Twins Halloween Costumes


I never knew that it was so fun coming up with Halloween costume ideas for twins! Halloween is extra special since I had my twin girls, as I now make it my mission to come up with funny {and true to live} ideas for them, for Halloween.

So far I have had my newborn nuns ‘Sister Act’, then there was Little Bo Peep and her two little sheep. Last year, being that lovely age of two and all – they were Lil’ Devils! At 2 they just got into everything, very mischievous little girls!

Well, this year, they are 3 and to me, the age of 3 is so much worse than 2. Obviously whoever coined, ‘terrible two’s’ just said that since it sounded all matchy. Sure they love each other dearly and are generally very good girls. Yet, when they fight – they fight like men in a bar-fight! Hair pulling, biting and even pushing down the stairs {seriously}, these two can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies in a matter of a split second.

So, in honor of the age 3 and their capability to have such a hate-on for each other,
I present to you my Cat & Dog!


Halloween 2011 will be so much fun! Thanks to for sending the twins the Black Kitty Infant/Toddler Costume and the Pink Poodle Toddler/Child Costume. The costumes fit perfectly, with room to add a layer underneath for our cold Canadian Fall weather.
So adorable too!




  1. They are adorable! With the older one a Princess Vampire you are all set for the kids, what are you wearing?

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