Celebrate National Pet Owners Day!

Pet owners have tremendous amounts of love for their furry companions. From an endless supply of treats and toys to belly rubs and snuggles – our “fur babies” are spoiled to say the least. But it’s not always a walk in the park – there’s the shedding, the “picking up” and the trips to the vet. Having pets do come with work, effort, expenses and time – yet we’d take this on for whomever we love right?

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We’ve had our dog, a King Charles Cavalier {Charlie} for a few years now, and we just recently added a new pet to our household – Aria, a purrfect cat.

My Isabelle {12} took this photo of our new cat. She's got mad photog skills!

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Despite being cat and dog, Aria and Charlie have become the best of friends – playing all day long and looking for each other when they can’t find one another. The girls and I, the pet-parents, would do anything for our tiny family members – there’s a lot of love in this house! Yet, our messes have increased and so has the work – but with the help of some great products, it’s less of a ‘chore’. Since it’s National Pet Owner’s Day, what a great time to share those tips with you!

They've become such good friends! Well, sometimes, but I'm starting to think the chasing is a game. #catanddogproblems

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If you’re a loyal and loving pet parent to a Fido or Fluffy, here are a few tips for appreciating all that you do for your pet:

  1. Find a product that gets rid of Fido’s footprints and funky smells forever. Even the most loving pet owners will admit that animals bring smells, dust, dirt and a lot of hair into the home. Arm & Hammer™ Plus OxiClean™ Carpet & Room Odour Eliminator – Pet Fresh, will make your job easier and leave pet areas smelling fresh! It helps to release pet odours deep within carpets and loosens pet hairs, helping to lift up to 25 per cent more dirt than vacuuming alone.
  2. Give back with a spa day. Fido’s day at the spa is one way to extend the life of your favourite piece of furniture. Make sure the spa visit includes a nail clipping – no more scratching at your brand new sofa.
  3. Make #litterboxlife a little easier. There’s nothing worse than having to scrape the litter from the corners. Am I right? Today’s the day to switch to Arm & Hammer™ Clump and Seal™ Slide™ Cat Litter, which has a patented formula with “EZ Clean Technology” that helps stuck on messes slide out easily. Plus it delivers a 7-day odour-free home – guaranteed! No scrubbing, no scraping, no odour – no problem!
  4. Let your fur baby have a sleepover. It might be hard to spend time away from your furry friend, but sometimes a night off is needed. Phone a friend who has always offered to pet sit for a weekend and finally take them up on the offer!

Have you ever celebrated National Pet Owner Day? What did you do with your fur baby to celebrate?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.



  1. I celebrate with a cat who adopted us, named Fluffy Butt as well as 4 ferrets (who were all previously owned, so I consider them rescues )

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