ doesn’t have to mean ‘simple’. The Clutches come in the same fashionable patterns and styles and pack quite the punch for their size. For the environmentally conscious, Nest also offers a line of ECO Handbags, which are Vegan.

I was sent the Convertible Satchel Handbag in the Toile print. I love the mixture of the patterned fabric and the leather, both of the are just so soft. The Toile is a lovely print, a slight edge to it without being too loud. Definitely my kind of bag. The stitching is perfect, with no loose thread ends. It is a durable and sturdy bag, one which will last a long time, I’m sure.
There are so many compartments to the Convertible Satchel Handbag including 2 outer magnetic snap closure pockets, and a hidden zippered compartment on the backside of the bag. The inside is divided into 2 big main compartments, by a zippered pocket. Plus, the outer rim of the bag features a zippered pocket on one side, and 2 other open pockets on the other. I could very easily fit everything I want to in this bag and even more. The site advertises that this handbag can fit a laptop, and I was curious and had to test it out (and it does).
I soon realized that the 1% of the time that I wasn’t directly in the Mom role, just wasn’t enough of an opportunity to use this bag. So, I use the extra room to stash a couple of bottles and some supplies for changing diapers. Voila! Now, I would never call it the diaper bag, that would be just wrong. It’s my handbag with a few diapers in it. And I love the fact that it doesn’t scream, “Look, here comes a diaper bag!”.The Convertible Satchel Handbag has 4 little metal posts on the bottom, so that it doesn’t touch the floor. (That’s a big Eww with me, so this makes me happy) It has 2 straps to carry the bag in your hand or arm. But, it also comes with a long shoulder strap, that you can take on and off. I love this versatility, and being able to carry it so many ways. (when I don’t have hands to carry it, I wear it!) My Convertible Satchel handbag also came with a dust cover, for storage or gift giving. Speaking of which, Mother’s Day is coming and I know you ladies would love a Handbag as a present. Nest makes that ‘hint hint’ a whole lot easier with their ‘Send a Page to a Friend’ feature.~ One My Organized Chaos reader will get the Central Park ECO Handbag in the Shell design.
**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own.