My Twins are 4!

Surrounded by friends and family we rang in the celebration of the big 4. Wow, 4.

I have 4 year old twin babies! Where has the time gone?


Happy Birthday Katelyn & Sophia!






  1. I love how they are complete opposites in appearance 🙂 Dark hair with light eyes, light hair with dark eyes. Both gorgeous!

  2. So cute! So next year are they starting the big Kindergarten? Or are you waiting until they turn 6? What will you do with yourself then? They grow up so fast! Happy Birthday to them.

    1. They start preschool next year, a whopping 1.5 hrs {twice a week} to myself. Woot!
      .. wait, minus the days I have to help out at the school.. lol
      Just enough time to grab a much needed coffee alone. Looking forward to it!

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    1. Nice, thanks for the far-away birthday greetings – that’s awesome!!
      Always wanted to go to Jamaica. Someday….

    1. Thanks Shannon, they do grow constantly. Just this summer I see a huge change. I want to scream, SLOW DOWN ALREADY!! lol

  4. Happy Birthday!!! They are so adorable and you can tell they love each other lots!

    Happy WW!

    1. Thanks Paula. They really do, they are like glue, I tell ya.
      They will fight, a lot, but I hope they are always the best of friends!

  5. What a great picture. Happy Birthday to the girls. I didn’t realize they were twins! (They do grow up fast. We just celebrated my son’s 8th birthday on 7/21. Summer birthdays are the best!

    1. Just in the last year they are looking more and more different. At first people couldn’t tell them apart but now I’m hardly asked if they are twins. Quite the change! lol
      An yes, I love Summer birthdays – spent in the sun!!

    1. They did! It was such a fun-filled day, yet now they think we need to do it again. As in, tomorrow. lol

  6. Happy Birthday to them! They are adorable. Time flies, doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks Noelle, they had a fab birthday, I’ll share a few more photos tomorrow, including the 8 layer cake I made. *exhausted*

    1. Thanks Riza!
      They had such a great time, and squealed over the toys I picked up at HQ last month. It was a great day, but I think I’m still recovering!! 🙂

  7. Aww, how sweet! Happy Birthday girls. My sister-in-law is a faternal twin. Yours have different colored eyes. Awesome!

  8. What cuties! I’m surprised people don’t seem to know that Fraternal twins exist! lol My mom and Aunt are fraternal twins and like yours, almost complete opposites. They are very much best friends though, and I’m sure your daughters will always be too!

    1. YES! Elizabeth {which is one of my twins middle name btw!}, I constantly get the, ‘they can’t be twins, they don’t look the same…” Hilarious!

    1. So true Barb, these gals will always be my babies for that reason.
      Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  9. So cute-its truly a ying/yang shot–even the t-shirst =) I love the girly skull.

    Stopping and and following from WW hop at Carrie with Children =)

  10. These girls are so cute. They look like the old Olsen twins but much more innocent! I’m glad I came across this blog from the wordless wednesday link up.

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